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We test interesting "AS SEEN ON TV" Pest Control Gizmos and Gadgets to find out what's worth the money! Links To All Products we tested (below):
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ZappLight Bug Zapper:
My Critter Catcher:
Executioner Electric Swatter:
Gardeneer Solar Scarecrow Owl:
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15 lip 2018

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Household Hacker
Household Hacker 5 miesięcy temu
Here are some fake "As Seen On TV Product" names. Reply with what their function would be: 1. Party Putty 2. Tickle Tape 3. Sludge Stand 4. Apple Pump 5. HD Gloves
Just_a_triggered_ Phannie
Party pumper is a clay like substance that you can use to put up streamers and posters and it doesn’t peel paint off the walls like tape might.
Crustmas Raptor
Crustmas Raptor 7 dni temu
Tickle Tape is obviously what you use against pesky children when they get a bit too close to you. Great for taping their mouths shut when they get a bit too loud while also making them regret their life choices as the tape drains them of their blood.
Ayden White
Ayden White 21 dzień temu
TICKLE TAPE A vibrating tape used for a gag APPLE PUMP A machine that uses a pump to take juice out of a apple for apple juice PARTY PUTTY A putty that dries and when water is applied it fires confetti everywhere
Agent BEGONE THOT Miesiąc temu
Party Putty, the putty you use to pick uo the weird dust your friend left on the table
Wade-Potato Miesiąc temu
Beefy Brawler is a sub hoe
Trezdin Martinez
Trezdin Martinez Dzień temu
5:12 Scp reference
Hans Weramann
Hans Weramann Dzień temu
Any benefit you think you might get by “humanly” getting rid of the bugs is offset by the plastic pollution these “tools” will eventually create. To anyone outside USA these products, especially the first two, are such absurdities.
Ryan Liu
Ryan Liu 2 dni temu
Nice SCP reference
Dead Meme
Dead Meme Dzień temu
jimmyboy1582 3 dni temu
I murder every bug i run into.
I Protec
I Protec 3 dni temu
It doesn’t shoot it sucks in........
Michael Farley
Michael Farley 3 dni temu
10/10 for SCP and StarCraft references
Samuel T
Samuel T 4 dni temu
I'm so done with people trying to save insects. Get over yourselves
Alc J
Alc J 4 dni temu
4:52 nice pip-boy
Jackson Fever
Jackson Fever 4 dni temu
I have an all-in-one version of these. It's called my shoe.
The Pan with a Plan
Dead Meme
Dead Meme Dzień temu
heh i see what you did there
shahana yeasmin
shahana yeasmin 5 dni temu
you can relese the bug in to a raging fir----- back in nature lolololololololoolololloolololololololo
Avalos Altair Miraos
1:29 - Do I even have to ask why?
Catie 6 dni temu
oh, hi pharah, how nice of you to ULT on my bug device.
EndGaming 1675
EndGaming 1675 6 dni temu
Or with real pest control you get bug spray and a old vacuumed that still works you suck them in then you spray the bug spray and wait for them to die
Crustmas Raptor
Crustmas Raptor 7 dni temu
I like the products that don't harm the bugs because I'm too damn sympathetic towards the littlest things such as bugs, reptiles, etc. I'm weird because I think bugs are adorable little friends.
Crustmas Raptor
Crustmas Raptor 6 dni temu
+Geovanny M. Santana Actually I live in a kinda small town where bugs appear in my house alot. Just the thought of killing something that wasn't attacking me on purpose upsets me. (But in no way do I care about what I eat)
Geovanny M. Santana
this is because you live in a metropolis and only have to deal with a little tiny amount of them. if you lived in a rural area, you would hate them tbh.
Marek Halás
Marek Halás 7 dni temu
Grape But not really
What a great SCP reference
Deadly Doggo
Deadly Doggo 7 dni temu
OMG I thought i was the only one who noticed it lol
Trerise Ind.
Trerise Ind. 8 dni temu
thumbs up for the SCP reference
M C 8 dni temu
Nice SCP reference
AnotherChosenOne 8 dni temu
Putting zappers outside always seemed useless to me. And putting them in my room showed me that they don't really work at all....
8bit Hardstop
8bit Hardstop 8 dni temu
4:48 😂😂he will relase u
Dzaid Din
Dzaid Din 8 dni temu
I'm pretty sure The Executioner is a not PETA-friendly
YEETERLORD 666 9 dni temu
5:13 S.C.P 2905 spider
Italy Veneziano
Italy Veneziano 9 dni temu
The alien like creature is a lace wing. Fun fact- the baby lacewing (Larve) collects dead thing or greens and makes its own hat!
Nikkie Maquiniana
Nikkie Maquiniana 10 dni temu
release to raging fire
thegemingdogi 10 dni temu
8:40 is so normal
Mishaka BG
Mishaka BG 10 dni temu
Thr bugzooka gives bugs some nice... *SUCC*
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 10 dni temu
What happened to bug squishing
SphexyGaming 11 dni temu
Bug off...... sorry.
J.Gomez 11 dni temu
1:24 😂😂
Nanami Setsuko
Nanami Setsuko 12 dni temu
Any insect that gets into my house would be met with whatever I’m holding.
Ammon Janey
Ammon Janey 12 dni temu
9:05 Y E E T
ItzSmilez 12 dni temu
8:06 i got zapped by that by my friend. A couple if times.....
original name
original name 4 dni temu
Divya Ashish
Divya Ashish 13 dni temu
SCP class lucid
Dead Meme
Dead Meme Dzień temu
+original name NOT spider. reed teh webstie.
original name
original name 4 dni temu
*Spider* Keter
DreadCraft 64
DreadCraft 64 9 dni temu
Lucid or Euclid?
E A 13 dni temu
5:12 did you just
Sven Häß
Sven Häß 15 dni temu
But Zooka should be named bugccum
Joey Vansacik
Joey Vansacik 4 dni temu
+original name okay
original name
original name 4 dni temu
+Joey Vansacik *Yes*
Joey Vansacik
Joey Vansacik 13 dni temu
error_707_Cannot_ delete_
Secure? Contain? Protect? *SCP FOUNDATION INTENSIFIES*
Nathanael Conroy
Nathanael Conroy 16 dni temu
error_707_Cannot_ delete_ THANK YOU! I thought I was looking into it too far!
PRGME7 17 dni temu
5:13 did you just make an SCP reference?
Victor Smith
Victor Smith 19 dni temu
What was with the American flag? Subliminal messaging much?
Owen 9 dni temu
How was it subliminal?
Peter Zingler
Peter Zingler 20 dni temu
60watt led bulb ..yeah looks like 5000lumen lol
Soplet 20 dni temu
Zapping racket is quite satisfying to use but most of them are fragile.
Afgamers 21 dzień temu
Secure Contain Protect :P
Afgamers 20 dni temu
+Soplet What if Its Scp 372?
Soplet 20 dni temu
Device utilized by Mobile Task Force Beta-3("the bugcatchers") in order to secure safe class SCPs.
Cade Thomas
Cade Thomas 21 dzień temu
So, uhh that fake bug... Wait why the fuck do you have hundreds of Nicholas Cage photos
error_707_Cannot_ delete_
Why don't you have hundreds of Nicholas Cage photos?
Owen Wilson Wow Don’t At Me
Cuong Nguyen Yes because Nicholas Cage has led a nation. He’s up there.
Cuong Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen 21 dzień temu
The same reasons some people have hundreds of photo of Obama, Hillary, Romney and Trump in their rest room.
Cade Thomas
Cade Thomas 21 dzień temu
"...And hiding the fact that it has a true exorcist nature." Omfg i love you.
TheCyberCabbit 19
TheCyberCabbit 19 21 dzień temu
... I just want that owl to give to me grandma.... And have one for myself to re-enact The Exorcist. 😏
Exxelenen Setijadi
Exxelenen Setijadi 21 dzień temu
Scp ??? : one (1) small anthropod with eight (8) legs
Blake DeLong
Blake DeLong 21 dzień temu
I like Qrows. They’re cool scythe wielders. (Like if u get that reference)
Natalia Bright Claw
I like alcoholics too they’re really good at scythes too
Kix Musaid
Kix Musaid 19 dni temu
Blake DeLong no we’re not gay
Lauren Drop863
Lauren Drop863 21 dzień temu
I GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Canukbuck 21 dzień temu
Its a bug. Kill the fugger.
Caren4 21 dzień temu
They had the opportunity to call it a bugcuum and they didn't take advantage of it 😭😭
Semyon S
Semyon S 21 dzień temu
raging fire = demonetized =D
Mr. Reanu Keeves
Mr. Reanu Keeves 21 dzień temu
1:14 "raging fire" 😂😂😂
SergalBait 21 dzień temu
Sweet. A Crow Caller.
Fahrenheight 22 dni temu
How dare you put a spider on your Pipboy
pnuttboi 22 dni temu
can you make a video with Mrs household?
Meghan Travers
Meghan Travers 22 dni temu
We have a a zapping racket at my cabin
Brody Gronau
Brody Gronau 22 dni temu
6:08 boyscots you get a huge daddy long legs spider and you grab it and and kill 13
Hotaru 20 dni temu
Lol At least those have pretty little body that might survive, minus some flimsy legs. Although, as they are harmless and kill things like mosquitoes, why would you want to? I'll be honest about our family sitting us in the spider corner thus entertaining the kids for hours on end. Yes in the last 20 years even. I have no idea how it worked either...
DOGE YT 22 dni temu
was the secure contain protect thing a joke? cuz I've played scp containment breach before
Chubby Cat
Chubby Cat 23 dni temu
Who else thought it said *pets* not pest Me
Comical Arts
Comical Arts 23 dni temu
6:00 or just burn your house down
Rgjarrell1992 J
Rgjarrell1992 J 23 dni temu
I got my mom one of those bug light bulbs and it really worked!!!
Lonesome Lenny
Lonesome Lenny 24 dni temu
A open veined lightbulb in an exterior situation. Rain?
Rafael Sardá
Rafael Sardá 24 dni temu
Help me. I can`t stop seeing this kind of videos!
Randy Porter
Randy Porter 24 dni temu
WTF ? Am I the only one who has NO desire to catch a Brown Recluse or Black Widow and safety release the little darling into a comfortable environment ? We’re not talking about a precious, abandoned fox cub here, it’s a @#$&ing BUG ! Really ?? Until I shave my head, commit my life to a monastery and become “one” with spiders, Ill just stick with remedies that are tried and proven - a rolled up newspaper, shoe, Raid, propane torch and a rubber band gun (for when I feel sporting). 😂🤣
Hotaru 9 dni temu
+Randy Porter Aww. Wolf Spiders are my family's favorites. Them and the harmless, not scary Daddy Long-Legs. I'll admit if you bump a spider and a hundred tiny specks go flying across the room, it can be quite jarring. 😂 It's like they exploded. The poor babies die in a couple days if they don't make it back to their mom.
Randy Porter
Randy Porter 9 dni temu
Owen - I agree, some are ok, like the common yellow/black Garden Spider. They keep to themselves and don’t cause me to flee. Others, even though they won’t hurt you, make you hurt yourself. Like the big, ugly Wolf Spiders, that carry approximately 5000 babies “piggy back”. I hate those damn things and would rather encounter a skunk or scorpion. 😁
Owen 9 dni temu
Not all spiders are bad. Huntsman's etc
Hotaru 20 dni temu
Look some bugs and arachnids you have no choice with, hi scorpions. However most spiders, common garden orbweaver, greatly reduce your roaches, mosquitos and outside pests, so they're more useful alive and outside. Plus cicadas are nice but many people are scared to get close. Just set them free. Not everything needs to die.
burntoast98 98
burntoast98 98 25 dni temu
In america You catch bug But in soviet russia Bug catch you
John Burningham
John Burningham 26 dni temu
I love my Bugzooka, I agree it doesn't work with most flying bugs, but it is great on crawling ones.
Michael Vaccaro
Michael Vaccaro 26 dni temu
with bugs your better off using some water and a spray bottle.
Jordan C
Jordan C 27 dni temu
I sense a Creepypasta being written about the hellish owl in the near future.
Jordan C
Jordan C 23 dni temu
+Grompf Grouik Thanks!
Grompf Grouik
Grompf Grouik 23 dni temu
Wow! Your face is perfect, someone should paint it, it would be a masterpiece.
Nails Chrysanthemum
all the animals you're releasing outside can't live outside. they're in your house because they live inside. they either will starve to death outside or come back inside. it's best to just kill them.
Keith Liu
Keith Liu 28 dni temu
The bugzooka is supose to be the bugxi
Drago The Prism Dragon
5:13 I smell that SCP Foundation refrence
K.Y.E or just sin
K.Y.E or just sin 23 dni temu
Captain Eardrum
Captain Eardrum Miesiąc temu
Why use the bugzooka when you can just use your mouth?
Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas Miesiąc temu
6:27 moth *heavy breathing*
keyla gonzalez dominguez
You can now be the lord of crows
Dred Snake
Dred Snake Miesiąc temu
The executioner was really shocking
White Noise
White Noise Miesiąc temu
Bugzooka is Awesome folks !!. I've had one for Years now and the wife has no problem taking care of her own Spiders.... 100% Reliable too...
Coolest Derp
Coolest Derp Miesiąc temu
I used to have an executioner
Howard van
Howard van Miesiąc temu
zap it is better
Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!
5:52 is he the "what happened to em" version of the techno viking?
Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!
2:50 ....or just leave em there
Hunter Finzen
Hunter Finzen Miesiąc temu
Oh my god at 9:05 you totally destroyed a bug 😂
Reece Orton
Reece Orton Miesiąc temu
9:23 I think he meant murdering them with paper.
WaffenHerMuff Miesiąc temu
They should have named it the Satan owl.the crows are to smart for Satan owl
Insufficient data at the moment starchild
Bug Lives Matter
Tanner Miller
Tanner Miller Miesiąc temu
5:11 *SCP SCP SCP 173*
Scp- 173
Scp- 173 Miesiąc temu
CredibleDerek6511 Miesiąc temu
Warning do not bugzooka an anthill My legs are numb
Mason Evertson
Mason Evertson Miesiąc temu
Made a SCP reference lmao?
Framework Miesiąc temu
•Mega •Awesome• Memes• Memes
Beyond Repair
Beyond Repair 12 dni temu
Good idea. Post your address and we will release them in your house.
Pursabi Miesiąc temu
•Mega •Awesome• Memes• Dumb Things To Say, HELL NAW IDIOT
Tits LTU
Tits LTU Miesiąc temu
You spelled secure protect contain like SCP Containment Breach
kolobara08 Miesiąc temu
dudeee u so funny, thanks for the good laugh
Raul Cuzco
Raul Cuzco Miesiąc temu
B u g s u c c
hartman san
hartman san Miesiąc temu
ooh man i dont like plumbs.... I love them!
shwe sin
shwe sin Miesiąc temu
Secure contain protect=SCP Conspaircy
Ronald Blagg
Ronald Blagg Miesiąc temu
"If you don't release they send a guy to your house and he releases you" I feel threatened.
Gabriel Ramon de la Torre Diaz
Gardeneer Solar Scarecrow Owl yo lo compre si funciono.
PROJECT XERO Miesiąc temu
maximumrisk2004 Miesiąc temu
That electric racket is quite commonplace in central america. Alot of People have them.
Laura C
Laura C Miesiąc temu
Poor lady bug
Dokicake Miesiąc temu
The commentary is killing me😭his deadpan voice when he cracks jokes makes it funnier
Garrett Romer
Garrett Romer Miesiąc temu
Lol like the scp reference man
Hunter Finzen
Hunter Finzen Miesiąc temu
It truly is amazing, even some of the fan games. And the Wiki page, which is where it all started if you didn’t know, is very organized and I spend some of my free time there scrolling through until I se something interesting
Mobile Roblox General
Mobile Roblox General Miesiąc temu
its a good game really