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We test interesting "AS SEEN ON TV" Pest Control Gizmos and Gadgets to find out what's worth the money! Links To All Products we tested (below):
ZappLight Bug Zapper:
My Critter Catcher:
Executioner Electric Swatter:
Gardeneer Solar Scarecrow Owl:
--More As Seen On TV TESTED--
• Cleaning Gadgets:
• Home Organizers:
• Car Devices:
• Pest Control Gadgets:
• Egg Gizmos:
• Bathroom Gadgets:
• Kitchen Tools:
• DIY Versions of TV Products:
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15 lip 2018

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Komentarze 2 032
Household Hacker
Household Hacker 3 miesięcy temu
Here are some fake "As Seen On TV Product" names. Reply with what their function would be: 1. Party Putty 2. Tickle Tape 3. Sludge Stand 4. Apple Pump 5. HD Gloves
TurfWar 7 godzin temu
apple sack pump
MaskedGaming Random
until you release it into a raging fir--
dank boi
dank boi 5 dni temu
+Beefy Brawler i have 2
Joshyyy 7 dni temu
Javier The Awesome Gamer actually real life is way way way more than HD. It is way way way more than 4K and 8K. Real life is way better looking than anything we could comprehend on a mobile or tv screen.
The Emerald
The Emerald 9 dni temu
Tickle Tape: Tape that tickles the insides ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mmm LLL Godzinę temu
Poor ladybug
Mmm LLL Godzinę temu
The bugzooka while disorient the bugs
Mr. Keeney
Mr. Keeney 6 godzin temu
i wonder how well it would work on a radroach 4:53
Spartan Guy Gambit
Spartan Guy Gambit 23 godzin temu
Secure. Contain. Protect. SCP
Centaursixtysix 23 godzin temu
The A in Solr owl went toward the bugs yelling “AAAAAH” when they see that sick ass owl
Barberman Dzień temu
Try it on Huntsman spider! xD
I'd try the racket!
Hannah De Castro
Hannah De Castro Dzień temu
No one shall kill bugs. ˋ︿ˊ -Hannah
Paulo Dias
Paulo Dias Dzień temu
nice SCP reference :)
Spartan Guy Gambit
Spartan Guy Gambit 23 godzin temu
Paulo Dias I’m so happy I’m not the only one who understood that reference.
Raul QuindosMorales
Raging fire, aaahhhh I love this
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol 2 dni temu
Moth: Why bròther
RyanairFuckhead 2 dni temu
The light bulbs the best
S5 0014 81
S5 0014 81 2 dni temu
The tennis racket is more fun
RyanairFuckhead 2 dni temu
What about cockroach killers
ElroyJosephJenkins JrTheThird
5 mins too damn long
Jisoo Kim
Jisoo Kim 2 dni temu
Lol and I quote "And then you can release it in a raging fire-- uhhh i mean back into nature hehe" 😂😃
Jisoo Kim
Jisoo Kim 2 dni temu
Bruh if I was a spider i will scream and run away from there as fast as I can
Voltron 909
Voltron 909 2 dni temu
The Vacu-Bug sounds like a superhero name
Shaina Mae Salarda
Boi Bro
Boi Bro 3 dni temu
2:20 lacewing
Ryan Jeon
Ryan Jeon 3 dni temu
"As seen on youtube"
Tyler E.
Tyler E. 3 dni temu
5:10 is that a SCP joke?
JustHere! 2 dni temu
What you think?
Wndr Gmng
Wndr Gmng 3 dni temu
i was about to call that one out
PastyNick 3 dni temu
Luke Dainty
Luke Dainty 3 dni temu
We have a version of those bug rackets in the UK and they sell them for £1 in Poundland
Exploit-Sasser 3 dni temu
All easter eggs... 1. Pipboy (Fallout 4) 2. Secure Protect Contain (SCP Containment) 3. Justice rains from above (Pharah from Overwatch - Blizzard entertainment)
Exploit-Sasser 14 godzin temu
Spartan Guy Gambit Thanks. You too.
Spartan Guy Gambit
Spartan Guy Gambit 23 godzin temu
Exploit-Sasser finally I have met a someone cultured as I. have a good day man.
Faka Torpedo
Faka Torpedo 3 dni temu
Asian electric tennis racquets (2$) kills everything from a ant to a spider
Izbiski Gaming
Izbiski Gaming 4 dni temu
The Foundation is watching
Ric Mad
Ric Mad 4 dni temu
Lol love the commentary
BACKFIREtv Productions
Kog 4 dni temu
lol, i saw that pip boy
Dennis Chen
Dennis Chen 4 dni temu
SCP 173
dragonlogos1 4 dni temu
An scp and a starcraft reference This is good
Juniper The Gamer
5:13 SCP reference?
alter BOY
alter BOY 5 dni temu
RL is basically headless and it hanging on the side of the garden it does not work trust me that was we bought four of them all of them the birds will stay on top of the owl
serenity simms
serenity simms 4 dni temu
😂😂😂. These birds are "gangsta" these days. Not much scares them anymore 😂😂😂
Conner Ormiston
Conner Ormiston 5 dni temu
Do you have lämp brööther?
Shenrarn Animations
an S.C.P joke... great
dank boi
dank boi 5 dni temu
ive sapped myself with the excecutioner beofore which probably made me a reatard
William Schutz
William Schutz 5 dni temu
Nice S.C.P reference!!!👍
Steve 6 dni temu
that SCP reference caught me off guard, absolutely golden
Shadowedlady 6 dni temu
Absolutely love the Scp reference.
Ricardo Molina
Ricardo Molina 6 dni temu
Bug Zucker should be attached to a vacuum backpack
Bristol Lee
Bristol Lee 6 dni temu
Fav. F. H
cardsfanbj 6 dni temu
No Bug A Salt?
The Grand Admiral
Two out of five for Bugzooka? Really? I have three in my house (my brother bought one for me and my parents as a christmas gag gift), and that thing is a lifesaver, especially during stinkbug season. It isn't going to catch a fly, but I've caught stinkbugs, crickets, wasps, huge spiders, etc. etc. It's a godsend for reaching critters crawling across the ceiling. I agree there is some finesse involved for bugs that can fly away (like wasps), but the release mechanism is very dependable. And when the bug is trapped it will not get out again. That thing is worth way more than 2 out of 5, and I personally cannot recommend it highly enough.
sobolanul96 3 dni temu
Man, we had an invasion of stinkbugs this year. They were everywhere. I had to install bug nets on the windows. Lacking anything better, the ones that were found inside got treated with bug spray. That bazooka would have been very useful.
NotSharp YT
NotSharp YT 5 dni temu
we1dont7die As if you aren’t begging for attention. 😂😂😂
NotSharp YT
NotSharp YT 5 dni temu
Wow I offended 2 people! Cool!
we1dont7die 5 dni temu
As if anyone cares whether or not you read it. You sound like the child, begging for attention.
NotSharp YT
NotSharp YT 5 dni temu
The Grand Admiral If that offended you I’m sorry. I’m just lazy reading Salty comments
Burger king foot lettuce
5:11 nice SCP reference
Joey J
Joey J 7 dni temu
Suck-a-bug. This concept was shown on Home Improvement years ago.
Kiki 2018
Kiki 2018 7 dni temu
Me and the bug zapper racket are not good friends the zap still hurts
Bruh Frog
Bruh Frog 7 dni temu
6:40 I hope that socket is just for an example. People! don't use an indoor socket outside! trying to kill people I see...
Max Haugen
Max Haugen 7 dni temu
I have the bugzooka it is really good I love it
ASMR Cape Coral
ASMR Cape Coral 8 dni temu
Bugsucker LOL 😂 We have a bunch of those zap rackets and we use them for a little fun on beer nights 👍. Yes they hurt
Naes 8 dni temu
i dont want to let spiders live i want them to DIE
leighten Blake
leighten Blake 6 dni temu
Kiki 2018
Kiki 2018 6 dni temu
Naes Morning me too
TheDarkGhastMC 8 dni temu
Just kill it with your sandals..
Ant Mx-5
Ant Mx-5 8 dni temu
if the critter catcher ACTUALLY Comes with a test spider im buying it 😂
_Riot 9 dni temu
5:55 Look at this dudes face XD
Dominator 9 dni temu
Damn my mans has a f4 Pip-Boy and has a SCP reference.
Oshimy Rea
Oshimy Rea 9 dni temu
Can someone make a gif of that last image
Bgs2911 G
Bgs2911 G 9 dni temu
Assumed gender
Anthony Casper
Anthony Casper 9 dni temu
No, the weapon of choice is the bug-a-salt
LuigiMtn240 9 dni temu
Watcher NotYoutuber
Or just get some broom and Kill EM ALL!!!!
soul elevation96
soul elevation96 9 dni temu
In my house we don't have a critter catcher, we have feet.
Shahzad Khan
Shahzad Khan 9 dni temu
Bug-A-Salt 2.0 is the best
Florita100 10 dni temu
Oh you are a blessing ! I am so happy i found you at 5 am
philip prado
philip prado 10 dni temu
I kill bugggggggggggs "shiver"
Cyber Glitch
Cyber Glitch 10 dni temu
That green alien insect is actually a lace wing Harmless but don’t keep your mouth open near them, they like to fly into mouths and they don’t taste good AT ALL!!
gevons tria
gevons tria 10 dni temu
sad to see the Pipboy just hanging on the wall..
super nova
super nova 10 dni temu
9:15 I have it but it attach insect instead.
XplaneZ 10 dni temu
how is this a 60W led?
MrNlce30 10 dni temu
Just take off your shoe and fookin whack it!
x a n a x
x a n a x 10 dni temu
Zerg joke Scp joke Overwatch joke Amazing
TheAgeratos 11 dni temu
love the zerg joke
Jack Almond
Jack Almond 11 dni temu
love the SCP joke
Meme boi
Meme boi 11 dni temu
*_MoThS bE TriGGerEd_*
Doomguy 1
Doomguy 1 12 dni temu
Bug sucker really
Falkor 12 dni temu
5:12 yes i do agree that all spiders should be an SCP.
Patrick Kogut
Patrick Kogut 12 dni temu
You know 'I am the law' actually sounds pretty stupid when it's not said by someone who sounds like they gargle with gravel.
Stilly Fied
Stilly Fied 12 dni temu
The Bug Zooka is not best as a pest removal tool. It is really an EXCELLENT tool for feeding praying mantids in captivity though. I bought one and used it many times to keep several mantids healthy and I fed them blow flies and flesh flies/ household flies when I found them out in the back yard, else I would grab a yellow skipper or some other weird insect I found. Yellow skippers are easy to catch though but it is nice to use that container that you can take off and place in the freezer for 5 minutes to make them go to sleep, to put them in different containers. Then when they wake up and start moving around- it is game on for the mantids.
Neo Fajardo
Neo Fajardo 13 dni temu
scp spider confirmed
Wolf's Hangout
Wolf's Hangout 13 dni temu
That bug executioner is really really not new like, when was it made id like to know.
Maniac Magge
Maniac Magge 13 dni temu
Jedi Raziel
Jedi Raziel 13 dni temu
Hahaha. SCP jokes.
Kaleb Glenn
Kaleb Glenn 13 dni temu
Yay, somebody else got it! EDIT: Oh wow, we are not alone :D
Thomas McDonnell
Thomas McDonnell 13 dni temu
the bug zapper tennis racket works so well. best for flies.
Kenneth Mensis
Kenneth Mensis 13 dni temu
why raging fart
Danny Decare
Danny Decare 13 dni temu
That's a green lace wing
Genji The Weeb
Genji The Weeb 14 dni temu
Heather Cremins
Heather Cremins 14 dni temu
You should test the bug a salt, the gun that shoots salt at bugs
Falkor 12 dni temu
the bug A-salt?
Evil D
Evil D 14 dni temu
Bug A Salt is badass. It was absolutely worth the money.
Kj16V 14 dni temu
I can personally vouch for the My Bug Catcher. That thing is a gift from the gods. Catches those huge, fast moving Wolf Spiders with ease. They don't seem to be able to see the clear bristles coming towards them.
Daehawk 14 dni temu
How the hell does a LED bulb zap anything?......Ive seen lots of videos where someone thought they had some wit and failed. But after a couple videos here and laughing out loud I sub'd. Weeee. Zerg Rush!!
Christy Playz
Christy Playz 13 dni temu
Daehawk the light attracts the bugs and the high voltage shocks them to death
I laughed my skinny fat ass off on “releasing safely into a raging fire”
guthy 14 dni temu
I tried this once but it sucked the bug in to hard and it killed it and also later that day I voted for Hillary an buried the bug an had a good cry before I went to my safe zone to complain
JPL Toy Experience
JPL Toy Experience 14 dni temu
How in the world did I get here? I was watching Police car chases XD
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 14 dni temu
You could also just...yknow...crush them
Daniel Oertel
Daniel Oertel 14 dni temu
even more wasted materrials !
Taylor Horn
Taylor Horn 14 dni temu
chadslayer 14 dni temu
TheGuyInside 14 dni temu
5:11 r/unexpectedscp
Kronos 14 dni temu
As a protoss I approve of the zapping bulb
Mckenna 15 dni temu
*bug sucker* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Chris 15 dni temu
I have a solution that will fix the bug problem, and keep the cash in your wallet: Squish them. Problem solved....
Tania 12 dni temu
+Steverino No!!
Steverino 12 dni temu
+Tania ;)
Steverino 12 dni temu
+Chris ..Better, unless it's a Black Widow. (Which we have plenty of here.) Too risky.
Chris 12 dni temu
Then I'll be glad to introduce you to Solution 2.0: Get a tissue or paper towel and pick it up, then squish it in the paper towel. There - you STILL have your money in your pocket, and a dead bug that won't be terrorizing the wife anymore. :-P
Tania 13 dni temu
Steverino Mmhmm.... ??!!?? Sure,riiiiight!!!! 😒
99legion 15 dni temu
I don't pick up bugs, I use a lighter and hairspray.
Gamerpro xzz
Gamerpro xzz 15 dni temu
5:11 that is a true intellectual’s me me
fused zamasu
fused zamasu 15 dni temu
Who else got the for honnor reference at 6:32