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We test interesting "AS SEEN ON TV" Pest Control Gizmos and Gadgets to find out what's worth the money! Links To All Products we tested (below):
ZappLight Bug Zapper:
My Critter Catcher:
Executioner Electric Swatter:
Gardeneer Solar Scarecrow Owl:
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15 lip 2018

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Komentarze 1 898
Household Hacker
Household Hacker Miesiąc temu
Here are some fake "As Seen On TV Product" names. Reply with what their function would be: 1. Party Putty 2. Tickle Tape 3. Sludge Stand 4. Apple Pump 5. HD Gloves
i imagine the apple pump would work similarly to that shitty air powered boiled egg sheller, the one you press down on. but instead of a plastic ring, it forces the apple through a long tube of rubber studded with abrasive material that sands the apples skin off, like those as seen on tv potato peeling gloves, before birthing the scarred apple onto your table from its flabby rubber orifice, naked and alone, covered in shredded bits of its own flesh.
joe v
joe v 10 dni temu
House Hack, Is that "Bug Zooka" designed for sleeping bugs? Most bugs I know aren't going to stand around and wait,.. while you carefully position that tube on top of them! Completely forget about flies. You couldn't catch a fly busy chomping on a turd with that thing!
TheReverend 808
TheReverend 808 15 dni temu
Tickle tape is just regular tape, you bind someone's hands, feet, and mouth and then tickle them
ARandom SlicedBread
Party putty would be putty with disco lights in it Tickle tape would be a pain because I would have arms that would tickle you while you put it down Sludge stand would be like a stinky nightstand Apple pump would be like a pump that pumped apple juice HD gloves would be gloves for your TV or gaming PC that would make it 4K Do u like?
Santino Thaddeus Cruz
Apple pump helps you eat the good parts of the apple,insert the apple into the apple pump and pull the trigger,this will immediately launch any unwanted pieces of your apple and is totally unnecessary,just stick to cutting those parts off
Casey G
Casey G 9 godzin temu
The last one crows are smart and know that owl is fake
Vic 20 godzin temu
Get that spider offa the PIPBOY!!!!!!!
Alex Knightwalker
Alex Knightwalker Dzień temu
“failed zerg rush” lmao nice
Yeesss Sirrr
Yeesss Sirrr 2 dni temu
The salt gun is better on bugs
themastertrevor 2 dni temu
8:24 I remember there was a product like this at my friends house in Middle/High School and we used to smack each other w/ it all the time. You had to hit hard enough so skin would contact the electrodes and not just the protective mesh outside. Hurt like hell and was very amusing. No idea how it worked on bugs. Now i've learned. Thanks. :D
elitematt 2 dni temu
Really an SCP joke?
Im Never Gonna Get Noticed
I don't think someone would buy a 'bug sucker ' and expect a bug cave
winner4games 3 dni temu
Secure Contain Proteckt. SCP
Lord Dio
Lord Dio 2 dni temu
winner4games I was just like “Noooo... Nooooo... whyy?
Official Firey BFB
8:34 pharahs line when you use her ultimate
Eviktion 3 dni temu
Messed up pretty hard with "garage or dumpster" should have said garage or garbage.
Diego Molina
Diego Molina 3 dni temu
A rolled newspaper is the next best thing. Or just cover the bug with a transparent container and carefully slide a piece of cardboard under it, lifting the container just enough for it to fit. And presto. Just release the poor thing into the wild.
Poison 3 dni temu
i love his humor
Ethan and Isaac games
leve spiders in your house because they kill flies
AlisterYeetBoi 3 dni temu
The first one looks like a plunger
Bloxer Boi
Bloxer Boi 3 dni temu
SCP-critter catcher class-safe
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 3 dni temu
**SCP Inventeses*
MIKE V AK47 3 dni temu
When using the owl crows do come. However I find shooting into the air scares them away.
Patrick Navarro
Patrick Navarro 4 dni temu
A *R A G I N G F I R E*
Mr Elf
Mr Elf 4 dni temu
for just 1 Executioner Electric Swatter 29.95$? Wtf you can buy this stuff here in my country for just 2$ - 5$ and its rechargeable also 1 charge is good for 3 months of use :D
Parashar Krishnamachari
I know... that's pretty ridiculous. In India, an equivalent product has been around for well over a decade. Moreover, the ones that most people get don't require separate batteries -- they just have a built-in battery and you just charge it by plugging it in the wall. The really top-end ones that have a big battery and generate really high voltage (e.g. the kind that will kill scorpions) are like $15.
FoxyThePirateFox Cool Fox
don't use the bug zapper inside because it smelled bad
Grandson theGood
Grandson theGood 5 dni temu
I like the Bugzooka, it is very useful.
Mike 5 dni temu
I've had the same one for five years. It's great for wasps in the house. It pisses them off so you have to let them cool down a bit before you release them.
airsoft emilio
airsoft emilio 5 dni temu
I love the *NICOLAS CAGE Drawer*
mystichat ???
mystichat ??? 5 dni temu
When he makes an SCP reference *screams inside*
W.D 4 dni temu
mystichat ???
mystichat ??? 4 dni temu
wade swade
wade swade 4 dni temu
mystichat ??? I was so happy lol
W.D 4 dni temu
mystichat ???
mystichat ??? 5 dni temu
StellarBlue1 5 dni temu
I do not catch and release bugs, under any circumstances. My favorite tool for battling the bugs around my house is the four C cell, 50,000 volt tennis racket zapper. You get your bugs with a very satisfying snap, crackle or pop!
0ffensive Gamming UAV
Just hit the crows with the executioner
Nathriel 5 dni temu
That automated owl is creepy.
Yune García
Yune García 5 dni temu
That Judge Dredd reference though.
Kerosin Scott
Kerosin Scott 6 dni temu
mrkbroster87 6 dni temu
I have actually got the executioner big bat zapper and it’s good
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 6 dni temu
I have two of these products. The light/bug killer is marginal at best. It does kill but, you need to get bugs in it first. They are usually not willing to go in there. The bug zapper wand is a different story. The ones I have are slightly different but work the same way. They KILL insects VERY well. I usually have house flies and fruit flies as my victims. I suggest in the dark with the lights out. They not only make a satisfying snap, the light show is quite spectacular.
Drakey Fenix
Drakey Fenix 6 dni temu
So many references to games
Dragawolf games
Dragawolf games 6 dni temu
This dude is hella funny😂😂😂
Ernie MAnn
Ernie MAnn 6 dni temu
An easier way to clean the bug zapper bulb is to use a can of compressed air that is used to clean computers.
MiSter Sixk
MiSter Sixk 6 dni temu
Why the ladybird, instant dislike
MiSter Sixk
MiSter Sixk 6 dni temu
Flying Beasts and??? You absolute melon
Flying Beasts
Flying Beasts 6 dni temu
but they are bugs wtf??
MiSter Sixk
MiSter Sixk 6 dni temu
Flying Beasts sorry youtube police, il call them ladybirds *thank you*
Flying Beasts
Flying Beasts 6 dni temu
Syndicate 6 dni temu
Someone needs to turn The Executioner into a taser, I could see that working
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 6 dni temu
I accidentally touched the grate on mine. I will make sure I never do that again. It is VERY unpleasant.
Amy Jaden
Amy Jaden 6 dni temu
The bug zapping racket exists in almost every Asian household.
CJN 6 dni temu
I’ve bought 3 of the zap lights from 3 different companies. All stopped working within 6-9 months. When it did work, it worked well.
Ed Crespo
Ed Crespo 6 dni temu
Did you seriously just assume the lady bugs gender?? You monster
True gold Struck
True gold Struck 7 dni temu
5:11 SCP reference. Even the “breach in containment “ is a reference. Nice
MPSecare 7 dni temu
I do like crows...
Hello There
Hello There 7 dni temu
I love the put them into a burning fire joke
Khorne 7 dni temu
Do not forget release your captives in to raging fire I mean nature
Dank 'n Derpy Gamer
"Failed Zerg rush" Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Khorne 7 dni temu
If you don't release a guy will came to you home to release you
Blazing Chihuahua
Is it just me or does the executioner when it zaps a bug have the same sound as Baldi hitting his ruler.
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown 7 dni temu
The bug zaper light bulb -- it's cheaper and easier to put fly traps up everywhere - using a light attracts bugs that would not be near if it were not for the light in the first place.
Dent Yo
Dent Yo 5 dni temu
Nickolas Brown the Light bulb is meant for problem areas where you ALREADY have bulbs, and a bunch of insects around it. Yeah it's silly to install your own for the purpose of attracting and killing, but if you use it the way it's supposed to be, then it's pretty good.
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown 7 dni temu
Bugzooka? Boo -- I'd rather have a BUG-A-SALT gun!
HIBAW 7 dni temu
Bugzooka. 5 out of 5 stars for grabbing the brown marmorated stink bug. If you don't know what I'm talking about then this will not matter to you.
HIBAW 6 dni temu
Interesting :) Thanks for sharing :)
Mitch Man
Mitch Man 7 dni temu
HIBAW I just lightly close them up in a book and let them go outside. They almost never release their smell this way, but it doesn't really matter to me either way, as the smell of them isn't bad.
Dimitri Justice
Dimitri Justice 7 dni temu
zerg rush, i wonder who actually got that
Zayd Abbas
Zayd Abbas 7 dni temu
rexxed757 8 dni temu
my uncle has a fake owl on his chicken coop and it keeps other birds away like chicken hawks
Sideswipe 8 dni temu
This is pretty funny, actually.
Shining Cyndaquil
No Bugs were hurt in this video
dan severin
dan severin 8 dni temu
That wasnt a ladybug, that was an asian beetle. And those bastards actually bite.
FortnitePlayer 6000
I love these type of videos
Pete Goode
Pete Goode 8 dni temu
bug zooka: put a used dryer sheet over the hose of your vacuum secure the dryer sheet with a paper towel tube vacuum bugs up. Dryer sheet keeps stink bugs from odorizing your vacuum.
Mr. Wong
Mr. Wong 8 dni temu
SCP 106 Has been contained successfully
Doggo 8 dni temu
SCP Containment Breach
playlist ninja
playlist ninja 8 dni temu
8:07 why not just use a ordinary tennis racket
I'm an ostrich
I'm an ostrich 8 dni temu
that one has electricity to zap the bug
Matt Noble
Matt Noble 8 dni temu
I already own a Foot
Redrar 8 dni temu
4:51 Pip-Boy?
Elser samuel Santos
as seen on youtube
A Normal Banana
A Normal Banana 8 dni temu
just use fire
Marin Vrabelj
Marin Vrabelj 8 dni temu
Into raging fire... I mean the nature of course 😂🤣
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 8 dni temu
Electric fly swatter is great for using on your girl friends ass after you tie her down and gag her
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 7 dni temu
Late Apex it'll add a spark to the relationship. She will have a shocking orgasm
Late Apex
Late Apex 8 dni temu
sounds like an electrifying experience
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 8 dni temu
Nice SCP drop
Valt Transport
Valt Transport 8 dni temu
Your idea of the bugsooper is worst , because it require you using your two hands.
walter w white
walter w white 8 dni temu
The Executioner makes for an interesting BDSM session... Jajaja Jajaja Jajaja
Plagiarism 9 dni temu
Thanks for showing me about the [ REDACTED ], I can finally clean my [ EXPUNGED ] for a nice party at ■■■■■.
TA CK 9 dni temu
LOL that was an Asian actual pest, not a Ladybug.
Alessandro mb
Alessandro mb 9 dni temu
I buy the second one i use to catch the bugs and launch them in fire
D05 9 dni temu
That SCP reference
Blazze93 9 dni temu
Why did I watch this not expecting a spider.
SSchaosTV 9 dni temu
The old way is a normal fly swater
Narelle Bullock
Narelle Bullock 9 dni temu
4:53 why did you do it on a pip boy? It has feelings too!
Shuffle Playz
Shuffle Playz 9 dni temu
SCP Containment Breach fan?
Mr. Wong
Mr. Wong 7 dni temu
SCP: Sl and CB Fan
Darkandrexander 9 dni temu
4:52 fallout 4 Collectors Edition Pip-boy. Looks so cool. Can't wait for Fallout 76.
Malcolm Agee
Malcolm Agee 9 dni temu
My house shoe gets the job done for FREE! And keeps my feet warm! 👍
mjbs 9 dni temu
I squash bugs!!!!!
Steve Strickland
Steve Strickland 10 dni temu
i use the flat attachment on my vacuum .. great for catching fly.. turn it on and slowly edge toward them.. works 90% time and since its a vacuum.. no need to release them back to nature or a raging fire
Justin M
Justin M 10 dni temu
hahahaha failed zerg rush...aahhhh
Realism Madness
Realism Madness 10 dni temu
Failed Zerg rush lol
Abi Patel
Abi Patel 10 dni temu
Or... you could buy bug killing spray.
TechVlogger 10 dni temu
They had to name it Bugzucka to avoid impersonating the Mark Suckerbug
Phoenix Tucker
Phoenix Tucker 10 dni temu
Just Death
Just Death 10 dni temu
Lol secure, contain, protect. Nice SCP reference still laughing about it 😂😂😂😂
joe v
joe v 10 dni temu
Is that "Bug Zooka" designed for sleeping bugs? Most bugs I know aren't going to stand around and wait,.. while you carefully position that tube on top of them! Completely forget about flies. You couldn't catch a fly busy chomping on a turd with that thing!
Jarid Gaming
Jarid Gaming 10 dni temu
Who would want to keep bugs alive? There are trillions of them in just 1 square mile they are not going extinct any time soon
nhyijy 10 dni temu
Jarid Gaming I've never understood that either, there arent any insects that I know of that are in danger of going extinct because humans directly kill them all. Even important yet endangered ones like bees is because of environmental effects and not direct intervention... people are weird though and that's honestly a pretty minor weird thing lol
Ryan Zapp
Ryan Zapp 10 dni temu
I love the references
KadenTheKreator 10 dni temu
We love the taser racket
Brian Ybarra
Brian Ybarra 10 dni temu
Great channel guys :)
pixelz11 11 dni temu
*green alien looking bug*
Breeze 11 dni temu
Half the male pop in YT wants a guy to come over & release them, skeet skeet skeet...
TheWokeMuppet 11 dni temu
I praise your comedy producer
Actinium Anarchy
Actinium Anarchy 11 dni temu
Why test it on a pip-boy LOL radroaches?
boostedsil40 11 dni temu
the owl?You mean to tell me outa the hundreds of fan designs that let your fan go side to side from 90-180 degrees they used a 360 degree motor?what idiots,I'm sure the cost of doing a 180 degree is the same and would make it much more realistic so why on earth would they go the 360 route???
boostedsil40 11 dni temu
can you do a as seen on tv that has your top gagets that really work
Rasmus Valli
Rasmus Valli 11 dni temu
Why didn't you include a flamethrower on this list
Rasmus Valli
Rasmus Valli 10 dni temu
Me, myself and I like to be alone. It depends on what channel you are watching
Me, myself and I like to be alone.
Rasmus Valli do they advertise those on T.V?
Ibrahim Khan
Ibrahim Khan 11 dni temu
If your saying America is a pesky critter I completely agree with u
Kyle James
Kyle James 11 dni temu
idk what it is but this video really bugs me
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