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Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry (BTS - Part 1)

Ariana Grande`
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No Tears Left To Cry available here:
Official video:
BTS directed by: Alfredo Flores




23 kwi 2018

ariana grandentltcno tears left to crybtsbehind the scenespart one



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Komentarze 18 718
Cloe Lady
Cloe Lady 3 godzin temu
I very love you Ariana and you are my favourite singel Please put a heart please I verrry love you please please please i verrrry love you please
Audrey Seiver
Audrey Seiver 15 godzin temu
I love Arian granda
Matt&wendy Poleski
Matt&wendy Poleski 17 godzin temu
And btw this is my parents account :D
Matt&wendy Poleski
Matt&wendy Poleski 17 godzin temu
Omg 😮 this is sooo cool I love u Ariana I’m only 7 and I’m my fav game I even made Ariana and this is my fav song of urs Ariana
Little Quick
Little Quick 22 godzin temu
Hi love you
Sarah Gacem
Sarah Gacem Dzień temu
Any army here?😋
butterfly love
butterfly love 2 dni temu
THINGS YOU have to do for a music video
Izabella Verdugo
Izabella Verdugo 3 dni temu
She is so amazing pretty too 😘😍😍😍
Alice B
Alice B 3 dni temu
Me: BTS=Behind the scenes. BTS army's: BTS=The best Kpop group in the world.
Zoila Escobar
Zoila Escobar 3 dni temu
😂 Vine porque lo de BTS♥️ 😅
Yamachi Unicorns
Yamachi Unicorns 4 dni temu
Your voice was just like😍😍😍
Vicky Negi
Vicky Negi 4 dni temu
You are loyal.
Jimins lost Jams
Jimins lost Jams 4 dni temu
Yelp I thought of the BTS band
Gamingboy2009 4 dni temu
OOF 2:14
viktor vlashi
viktor vlashi 5 dni temu
arianator grande
arianator grande 5 dni temu
I love you so so much ♡
black and pink Gasque
i want to get on
JENABEE0 6 dni temu
The sound of this vidéo is so bad!
ASIMO3089 6 dni temu
No more queen Selena now ariana
#KEYPER SQUAD 7 dni temu
W r waiting
Yaabey 7 dni temu
Ariana tour very very butyful ❤️❤️💕💕
Karla Isabella Santiago Lormendez
NamJoon Biased
NamJoon Biased 7 dni temu
BTS? :v
Lily Healis
Lily Healis 7 dni temu
I just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and my wish is that I can meet her.
Lily Healis
Lily Healis 7 dni temu
I just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and my wish is that I can meet her.
Lily Healis
Lily Healis 7 dni temu
I just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and my wish is that I can meet her
Lily Healis
Lily Healis 7 dni temu
I just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and my wish is that I can meet her
Melissa Gabriela Flores Huajardo
is beatiful
Алиса Ермоленко
Ммм клип получился просто потрясающий
Aimee Nguyen
Aimee Nguyen 8 dni temu
When I saw BTS in the title I was like "BTS!!!" and them I'm like wait " Behind The Scenes" its really good tho
Laurix Joskowski
Laurix Joskowski 8 dni temu
Hi ninan kami so falg haij
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 8 dni temu
Did Ariana do all her own stunts?
Martina jm
Martina jm 9 dni temu
I am huge fan of her😍😍😍😍
Anna Bajomi Lazar
I love u so much Ariana ur the best!
Malik Gardavoir
Malik Gardavoir 9 dni temu
Ariana est adorable 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘💋💋💋💋💋💋🦋
Assault Titan
Assault Titan 9 dni temu
omg pati pala si ariana army na rin may part 2 pa 😍😍 BTS rules! di talaga matitinag kameng mga army 😍😍
Davida Bangura
Davida Bangura 9 dni temu
Wow that looks fun
Hanna Imma Dedicatoria
when i saw ghe title i thought she was with the KPOP group BTS like for real
Ayska and Sydney inside the Earth
so BTS made it? and u sing it?
Beena Thapa
Beena Thapa 10 dni temu
Rash ipad Gamer
Rash ipad Gamer 10 dni temu
Your voice omg my favorite song is no tears left to cry
Alexia G
Alexia G 11 dni temu
i love that music video
j dragoon
j dragoon 12 dni temu
Around 5:11 the guy gives the triple 6 hand sign, then listen closely , Ariane jokes about selling her "god damn soul". Wake up people.
Real Gamer
Real Gamer 12 dni temu
To all the bts haters : go get a life fucking bitches !
taehoe 12 dni temu
the comment section- this is why i don't want to be part of this fandom and just quietly enjoy ma boys. here for ariana tho, giaw and ntltc mv's are so aesthetically pleasing.
lol fisturb
lol fisturb 12 dni temu
nuttella sandwitch
nuttella sandwitch 12 dni temu
Why is everyone talking about bts... I NEED ANSWERS PEOPLES.
Real Gamer
Real Gamer 12 dni temu
nuttella sandwitch bcs they are the best
Dorka Télessy
Dorka Télessy 12 dni temu
Daly Braxton
Daly Braxton 12 dni temu
Ariana I love you
Анђелија Поморишац
Lowe Ariana Grande😘😘
Mercancela Hdjdkfkfkfb
I love you a.g you cool !!!
Destiny A. Jackson
Destiny A. Jackson 13 dni temu
oh she was standing on the ceiling and the walls 😂
Ebony Crockton
Ebony Crockton 14 dni temu
gets happy Ariana ya we turning​ it up *falls* me: lool sorry Ariana
Hailey Advey
Hailey Advey 14 dni temu
Did she react to her own music video?
Jamie Lockhart.
Jamie Lockhart. 14 dni temu
:46 AIRiana Grande's video😖the cringe.
Heather Bennington
Heather Bennington 14 dni temu
Love the song I love your long hair so so pretty👍🏻👍🏻😄😄
Chelsa Music
Chelsa Music 15 dni temu
Wait did she said she sold her "God damn soul" 5:17
chuchy 15 dni temu
*sees BTS thinks that is a collage realaiz it’s nooooooooooooottt*
Hhhehehe I don't know what to name this as
Which idiot went on this thinking that BTS was on it? but I carried on watching anyway...😂
KaitPlays -Videos Daily
Your so beautiful ^.^
Cmx3 Squishies
Cmx3 Squishies 16 dni temu
That is awesome but what happened to the sound?
moviedude22 16 dni temu
super capable Director!
Tae Kookie
Tae Kookie 16 dni temu
It's just so funny that armys just click everywhere they see BTS😂😂 even if it isn't for them and they know it...
Mahima Islam
Mahima Islam 16 dni temu
I LOVE this video! I wish I met you real life😢😢😢😢😢
Urszula Majchrzak
Urszula Majchrzak 16 dni temu
Monter kill
Monter kill 17 dni temu
Deutz Fahr
Deutz Fahr 17 dni temu
beautiful clip ariana grande
HeyItsAimsters 17 dni temu
Wow that’s so cool love you ari!!!
Bleach Is Good Kids!
When the only reason you clicked was because you saw BTS 😂👌🏻
Real Gamer
Real Gamer 12 dni temu
Bleach Is Good Kids! Agreed
Cathrin Mertke
Cathrin Mertke 18 dni temu
Voll cool
Đình Dũng Vũ
Đình Dũng Vũ 18 dni temu
straight up inception vibes from that hallway scene also: “I sold my goddamn soul” ???
Cute Dog Videos
Cute Dog Videos 19 dni temu
Cute Dog Videos
Cute Dog Videos 19 dni temu
JustManu Cr
JustManu Cr 19 dni temu
Fnaf Things
Fnaf Things 19 dni temu
Remember when you did that tv show cat and Sam I can hear cat in your voice when you just talk But I love this song
Fnaf Things
Fnaf Things 19 dni temu
I love this song
Marwa. 1797
Marwa. 1797 20 dni temu
BTS=behind the scene not BTS 😂
Boss slimeee
Boss slimeee 20 dni temu
You are so beautiful Ariana Grande
Klaudia Madejska
Klaudia Madejska 20 dni temu
I wish if Had the Time she could do vlogs. #Arianators
mishi lexi
mishi lexi 21 dzień temu
WOW!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMZING!!!!!*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
La licorne Blogeuse
La licorne Blogeuse 21 dzień temu
Loveee 💘
DZ Ziip
DZ Ziip 21 dzień temu
Every people thought "lol Ari has worked with BTS", but BTS mean behind the scenes
Shayla Mcphee
Shayla Mcphee 21 dzień temu
this is pretty cool ;D
Kendra Cooper
Kendra Cooper 21 dzień temu
I love her voice so much 💜💙 💗💖 and I love her so much 💜💛💚💙💗 💖
YoursTruly S. H
YoursTruly S. H 21 dzień temu
I just love this girl wish I could meet her 💕
Valentina Ojeda
Valentina Ojeda 21 dzień temu
I love this song anda ariana
Jana Mahmoud
Jana Mahmoud 21 dzień temu
She is the queen of music💗💫
Kenisha Barron
Kenisha Barron 22 dni temu
Felicidades Ariana Grande as tenido demaciado éxito por todo tu esfuerzo además está canción ya se viraliso demasiado 💜💜👑👑👑
Edgar Flores
Edgar Flores 22 dni temu
v bts
v bts 22 dni temu
What BTS
Lisa Kim
Lisa Kim 23 dni temu
BTS- kpop😏😂😂😂
Can y'all just shut up about the BTS comments? Like, seriously. Both ARMY'S and non-ARMY's. We're getting sick of a few fans being straight up ignorant and stubborn just because they saw BTS in the title. I, myself, happen to be ARMY but I also love more things than just BTS and I agree to the whole "BTS has always meant behind the scenes". And non-ARMY's, stop criticizing BTS fans just because they thought it was BTS. I've actually seen more comments of people shitting on ARMY'S than people complaining because they thought it was BTS. Overall, can't we just enjoys what Ariana has for us? If you're ARMY and don't like this, click out of the video. If you're not ARMY, sit/lay down and enjoy the video. Where will arguing get you? That's right, nowhere. So if neither of you comment on something as dumb as you thinking BTS meant the boy band or Behind The Scenes. Maybe this comment section wouldn't be spammed by just that. Maybe all of you could just, you know, appreciate Ariana's content. She spent so much time and effort for this music video and song; and all that we're doing is arguing just because of some dumb letters that ACTUALLY can have various meanings because of it being an acronym. So just STOP. BOTH BTS AND ARIANA FANS. Love, Yours Truly.
Amazing, Ariana!! 👀😍👏😍💖
Katie Brand
Katie Brand 23 dni temu
Nice job ariana it turned out really good
adriana a
adriana a 23 dni temu
that is some shit sound quality, ariana lmao
Marcos Alvarez
Marcos Alvarez 23 dni temu
She almost dies 3:25
PatCS 23 dni temu
Did she sell her soul?
Daniel Esteban Carrera Gutierrez
Amo a Ariana grande.... es hermosaaa....