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Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry (BTS - Part 1)

Ariana Grande`
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sweetener out now
Official video:
BTS directed by: Alfredo Flores




23 kwi 2018

ariana grandentltcno tears left to crybtsbehind the scenespart one



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Mazeen Shameem
Mazeen Shameem 20 godzin temu
My right ear is thoroughly pleased 😄
Faith In The Sky
Faith In The Sky Dzień temu
she got a lotta upper body strength to rotate on them stairs
Jessica Dang
Jessica Dang 2 dni temu
BTS? you mean K-POP?
ARMY BTS 2 dni temu
N.7x5 3 dni temu
N No No t No te No tea No tear No tears No tears l No tears le No tears lef no tears left No tears left t No tears left to No tears left to c No tears left to cr No tears left to cry No tears left to cr No tears left to c No tears left to No tears left t No tears left No tears lef No tears le No tears l No tears No tear No tea No te No t No N
Do ya like Jazz
Do ya like Jazz 4 dni temu
This song was the beginning of an iconic era for Ariana that hasn’t stopped yet
Kenzie nicole Burks
Bro ari fell off oh no
Otaku Cookeh
Otaku Cookeh 4 dni temu
*BTS* I always wondered why they put BTS in their videos. **Realizes BTS means Behind The Scenes** crap
Nida Aufina
Nida Aufina 4 dni temu
So amazing!!
Jessica Kie
Jessica Kie 5 dni temu
Lyqie 5 dni temu
Who else thought it was the KPOP group BTS?
Vivian Khuu
Vivian Khuu 5 dni temu
I thought she was collating with BTS at first
Soufflé Girl
Soufflé Girl 6 dni temu
Don’t read rest of this Well you did but don’t read the rest I warn you ARIANA IS QUEEEEEEEEN 🖤🖤
Light girl vidzz
Light girl vidzz 6 dni temu
I think bts army but it's "BEHIND THE SCENE" 😆😆😆
Svetlana Milijasevic
I love you you are super
conpiracy theories
Y Yo You You t You th You thought Im going to waste my time
Lisa Miresso
Lisa Miresso 10 dni temu
I new this was green screen, lmao
Debora Paz
Debora Paz 10 dni temu
amelie holden
amelie holden 10 dni temu
Your are really kind, funny and beautiful you are my favourite singer and actress 💕
LARA FM 10 dni temu
I think she is *REAL* singer yeah
Rozi Dubovská
Rozi Dubovská 10 dni temu
Myslím že tu nikdo z ČR není, jsem tu sama......
ZeroXX 10 dni temu
-I hate you- , *i love you*
Corrine Thomas
Corrine Thomas 11 dni temu
CherylinQueen 11 dni temu
Um. I clicked this because it said “BTS” as in the kpop group. Now I’ve viewed a video I don’t wanna watch
Uchiha 9 dni temu
well, you are an absolute illiterate dumbass.
Julia Matić
Julia Matić 12 dni temu
This is so cool! Love you Ari💟💟💖💓
Unicorn DREAMZ
Unicorn DREAMZ 12 dni temu
I love when Ari posts a BTS !!!
Jenny Kelly
Jenny Kelly 13 dni temu
Muito legal 😜
Alayah Ford
Alayah Ford 15 dni temu
You mean cruel I only watched Because I saw BTS but no BTS so screw you all
Constanza Morales
Constanza Morales 15 dni temu
Por qué dice bts
ginger cat meow
ginger cat meow 15 dni temu
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Jefferson Italo
Jefferson Italo 16 dni temu
Irmina Fatima
Irmina Fatima 17 dni temu
I'm kinda confused, I can't hear when anybody's speaking
natty1 Plays msp
natty1 Plays msp 17 dni temu
one of my fav Ariana songs! Thank u,Ariana lmao
Marcos Lopes
Marcos Lopes 18 dni temu
can we live on those stairs
Marcos Lopes
Marcos Lopes 18 dni temu
i'm screaming with the after scenes!! you're amazing
Ylime !!!!!
Ylime !!!!! 18 dni temu
30M subs is a load full of subs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sonya Dyachenko
Sonya Dyachenko 19 dni temu
кликбейтище 😂
BTS is cancerous
BTS is cancerous 21 dzień temu
This comment section is aids because of all these goddamn cancer cells
Juliana Camargo
Juliana Camargo 22 dni temu
i love you Ariana grande 😙😙😍😍😚😚
Tianna Wataah
Tianna Wataah 24 dni temu
I love how excited the cast gets while watching the magic happen ❤️
; Mang :3
; Mang :3 24 dni temu
Seas mamón, yo pensé que era algo relacionado con BTS, pero es el detrás de cámaras :V
axl_ smallz
axl_ smallz 16 dni temu
Viniste buscando plata y encontraste oro fino, suerte
Kookie Kitten
Kookie Kitten 24 dni temu
I'd be screaming on that moving ladder!!
Bubblegum Power
Bubblegum Power 24 dni temu
I’m Ariana grandes daughter
kiwi killer
kiwi killer 26 dni temu
Ooh crap seriously i thought that this video is abuot bts :u
axl_ smallz
axl_ smallz 16 dni temu
Well, it's not
kiwi killer
kiwi killer 26 dni temu
Upps i mean about*
Heey panda
Heey panda 26 dni temu
2:14 what is aful?
The Steelix Master
The Steelix Master 27 dni temu
3:25 such a cute scream
Brittany Adison
Brittany Adison 28 dni temu
Congrats for hitting 30 million subscribers
bee funny
bee funny 29 dni temu
that looks so fun
Bebe Moren
Bebe Moren 29 dni temu
Oh I'm your biggest fan
Mayte Lozano
Mayte Lozano Miesiąc temu
Txx1c Miesiąc temu
“BTS” Me: OH BOY SHE MET THEM *instead it’s the making of it*
Joseph Doherty
Joseph Doherty Miesiąc temu
Literally one of the most interesting sets I’ve ever seen and the song is lit 👌
nailah Miesiąc temu
this is so iconic that my weave has flew away
someone Miesiąc temu
Dave Meyers is insanely talented
Sra. Jeon
Sra. Jeon Miesiąc temu
Cip Campos
Cip Campos Miesiąc temu
Me:"WHERE IS BTS?" Me:* Cries * 😢
Julia Jones
Julia Jones Miesiąc temu
trinh bui
trinh bui Miesiąc temu
ARI: pickin' them up ME: pick what up ? OK pick... i give up tell me ARI: i'm lovin', i'm livin' so we turnit' up ME: OK you're pickin' lovin', livin. OK thank u, next ARI: thank u, next ME: i'm so ....... grateful for my ex !
CHI CHI Miesiąc temu
I llenioc h
I llenioc h Miesiąc temu
2:12 this Is THE best XDDD
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones Miesiąc temu
I bet some people came on here seeing BTS thinking the K-Pop BTS was in it, and didn't know BTS means Behind The Scenes xD
Маша Cat
Маша Cat Miesiąc temu
J W Ford
J W Ford Miesiąc temu
She is just so great. I love her!
Ticonderoga Pencil
Ticonderoga Pencil Miesiąc temu
Alfredo Flores lol
guccipoochie Miesiąc temu
**when you’re an army and are expecting to see bts**
david slime channel
david slime channel Miesiąc temu
December 2018?
moonlight1d Miesiąc temu
so many annoying armys holy fuck
Areeba Abedi
Areeba Abedi Miesiąc temu
OHHHH!! That is how she was walking on the walls!!!! omg brilliant! My mouth fell open btw, wow
Nicole Dovenest
Nicole Dovenest Miesiąc temu
iiNanaii Miesiąc temu
I am an ARMY but I knew it meant "behind the scenes"
주다봉 Miesiąc temu
세트장 쥑이네
KatherineEve Miesiąc temu
I love BTS but I know this one doesn't mean it
ʟᴀᴅʏ sᴛᴜᴅɪᴏs
I thought it was BTS (kpop group) and that Ari was an army too ... and was doing something in homage 😹😹
Ellie Gomez
Ellie Gomez Miesiąc temu
Creí que era BTS pero el grupo Kpop.😂💔💔
TonkaTonka Tonka
TonkaTonka Tonka Miesiąc temu
jennie pink
jennie pink Miesiąc temu
Bradlee Mejia
Bradlee Mejia Miesiąc temu
Means behind the sences
писатель комментов
Айка Даулетпаева
А я такая уже заорала БИТИЭЭЭЭС и поняла что это просто съемки не на сцене ну кароче вы поняли
xXCookie LoverXx
xXCookie LoverXx Miesiąc temu
Bts. I thought it was bts xD
Jordanna Jenner
Jordanna Jenner Miesiąc temu
💕Te Amooo Ariana Grande💕
hi it's me sasha
hi it's me sasha Miesiąc temu
* sees bts * wait what- * realizes it means behind the scenes * *cOuGh CoUgH*
Allie Schmit
Allie Schmit Miesiąc temu
l3m0nist Miesiąc temu
i clicked cus i saw "bts"
Sophia Hales
Sophia Hales Miesiąc temu
Yukina Minato
Yukina Minato Miesiąc temu
Who else thought BTS meant the kpop group?
Lana Playz
Lana Playz Miesiąc temu
Was it weird for anybody listening with earphones also??
UnicornLove :3
UnicornLove :3 Miesiąc temu
I thought it actually meant BTS 😂
It Will Consume You
It Will Consume You Miesiąc temu
was this filmed on a potato?
Mommy Jin
Mommy Jin Miesiąc temu
I can't even look at BTS (behind the scenes) and think it stands for BTS (the group) honestly just help god😭
Itz Tia :3
Itz Tia :3 Miesiąc temu
axl_ smallz
axl_ smallz 16 dni temu
Pea Fradejas
Pea Fradejas Miesiąc temu
No shit Sherlock
Flantastia Miesiąc temu
it's O.J. THE BEST
it's O.J. THE BEST Miesiąc temu
hello Ariana I was curios because BTS IS not here,I check every where but no show of BTS know I now that u mean ''BTS''(Behind The Scenes ) well J-hope u understand ☺😊😊
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka Miesiąc temu
I thought Bts😫 (Banghtan boys)
Ellar Marina
Ellar Marina Miesiąc temu
0:12...can we just get to the fuckin video!??😭
Kien Phan
Kien Phan Miesiąc temu
BTS= Behind the scenes not the cheap group
Kimberley Van Haaster
Kimberley Van Haaster Miesiąc temu
Love you so muchhh and you are so pretty
BTS Yoongi
BTS Yoongi Miesiąc temu
Lol it was written bts so I thought that BTS Korean boy band is collaborating with Ariana Grande. 😂😂😂😂
Jordyn Toast
Jordyn Toast Miesiąc temu
Gold Boy
Gold Boy Miesiąc temu
A Ar Ari Aria Arian Ariana Arian Aria Ari Ar A
muna mahamed
muna mahamed Miesiąc temu
i thought you ment bts bangtanboys??
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu
7 dni temu