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Arctic Monkeys - Four Out Of Five (Official Video)

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Arctic Monkeys - "Four Out Of Five"
Taken from the new album 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino', available now globally.
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Directors: Ben Chappell & Aaron Brown
Producer: Rob Leonard
Production Company: FRIEND
Exec Producer: Luke Tierney
Production Manager: James Greenall
Creative Director: Edwin Burdis
Primary shooting location: Castle Howard, Yorkshire
PA: Grania Howard
1st AD: Billie Hallows
Runner: Charlotte Simpson
DOP: Stuart Bentley
Focus Puller: Steven Gardner
Loader: Mark Bull
Camera Trainee: Charlotte Croft
CCTV: Dave Williamson
Camera Car Driver: Christopher Bates
Grip: Steve Manningham
Gaffer: Lee Martin
Electricians: Vinny Cowper, Vinny Singh & Jamie Priestner
Genny Op: Craig Cowper
Production Designer: Mark Connell
Art Director: Max Lincoln
Art Assistant / Props: Dec Hardy
Props / Construction: Ben Greenwood
Projection: Lester Dunton
Wardrobe Stylist: David Nolan
Make-Up: Lou Howard
Hair: Tom Bushnell
Horst Master: Mark Atkinson
Germany Location Manager: Jens Geibel
Editor: Matt Cronin
Post House: Time Based Arts
Post Producer: Sean Ewins
Scanimate: Dave Sieg
Matte Painting: Dave Gibbons
Assistant Buyer - Alyssia Kremin
Camera - Panavision
Film Dev - Cinelab
Coveralls - G Woodall & Sons
Vintage Cameras - Golden Age TV
Electrician - Rav Sing
Runner - Sarah Lamb




13 maj 2018

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Komentarze 21 489
ArcticMonkeysVEVO 8 miesięcy temu
Arctic Monkeys’ new album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ is out now on Domino Record Co. Buy & listen: More from Arctic Monkeys on PLvid:
John Capelle
John Capelle 3 dni temu
Artic monkel tranquility base is so coooooooool chek (check it out)
John Capelle
John Capelle 3 dni temu
ArcticMonkeysVEVO cooooooooooool
Maryam Assad
Maryam Assad 17 dni temu
ArcticMonkeysVEVO happy birthday alexanderrrrr I love you ❤️
Qwerty Uiop
Qwerty Uiop 26 dni temu
Alex sei un figo pazzesco😚😚😚
Bujangsenang 96
Bujangsenang 96 Miesiąc temu
how about your made your tour into asia since the malaysian hit the top comment for your song ( hopefully )
Cristian Cano
Cristian Cano 2 godzin temu
Very classsss..
Hiedi 2 godzin temu
This sounds alot like Bowie
hash dollars
hash dollars 4 godzin temu
And after all that she still doesn’t go up to the rooftop taqueria with him
Dear Dear
Dear Dear 14 godzin temu
I love Arctic Monkeys 😍
Cuddlow v1
Cuddlow v1 15 godzin temu
Kevin Speight
Kevin Speight Dzień temu
Love the older stuff but cant understand why this is their new hit.. Sorry AM just not feeling this one.
Matthew Welker
Matthew Welker Dzień temu
Who still listening in 2019?
Señor Noseybonk xd
Esto es como un comercial de perfumes basado en "El Resplandor"
Lili Amaral
Lili Amaral Dzień temu
Best 2018 song
MrRodrigo0919 2 dni temu
matt looks bored
Have A Seat
Have A Seat 2 dni temu
And i love this album to the core loved it from the begging, i'm a newcomer
Have A Seat
Have A Seat 2 dni temu
Nick cave vibes
Have A Seat
Have A Seat 2 dni temu
Flow and zen
Daniel Simmons
Daniel Simmons 2 dni temu
There's only 3 songs on this album I can listen too.. this record is kind of sitting on the shelf collecting dust and forgotten already. I wish it grew on me but it just hasn't.
Careful what you wish for
Gotta appreciate a more open and expanded arrange of instruments than just your normal guitars, bass, and drums. And then hear this sounds so good
al spencer
al spencer 2 dni temu
KINDA ROCKY horror picture SHOWISh.I LOoVE it?
Eignak VB
Eignak VB 2 dni temu
Doesn't time fly?
Simon Elliott
Simon Elliott 3 dni temu
And if u don't know now u know nx!?) (r
Bryan Aguilar Martinez
alguien en 2064... :v
Jan Lončarić
Jan Lončarić 3 dni temu
oh shit, at first i didnt like it, now i cant get rid of it
ese moco
ese moco 4 dni temu
puro pendejin diciendo que el AM era mejor que este album .
ambarinis 4 dni temu
I love that dog
Alexandra Sanchez Macedo
Como no amarlos bebes :3
Diego Calado
Diego Calado 4 dni temu
ArcticMonkeys evoluindo o Rock
Nathan McMahon
Nathan McMahon 4 dni temu
Richard Hammond is doing well for his age!
straw berry
straw berry 5 dni temu
I don't trust his beard.
Mikael Ezki
Mikael Ezki 5 dni temu
I love you more than yesterday, Arctic.
MsLauralee 5 dni temu
This is so good
Endy 5 dni temu
Im the only one whose loved it since the first time I saw?
Jose Armando Blanco Santos
5:12 eso deben de hacer en su musica otra ves
Mahnoor Imam
Mahnoor Imam 6 dni temu
Advertise in imaginative ways Start your free trial today Come on in, the water's lovely Look, you could meet someone you like During the meteor strike It is that easy Lunar surface on a Saturday night Dressed up in silver and white With coloured old grey whistle test lights Take it easy for a little while Come and stay with us It's such an easy flight Cute new places keep on popping up Since the exodus it's all getting gentrified I put a taqueria on the roof It was well reviewed Four stars out of five And that's unheard of I'm Mr. Bridge and Tunnel on the Starlight Express The head of special effects in my mind's eye Okey cokey with the opposite sex The things you try to forget Doesn't time fly? I'm in no position to give advice I don't want to be nice And you know that Take it easy for a little while Come and stay with us It's such an easy flight Cute new places keep popping up Around Clavius It's all getting gentrified The information action ratio Is the place to go And you will not recognize The old headquarters All the nights that never happened And the days that don't exist At the information action ratio Only time that we stop laughing Is to breathe or steal a kiss I can get you on the list for all the clubs I can lift you up another semitone Take it easy for a little while (Take it easy for a little while) Come and stay with us It's such an easy flight Cute new places keep on popping up (Cute new places keep on popping up) Since the exodus, it's all getting gentrified The information action ratio (The information action ratio) is the place to go Four stars out of five Take it easy for a little while (Take it easy for a little while) Come and stay with us Now, it's such an easy flight Cute new places keep on popping up (Cute new places keep on popping up) Around Clavius, it's all getting gentrified I put a taqueria on the moon (The information action ratio) It got rave reviews Four stars out of five Take it easy for a little while (Take it easy for a little while) Come and stay with us Four stars out of five Take it easy for a little while (Take it easy for a little while) Come and stay with us Four stars out of five Take it easy for a little while (Take it easy for a little while) Come and stay with us Four stars out of five Take it easy for a little while (Take it easy for a little while) Come and stay with us (Four stars out of five) (Take it easy for a little while) Four stars out of five
Marcia Ventura
Marcia Ventura 6 dni temu
i Love
Marcia Ventura
Marcia Ventura 6 dni temu
i Love you
Leonie Adler
Leonie Adler 6 dni temu
This orange tunnel is a famous train station in Munich and I've walked it like a million times and I was so shocked when I saw it lol
digg are
digg are 6 dni temu
Pending doom. I kind of love it!☺
ZOE PUEBLA 6 dni temu
is this La Casa De Papel?
Dominique Sullivan
i dont care what anyone says alex turner is a FITTY
Pan Cl
Pan Cl 8 dni temu
811stever 8 dni temu
As Jack Black said in High Fidelity ... "It's really Fucking Good"
Walid Biya
Walid Biya 8 dni temu
Out of a Stanley Kubrick Movie
Quirkaypay 9 dni temu
Am I the only one who thinks his voice is emulating the late and amazing David Bowie? No? Just me?
ChrisOl01 8 dni temu
Look through the comments and you'll find more people saying the same thing
Omer Nidam
Omer Nidam 9 dni temu
It sounds like David Bowie style
Luciana Freires
Luciana Freires 9 dni temu
LoboGalletaGG 9 dni temu
Nebulos Quintus
Nebulos Quintus 9 dni temu
Full on The Shinning, perfect
Nebulos Quintus
Nebulos Quintus 9 dni temu
That Kubrick style is amazing
NiShYu 10 dni temu
straight from a Stanley Kubrick's.. is it shining?!
Jared San
Jared San 10 dni temu
Honestly the only good part of this song is 0:00-0:14 I don't care what you say but he should have just kept playing the piano this song is so SHIT and I huge disappointment
LittleMurlock 10 dni temu
Naba3z 10 dni temu
new sond sucks....
Kerim Druškić
Kerim Druškić 10 dni temu
Just remember we have a music video like this filmed in 2018. A song like this in 2018., surounded with complete shit. Long live Arctic Monkeys, even longer Alex Turner.
Martin Madrigal
Martin Madrigal 10 dni temu
Real music people !!!
biopsicossocial 10 dni temu
Happy new year!
Craig Dales
Craig Dales 11 dni temu
Henry Wakefield
Henry Wakefield 11 dni temu
This sounds like David Bowie
Amsheel 11 dni temu
While I'm not a fan of the album, it's still admirable and impressive that they explore different subgenres of rock. They could've easily made an another A.M style album because of its success but instead went their own way.
Spikey Mikey
Spikey Mikey 9 dni temu
I didn't like much of the new album but this song is great. I've really come to appreciate it after giving it a few listens.
Jessica Cosma Marie.
Anyone else think of Tom petty's song " you got lucky " when you hear this ? Because that's all i can think about lol
dseven6 11 dni temu
Reading all those comments below... i have to say one thing. ITS OKAY to dislike this album. IT is good, yes. But its so far away from what we, as am fans expected. So if one does not like this album, so be it. You dont have to blast a bad comment back to the stone age, or, if you are from south america, shout POSER all the time someone says anything negative about it. The last album was a masterpiece. Enough said. To follow that? To follow something that the Rolling Stone magazine called one of top 10 albums ever, oozing with sexuality and stuff? Come on ppl. Stop fucking fighting. Ppl like what they want to hear, but i feel like so many people try and try and try to like this album, and even if they dont, they will still defend it.. just so they dont become a "poser". (what ve heard and seen, a poser is oneone who liked AM for the AM ablbum and nothing else.. silly, right?) Enjoy the fucking music. If you dont, shut the hell up. This is just a band. Bands fuck up, like i think they they did, But, there are lot of ppl out there that dont agree with me. thats GOOD. If everyone liked the same music, this world would be boring.
ivan amigó ponce
ivan amigó ponce 11 dni temu
los arctic tienen muy buenas canciones, pero con este estilo no le han dado al clavo
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 11 dni temu
On a scale from "yep" to "fuck yes", I love this song fuck yes. All the comments about the album make me have to go buy it...I need some deeper listening.
coughE 0509
coughE 0509 11 dni temu
John Wick makes some good ass music damn
davebuchan81 12 dni temu
That old grey whistle test reference though. I hope these guys are recognised in their rightful place in British rock history in the time of my grandchildren. Good lads they are, I knew it as soon as I saw them on Jools Holland. They always did look, but particularly sound, good on a dancefloor...
Cecilia Sanchez
Cecilia Sanchez 12 dni temu
the Kubrick/Space Odyssey Vibes are strong with this one
Amsheel 11 dni temu
I see a lot of references to Kubrick. The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, Barry Lyndon and A Clockwork Orange.
Mauricio Brambilla
Mauricio Brambilla 12 dni temu
David bowie
Myles F
Myles F 12 dni temu
Anyone else get some Nick Cave vibes from Alex in this?
Arda Aker
Arda Aker 12 dni temu
Tabi bizim Türkler böyle güzel şarkılar varken gider saçma sapan şarkılar dinler
Vesper Larsenone
Vesper Larsenone 13 dni temu
Much alike his jet-set Shadow project... Unfortunately, mildly boring. This is however, the best song on the new Alex Turner album.
orlando gaspar reyes
Somebody from Mexico? 🙄
Wilfred Myers
Wilfred Myers 14 dni temu
Teenagers all look alike.
Andreea 14 dni temu
I didn't like this album at the beginning but I did listen to a few songs including Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino. One day, a while ago, it's like my subconscious was like sending subliminal messages to listen to the song and then I end up listening to the whole album and watching this music video and I came to the conclusion this album is a drug, gets addictive once you try it once.
Vivi Turner
Vivi Turner 15 dni temu
You are amazing ❤❤❤❤
Such an awesome video. I love the 70’s horror vibes.
GuyFerrari Boii
GuyFerrari Boii 15 dni temu
Its really good, I'd give it four stars out of five.
• L i g i a • F U C K
Adriano Ribeiro -INFINITY OPS-
Micaela Herrera
Micaela Herrera 16 dni temu
i wish i was the dog
Maybestorm 16 dni temu
tan chulos mijos
mr geheim
mr geheim 16 dni temu
Alex playing „Anyways“ on the piano at the beginning is just brilliant
jigsam88 10 dni temu
mr geheim That’s Star Treatment.
Daniel Montes
Daniel Montes 16 dni temu
I just love the beginning
Maryam Assad
Maryam Assad 17 dni temu
Isabella Cora
Isabella Cora 17 dni temu
Happy birthday alex
Fuzz cookie
Fuzz cookie 17 dni temu
Gave me The Beatles vibe. Anyone else?
Hal9000ize 16 dni temu
More of a Bowie vibe
A D 17 dni temu
Not a fan of their past music, but this album is very good and ambitious.
Gigi D.M.
Gigi D.M. 17 dni temu
i'm obsessed with this album and i know i'm definitely not the only one, but unfortunately a lot of fans brought in with AM still don't like it, and it's kinda sad to see your favorite band build all this up, but when they go in a completely new direction, they lose a lot of it...
Albert Gongora
Albert Gongora 18 dni temu
I'm so glad to see the Arctic monkeys back I love this song just like I love all their other albums they're one of the best bands I've heard of in so long that are just amazing no matter what they do when it comes to their music and sound and all the different ways they use instruments or how everything is just set up so well in their music videos are just their songs alone but not to sound disrespectful but does anybody else feel like this has a similar Vive to like hotel California but just more ominous
Aqui Em Marte
Aqui Em Marte 18 dni temu
Esse novo álbum ta muito foda!!
NarutoSY 18 dni temu
GamePlayUK 18 dni temu
first 2 minutes are awesome, baseline is amazing but song turns shit at 3:13
Winni Rudrof
Winni Rudrof 18 dni temu
In Germany this is called "Fahrstuhlmucke". Booooooooooooorrrring.........(ALL the other albums rule and I love them).
Paola Salinas Zapatta
So Kubrick
Camila Duarte Rojas
My new repeat all day song :) 8 months late!
Ronie 19 dni temu
Six out of seven
siames larga
siames larga 19 dni temu
puro puser en los comentarios no saben que este es uno de los mejores albumes de los artico monos ):V
monkeymagic436 20 dni temu
Did you buy that of tommy shelby or are you renting ? See Arthur about the snow By the order of the arctic monkeys
Alejandro vargas carvajal
Felix Paredes
Felix Paredes 20 dni temu
........... Next album more rock metal pliz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Zzzz
Shiny Heroics
Shiny Heroics 20 dni temu
Jeremy corbyn, because. Go fuck yourself. Mr frodo cunts.
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu
7 dni temu