Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? (Official Video)

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Arctic Monkeys - 'Do I Wanna Know?' from 'AM', released 2013 on Domino Recording Co.
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19 cze 2013

dominodomino recordsdomino recording coArctic MonkeysArctic Monkeys livelyricsfull albumlive sessionfluorescent adolescentfluorescent adolescent livedo i wanna know lyricsmardy bumdo i wanna knowi bet you look good on the dance floorwhy'd you only call me when you're highlive loungewhatever people say I amarctic monkeys do i wanna knowarctic monkeys do i want to knowdo i wanna know livetranquility base hotel casinofour out of five



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Official Arctic Monkeys
Official Arctic Monkeys 6 miesięcy temu
Arctic Monkeys’ new album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ is out now on Domino Record Co. Buy & listen: More from Arctic Monkeys on PLvid:
Larry Barry
Larry Barry 5 godzin temu
Dirne lied😲
Fati Paz
Fati Paz Dzień temu
hijos de re mil puta los amo
Maria Taranenko
Maria Taranenko Dzień temu
Official Arctic Monkeys tranquillity
ordinary subscriber
In a century this song will be praised and purt in the Hall Of Fame
Jaqueline Avilar
Jaqueline Avilar Minuta temu
benjamin 9 minut temu
127k people should die.
benjamin 12 minut temu
Best song to listen to while drinking
Frank Castle Is Dead
Frank Castle Is Dead 50 minut temu
I nominate this song for the ‘Panty Droppin’ Contest.’
Frank Castle Is Dead
Frank Castle Is Dead 52 minut temu
*Sexy* Arctic Monkeys.....
Trinity Godzinę temu
in originwomanAkari
in originwomanAkari 2 godzin temu
ElkaMemo FT
ElkaMemo FT 2 godzin temu
Çukurdan gelenler +1
Thora Granev
Thora Granev 3 godzin temu
Verü Löpex
Verü Löpex 3 godzin temu
Anyone else is successful with this song? xd?
MIDIT 3 godzin temu
At start of video: "I'm a wave, a white wave on a black background :D" After that: "Jokes, I'm actually a shape-shifter and am now multiple humans of the female gender with car wheels :)" Later: "now I'm the wave again, oh and now I'm a zipper, back to the wave and now some lips, oh and now Ive multiplied the waves you didn't see that did you >:)..." Towards the end: " a woman smoking going to a wa- oh but now I go back into cars and boom now I have color get trolled my friend you thought this was going to be a normal transition ahahahah >:D" Conclusion: This vid is gud at keeping me entertained and I need to get a life :(
Darwin Mateo Monroy Alba
I am from Colombia :v
Douglas Gomes
Douglas Gomes 4 godzin temu
Tem algum BR Escultando esta musica agora?
Luciana Fernandes
Luciana Fernandes 4 godzin temu
arief fakri
arief fakri 6 godzin temu
i get eargasm everytime this song is on
Kyoni 001
Kyoni 001 7 godzin temu
That One Channel I Use To Write Comments
the animation is so smooth and creative and freaky and i love it
Cacy Chastain
Cacy Chastain 9 godzin temu
Love this song👌🎶🎶🎶
-_*GüÏlhËrmË*_-Gacha Studio
Br 2018?
장영 11 godzin temu
Good song Disgusting video
zenobia decrespin
zenobia decrespin 11 godzin temu
sexy as hell
yogesh b
yogesh b 12 godzin temu
Congrats!! You've got good taste in music.
Misko Jhones
Misko Jhones 12 godzin temu
You suck dicks
Beatlesblqqd 12 godzin temu
Jeanicca Jose
Jeanicca Jose 13 godzin temu
Still my favorite
Ernest Mwangi
Ernest Mwangi 15 godzin temu
Video is always trippy as hell every time I watch it...
steveborden 13
steveborden 13 16 godzin temu
Neshu2 jajaja
gloria espinoza
gloria espinoza 16 godzin temu
Lol every time I heard the bass it feels like my phone is vibrating
Firu Gamer
Firu Gamer 17 godzin temu
violeta si esta viendo esto te quiero mucho
Altair 131
Altair 131 18 godzin temu
Stacey Arellano
Stacey Arellano 18 godzin temu
2018 ...💕
Salty Otter
Salty Otter 19 godzin temu
i feel like i should be smoking while leaning on a lonely light post with one leg bent up against the pole, at night.
Marcos Gonzalez
Marcos Gonzalez 20 godzin temu
Take a nice long road trip down route 66 while having this song on repeat.
Josiane Batista
Josiane Batista 21 godzinę temu
Just A Fake Account
Just A Fake Account 22 godzin temu
Weird flex but ok
Zaarow 19 godzin temu
stfu white nigga
Guts Over Fear
Guts Over Fear 22 godzin temu
Baby, we both know That the nights were mainly made For sayin' things that you can’t say tomorrow day ...
Alexander Cameron
Alexander Cameron 23 godzin temu
Ive gotten laid to this song more times than I can remember. Thank you, AM!
Gamer Buddy
Gamer Buddy 23 godzin temu
3.9 million fookin' likes
Hunter 805
Hunter 805 Dzień temu
Everyone is a target 🎯 😈
Seven Urrutia
Seven Urrutia Dzień temu
Never thought I would ever relate to this song so much at this point in my life.
THE MINX Dzień temu
Jonathan Delgado
Jonathan Delgado 22 godzin temu
Jonathan Delgado
Jonathan Delgado 22 godzin temu
Adriano Bernardes
Adriano Bernardes Dzień temu
O clip é genial
sia hong
sia hong Dzień temu
Roberto Montero
Roberto Montero Dzień temu
The visuals and the music go so well together☇★
emanuel batista garcia
ExtremePlayer28 Dzień temu
The crew brought me here
eduardo andres toledo morales
te fumaste algo?
wait art
wait art Dzień temu
i need to listen more songs like this. Any suggestion of songs or artists?🤔
PaulosK Dzień temu
I just did this wave shit in physics class
모데고인 Dzień temu
It doesn't matter when we're listening to this. The point is, we're going to hear this song forever.
zef Dzień temu
For real tho teddy picker>>>> do I wanna know
9utku9 Dzień temu
2500 ???
Raphaël Grand
Raphaël Grand Dzień temu
Crawling back to you
maria mi
maria mi Dzień temu
*orgasms joined the chat*
Toadboydude Dzień temu
Dang, still a awesome song almost 6 years later
Chicken Nugget G. Olive oil
This song is a pure masterpiece But please, Fuck off with the years please. Everyone has a fucking calendar and you are just announcing years in music videos when you can announce what the year is to other youtube videos titled "what year is it?" Like ffs this is a music video not a fucking calendar.
Faudy Hamka
Faudy Hamka Dzień temu
yeah bitch that was called Amplitude Modulation!!!
Thiago Motta
Thiago Motta Dzień temu
Liza Adelia
Liza Adelia Dzień temu
Mantap 👌
Tyan Cherepuschak
Tyan Cherepuschak Dzień temu
10th of November 2018 still one of my favourite songs
Lili Lopes
Lili Lopes Dzień temu
Aôô Goiânia
Joel Dp
Joel Dp Dzień temu
_Más información_
jams mamo
jams mamo Dzień temu
im not being biased but my first love in music was only disney songs . now it's kpop but i love Arctic monkeys and twenty-one pilots and panic at the disco . people claim im emo because i like them and i wear black am i emo?
Jordan Marufu
Jordan Marufu Dzień temu
Do YOU wanna know?
Walter White
Walter White Dzień temu
This song makes me want to go to war.
los aventureros XD
los aventureros XD Dzień temu
your are the best singer...
los aventureros XD
los aventureros XD Dzień temu
yours song so are good
Arkeneum Noah
Arkeneum Noah Dzień temu
i thougn that this is gorillaz song for quite a while.........
Kloe Jade
Kloe Jade Dzień temu
Jimi Dzień temu
KyLo ReN
KyLo ReN Dzień temu
MagheenTDM Dzień temu
so relaxing.. still in 2018 of November
Diclonius Dzień temu
your mom gay
Acelmo Dzień temu
My favourite shitting song
Nino Maricic
Nino Maricic Dzień temu
Fatima Castillo
Fatima Castillo Dzień temu
lebas al al america
Fatima Castillo
Fatima Castillo Dzień temu
me conoses
Fatima Castillo
Fatima Castillo Dzień temu
esta chida
vale 17
vale 17 2 dni temu
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 2 dni temu
I love this song
Random dude on the internet
Heart still closed
Joshua O' Brien
Joshua O' Brien 2 dni temu
This should be the intro to the next James Bond
Dibli Goost
Dibli Goost 2 dni temu
This song speaks to me on so many levels, reminds me of a really shitty relationship I had where i was basically used. I was blinded by the idea that maybe she felt the same way as I did
Flavio Tulio
Flavio Tulio 2 dni temu
Brerebebeum bem bebeum beberereum berererebem
i'm gonna snatch your weave
"Too busy being yours to fall for somebody new"😩💗💗💗
Santiago Osuna
Santiago Osuna 2 dni temu
I always walk to the beat of this song lol
Chris Donegan
Chris Donegan 9 godzin temu
Santiago Osuna I first listened to this while walking through the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. I was marching like a boss. Whenever I hear it, I am transported to that moment. What a fucking smasher track this is. If this song was a girl I would fuck the stockings off of it.
Ahmed Irufan
Ahmed Irufan Dzień temu
You must be one slow guy..
Shadelyn Renee
Shadelyn Renee 2 dni temu
Whoever drew all this was either very, very, very dirty minded. Or very, very, very dirty minded and creative.
Eudes Oliveira Nogueira
Música muito da hora 😍
Darkness Gamer
Darkness Gamer 2 dni temu
monos frios....
Heidy Seidy Moreno Meza
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Godó music
Shane Foley
Shane Foley 2 dni temu
Have you got colour in your cheeks? Do you ever get that fear that you can't shift The type that sticks around like summat in your teeth? Are there some aces up your sleeve? Have you no idea that you're in deep? I dreamt about you nearly every night this week How many secrets can you keep? 'Cause there's this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat Until I fall asleep Spilling drinks on my settee (Do I wanna know?) If this feeling flows both ways? (Sad to see you go) Was sort of hoping that you'd stay (Baby, we both know) That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day Crawling back to you Ever thought of calling when you've had a few? 'Cause I always do Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new Now I've thought it through Crawling back to you So have you got the guts? Been wondering if your heart's still open and if so I wanna know what time it shuts Simmer down and pucker up I'm sorry to interrupt. It's just I'm constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you I don't know if you feel the same as I do But we could be together if you wanted to (Do I wanna know?) If this feeling flows both ways? (Sad to see you go) Was sort of hoping that you'd stay (Baby, we both know) That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day Crawling back to you (crawling back to you) Ever thought of calling when you've had a few? (you've had a few) 'Cause I always do ('cause I always do) Maybe I'm too (maybe I'm too busy) busy being yours to fall for somebody new Now I've thought it through Crawling back to you (Do I wanna know?) If this feeling flows both ways? (Sad to see you go) Was sort of hoping that you'd stay (Baby, we both know) That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day (Do I wanna know?) Too busy being yours to fall (Sad to see you go) Ever thought of calling darling? (Do I wanna know?) Do you want me crawling back to you?
jorshua daniel perez camacho
~the best song~
Jerry Slo
Jerry Slo 2 dni temu
lp jernej
Ironman Redefined
Best music video On 1 string xD
Nugget64 2 dni temu
So. Fucking. Good.
Joshua Harris
Joshua Harris 2 dni temu
Harry your dead like ya stupid brother. Come lier
user unknown
user unknown 2 dni temu
my crush showed me this, and now when ever i hear this song, i think of him.
pekka kinnunen
pekka kinnunen 2 dni temu
Peaky blinders, the best show ever, dont dare to disagree