3 Disturbing True Mall Horror Stories

Mr. Nightmare
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These are three allegedly true horror stories that took place in shopping malls.
Story 1 : u/MallPatrol722
Story 2 : James Pinto
Story 3 : Joe Epstein
If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email:
Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.




20 lip 2018

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Komentarze 11 524
MrAlez5 Godzinę temu
1:15 Darth Maul?
MikeOaht 2 godzin temu
Omfg I screamed sooo loud at 3:58 Best jumpscare I’ve had in a while
Dill An Clean Bowl
Dill An Clean Bowl 3 godzin temu
The last story is literally The Smiling Man Part 2😱😂😂
chimtaekook 7
chimtaekook 7 4 godzin temu
I have a horror story... I GO BACK TO SCHOOL IN 8 DAYS😵😭
That toilet flush😭😭
ryobunkdie95 8 godzin temu
Shit . Why do you have to put the image and that background music
HeyIts_ Kay
HeyIts_ Kay 9 godzin temu
I have a scary story One time at the mall I was locked in Forever 21 and my friend had to get security.
zanechaos 9 godzin temu
@ 3:56 the image 😰😰😰 and the line about being on the toilet 🤣🤣🤣
Not Important
Not Important 9 godzin temu
That sneaky jumpscare made me flinch.
Noah Bush
Noah Bush 20 godzin temu
Anyone else notice that at 1:23 there is Darth Mauls head?
Jesus Paz
Jesus Paz 23 godzin temu
I have a super scary story. I start school in August 23rd
I hate in story he says “Acren” ITS ACK RON AKA AKRON. I know this because I visited Akron a few times
OvO Sandusky
OvO Sandusky Dzień temu
I eat mad xani bars while watching these
elite126 arbiter
elite126 arbiter Dzień temu
Weird Propositions
Weird Propositions Dzień temu
3:55 is my least favorite picture on earth!!!!
M4rshM4il0 420
M4rshM4il0 420 Dzień temu
Wearing a face mask, but a punch to the face????????
florence dieperink
florence dieperink Dzień temu
6:10 bitch was farting
Deadpool Dzień temu
Story 3 was like The Smiling Man
Mesocruel gaming
Mesocruel gaming Dzień temu
I have a scary story In grade 4 I was playing Kingdom Hearts and I heard tapping on the window behind me I opened th curtains but nothing was there so I closed the curtains and it kept happening but nothing was ever there or near there and my room was on the top floor tell me what you think it is.
Gabriel Arizmendi
Gabriel Arizmendi Dzień temu
Now what's more scary than these? Farting in a crowded elevator.
Mesocruel gaming
Mesocruel gaming Dzień temu
Who else watched Mr.Nightmare before 1 million
Francisco Carrera
Francisco Carrera Dzień temu
3:58 just cuz of that I dont trust mr nightmare full screen
ItsDarthVader 01
ItsDarthVader 01 Dzień temu
Story 2 you said was in Ohio, you also said your friends name was jake, jake Paul is from Ohio, is your friend Jake Paul?
ClarkeGames Dzień temu
Guess what? Egg and snot
ClarkeGames Dzień temu
Jake is my g
What no way
What no way Dzień temu
3:54 that face tho
Psycho Ninja
Psycho Ninja Dzień temu
Paul Blart is a busy man.
Sarah R Cloud
Sarah R Cloud Dzień temu
1st story, I would have thrown up on myself, especially when the stall was empty.
Alex Dayes
Alex Dayes Dzień temu
Im hiding in the comments..
Fyah Rucker
Fyah Rucker Dzień temu
Potato Dzień temu
Holy fuck Jake is such a legend :O
PieWickedDie Lie
PieWickedDie Lie Dzień temu
i got a scary story... my mom added me on twitter and instagram
5,000 Subscribers With No Videos
Wow really you shake his hand for saving your life you’re an idiot you should’ve given him a squeezing hug
5,000 Subscribers With No Videos
Story 2 btw
Black Hearts
Black Hearts Dzień temu
1:22 far right mid screen wtf😂😂
Super Sad Summer
Super Sad Summer Dzień temu
BellaisAWsOmE1000 Dzień temu
Please do more!! These are amazing
Hank Time
Hank Time Dzień temu
I am from Akron
Hank Time
Hank Time Dzień temu
Omg I have been to rolling acres mall
Ramon  Lopez
Ramon Lopez 2 dni temu
I like pears shout out to the other pears
private LTZ
private LTZ 2 dni temu
CrispyBacon 2 dni temu
Deadsouler the evilest
1:27 is that Darth maul lol
Melissa Storey
Melissa Storey 2 dni temu
crazy 1st story
Octo Pie
Octo Pie 2 dni temu
I think I’ll just get my stuff online...
Annalisa Poole
Annalisa Poole 2 dni temu
I have an idea: How about PLvid Horror Stories? : D
IcyisSpicy 2 dni temu
3:34 The person was probably recording an asmr video
michaela bronsch
michaela bronsch 2 dni temu
This one has definitely gotta be my favourite Read more
Lollipop Msp
Lollipop Msp 2 dni temu
Jesus you have a really unlucky life
RedKeyMonkey Gaming
Alexis Monge
Alexis Monge 2 dni temu
Did anyone else get a porn ad?😂
FadeSkywards 2 dni temu
3:50 That was unneccessary.
Rebecca Writes
Rebecca Writes 2 dni temu
I Have A Scary Story I'm Starting Middle School
I Like Pie
I Like Pie 2 dni temu
Look at Darth Maul to the right at 1:35
llma in hats
llma in hats 2 dni temu
Samsung galaxy ad no
Clorpy 2 dni temu
Do people really get scared to the point that they need to look in the comments for comfort?
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis 2 dni temu
1.5 mill you cant stop now your just getting started 😈
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 2 dni temu
Mr nightmare ur stories are really scary and I love to watch it but for some reasons I doubt whether they r true or fake
Its_Gabby Miller
Its_Gabby Miller 2 dni temu
8:46 you got M&Ms ?
Tricia Lee
Tricia Lee 3 dni temu
Mr.nightmare? Can you make the stories more scary than your usually stories plssssssssssssssss
Stephen Ceja
Stephen Ceja 3 dni temu
kinda wanna become a mall security guard
RonBurgundy 3 dni temu
Jake is a fucking god
Ace 42
Ace 42 3 dni temu
11:35 you said it wasnt a knock
Oisin Finnan
Oisin Finnan 3 dni temu
3:54 -mom said it's my turn on the xbox
OW Videos
OW Videos 3 dni temu
4:40 i’m so upset he pronounced akron wrong, i live here 😂
Shark Demarco
Shark Demarco 3 dni temu
3:45 you got me
Landon,s toy review
do garage stories
Frații Bîrzu!
Frații Bîrzu! 3 dni temu
#2 Story:The bang sound was very similar to the meme "BANG BANG BANG,FBI open up":))))
Frații Bîrzu!
Frații Bîrzu! 3 dni temu
#1 story:Imagine if the man standing there was like:"YO man do you have some toilet paper 'cuz i really need some" :))))
Bambam12605 3 dni temu
When jake came out of the darkness to punch him who else saw in there head them on a wall or darkness and jake coming out of it and one punch knock out him
6:38 -Tyler Joseph?-
Taylor Watts
Taylor Watts 3 dni temu
Scariest part is man standing over the stall
Taylor Watts
Taylor Watts 3 dni temu
3:15 beware headphone users
Iceii 3 dni temu
Lmao I loved the photo of the guy above the stall I was laughing so hard 😂
DOGE !!!!
DOGE !!!! 3 dni temu
Jasmine F
Jasmine F 3 dni temu
Me lol
DOGE !!!!
DOGE !!!! 3 dni temu
LÏL J 3 dni temu
Whos Watching at 3AM? 😂
bryan Hernandez
bryan Hernandez 3 dni temu
Wow these stories gave me the chills. Also holy hell this video has alot of commercials.
Des 3 dni temu
Anoushka Biava
Anoushka Biava 3 dni temu
Lizzie The Alien
Lizzie The Alien 3 dni temu
Hey I see you hiding down here hiding in the comments section!
Tarbot 4 dni temu
That's one amazing friend dude
your cool, im cool lets all be cool!!!
Ew...but ew in a *i think this is creepy* kinda way.
Transformers _ Quotes
1:30 on the right XD
bunnygrl 31
bunnygrl 31 4 dni temu
i have a scary story Read more
Jasmine F
Jasmine F 3 dni temu
Axel Veleta
Axel Veleta 4 dni temu
anyone see darth maul
Håvard Knudsen
Håvard Knudsen 4 dni temu
Mall horror stories ...lost my mom
Lexie Perez-Hadley
“ listening to my car radio “. 😏tøp
WTF Cooking
WTF Cooking 4 dni temu
Logan Paul was on the magazine cover in story 3
ColesKollexion 4 dni temu
Its thundering and raining and wathching this vid challenge accepted!
Christina Komitski
I have a traumatic experience... Boneless water
Sam Gibson
Sam Gibson 4 dni temu
1:16 I saw that on the right side of the screen
Vincent Loree
Vincent Loree 4 dni temu
At 3:58 ayy I need some toilet paper
Vincent Loree
Vincent Loree 2 dni temu
Jasmine F
Jasmine F 3 dni temu
Lol that scared the Shit out of me
dee mullally
dee mullally 4 dni temu
In story 3 he / she did the one thing that you should never do turn your back to a creepy man or woman
Bri Love
Bri Love 4 dni temu
Drew Groeling-Stanford
Theory time! In the plad shirt wearing man in story 3 is the dancing smiling man from an old video of Mr Nightmare's. They both look up, and they both smiled in an insane way. So, what do you guys think?
Izbeal W
Izbeal W 4 dni temu
I didn't know the Khan academy guy had a side job on youtube?
Alexander Hall
Alexander Hall 4 dni temu
Do a 3 scary text messages
Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans 4 dni temu
when you get scared at 0:02
Madi Garcia
Madi Garcia 5 dni temu
And once again I am watching these at night
cookiez n gelato
cookiez n gelato 5 dni temu
You should do whore horror storiez