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It looks like if I’m going to want to tackle this resin trend, I’m going to need to invest in some new craft tools. It’s definitely a specialized craft that will require a few new things. Here’s what I’m considering.
Resin - Shocker! You need some resin to make a resin craft. There are different types for different applications, so if you start a project, make sure you get the right stuff!
Heat Gun or Butane Torch - They help get rid of bubbles. I also saw one tutorial that used a lamp placed directly over the project so that it was getting some heat from the light bulb.
Dremel Multi Tool - I saw the Dremel multi tool used for a couple of different purposes. It was used to sand and polish the resin to get that glossy shine. It was also used as a drill in some of the jewelry tutorials I found so that the chain could be added to the pendant.
Packing Tape - I was surprised to see packing tape included in many of the smaller scale projects that I found. It helps to keep your piece from moving around and stops the resin from pouring out of the bottom/sides of your project.
Straws - This is another odd ball thing to use, but many of the tutorials called for using a straw to blow out the bubbles that might be in the project.

0:59 Chop some wood
1:48 Beautiful pendant
4:01 2018 Celebration
6:32 Clay candle coaster
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5 paź 2018

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You don't say meme lol
I am scrolling down and no one has any dislikes This is Donald Trump 🙋 I dislike= 1 slap in the face
You don't say meme lol
This is Sally 🙇 She is shy and has no friends 1 like = 1 friend
Kierrah Slaton
Kierrah Slaton Godzinę temu
U didn't show us most of the tools we needed and what they we're called?
EpicPlays999 Godzinę temu
3:42 man you’re just wasting good eggs...
GAMER 360 MISTERIOSO Godzinę temu
Que ta asiendo
The Dolphin Artist
The Dolphin Artist 2 godzin temu
One the first one would the plants die ❓🤔
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Bshura. G 2 godzin temu
Laura Andrea Cordero Sánchez 15
Los que ven Ideas en 5 minutos hay hay que hacer las cosas aunque duelan
Nature_ Drag0n
Nature_ Drag0n 3 godzin temu
If the title said resin crafts... why are most of them cement??
Puzins_ rocks 2
Puzins_ rocks 2 3 godzin temu
Tf u just covered that poor fox just because it isn’t a real animal doesn’t mean u can do that #stopanimalabuse #stopstuffedanimalabuse
Chantal.M 4 godzin temu
Did anyone else see how perfectly they cut at 9:00
GlossyFier 4 godzin temu
7:57 "E"!!!
Ana Iasabel Rodriges
Ana Iasabel Rodriges 4 godzin temu
Me puedes desir q es eso trasparente q le echabas a las cositas 😁
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Mirjeta Haxhija 4 godzin temu
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Krysanthe Anand 5 godzin temu
Poor foxy living in cement is not he should live One like = one life for foxy
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Sabrina Castillo 5 godzin temu
Que es lo que pusiste para la pulsera
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Cosmic Kitten 6 godzin temu
I'm addicted to this channel
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Where do you get the little rubber ring to make the bracelet?
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Hareem Imran 7 godzin temu
0:50 was amazing 😍😍😍😍😍
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José María Sedda 7 godzin temu
que tonta todos tus inventos son porta cosas se mas creativa
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I good
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Pae Suksaran 8 godzin temu
sushma kumari
sushma kumari 8 godzin temu
I like if you creat ghost ideas please please please
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Reyzis_Teens :3 8 godzin temu
6:45 granny is back
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10:56 super
Herminio Victor Santander
محمود الخيكاني
الي في الأول المتوسط يدوس لايك
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Mari w 11 godzin temu
It's all fun and inspiring until YOU PUT THAT FOX PLUSHIE LIKE OMG
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+Hamza Lodayna او سيمة بيضاء
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حنا في الجزائر نسميه جبس
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Denis Talip 12 godzin temu
Gaby_ ARMY
Gaby_ ARMY 12 godzin temu
4:52 bye fluffy fox 😭😭😭😭😭
Itismita Parida
Itismita Parida 12 godzin temu
Loved ur creativity so much. I am very inspired.
Gaming Rocks
Gaming Rocks 12 godzin temu
Name of channel is 5 min crafts but the length of video is
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Ta Là Gió 12 godzin temu
Cỏ này ở quê t mọc đầy.
هيام زكريا
هيام زكريا 13 godzin temu
شو هيدي الماده
Raimboombox 14 godzin temu
it's called resin ideas I'm not even halfway through and now we're on cement
Green Phone
Green Phone 14 godzin temu
ผมรักคุน = I Love You ขอดุหี = Song Do Hee
Green Phone
Green Phone 15 godzin temu
FascoGT 15 godzin temu
Don’t read more! I warned you Why are you still reading!? you want to know when it’s over? Too bad, It won’t be Or will it.... 3 2 1 Jk, haha, Tricked ya Or did I..... Congrats!💖🏅🎉🎊 Leave a like😇
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I like her
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Denujan Anuranjan 15 godzin temu
after watching my kids damaged 60% of kitchen utensils
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Raysulislam Nayeem 15 godzin temu
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Heena Ansari 16 godzin temu
very very nice
Marley Akela Celedonio
Marley Akela Celedonio 16 godzin temu
1:35 wuts dat thing for? No offense just asking :3
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Melina Hollway 17 godzin temu
Ok let me go get cement laying somewhere in my closet
Sir zoom a lot Alot
Sir zoom a lot Alot 16 godzin temu
Melina Hollway lol
София Кубасова
Кто русский ставить лайк
Ripon's Journey
Ripon's Journey 17 godzin temu
These are so amazing and creative.
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Ivan Pacana 18 godzin temu
Where can we buy that resin? Please reply thank you😃😀😄
keepingitchloe YT channel
Amazing rEsIn IdEaS Showing concrete s*** than resin. -_-?
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Chioy Liang 18 godzin temu
Le doy 100000 estar
Chioy Liang
Chioy Liang 18 godzin temu
Me encanta
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Why fox why
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Jeanette Watson 18 godzin temu
Use the code QRVFSQG on the Wish app to get 50% off and Free shipping!!
Kaitlyn Welch
Kaitlyn Welch 18 godzin temu
I like how it says resin crafts but most of the video was for concrete or clay
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Jack Phillips 20 godzin temu
In the short clip of someone putting on the heart earing, all I have to say is............ WOW UR HOT!!!!!!
Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips 20 godzin temu
I meant dared
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Jack Phillips 20 godzin temu
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Super Muffin 20 godzin temu
Fox plush got looked at medusa's eyes and turned into stone
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Noelia Orozco
Noelia Orozco Dzień temu
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I like ur channel exept I can never tell wat vids I watched and I didn't because u keep doing the same hacks
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😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 R.i.p We Miss You We Love You😭😭
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Marcie Luhman Dzień temu
Love this video even though I did not do any of them
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They murdered a fox, misnamed the title of the vid and left people annoyed Like if u agree with me
Angelyn Guinabo
Angelyn Guinabo 2 godzin temu
its not a real fox lol hhahah
Yamila Lopez
Yamila Lopez Dzień temu
Yamila Lopez
Yamila Lopez Dzień temu
Shahla Shoeb
Shahla Shoeb Dzień temu
Main video dakhi per try nahi kary😔😔😔
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Nagyon jók a videóid.your video is very good
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Sara Hunter Dzień temu
Loved the video, But why would ya randomly have cement?
itsVollx Dzień temu
went from creative minecraft to creative.. stuff in real life
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Оля Грицюта
Підписуйтесь на канал Фича любителя печенек він початковий блогер йому потрібна ваша допомога!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Alex_ Vlogs Dzień temu
Why is this channel called 5-minute crafts if on some of your crafts it’s like 20 minutes or an hour.😂
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Rip the fox.... but the ideas are very cool😎
Dieguito el pro 0102
Sultana Begum
Sultana Begum Dzień temu
Sophia Dove
Sophia Dove Dzień temu
"Resin Hacks" ANd all we saw after two hacks was just cement?
PiłkarskiGammer PL
Kto jest z polski
nouhaila elh
nouhaila elh Dzień temu
Kırtasiye Malzemelerim
GᗩᗰIᑎG ᗯITᕼ ᖴO᙭I ᖴO᙭
Please reply: Can you put food coloring in the cement?
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Ravindra Kumar Dzień temu
Cool 😎
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Ghanashyam Mahato Dzień temu
Nice. Veido
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I don't get the materials
sarmistha bhattacharjee
+Wo Lf I also liked the vid But
Wo Lf
Wo Lf Dzień temu
But I liked the vid
Wo Lf
Wo Lf Dzień temu
Влад Ксенія
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Uh... does cement count as resin too?
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From where we get that gel???wats the name for it???
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눈꽃소녀[매력 뿜뿜]
2:10 하다가 흘려서 실페했어욤 ㅠㅠ
Juliane Granger-Demers
Yeah.. More like "25 simple CEMENT crafts" video