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Summer season is the ultimate time to fill up your organism with vitamines and other useful substances. But first let's find out how to cut the fruits quickly and correctly.
If you forgot a knife for your picnic and don't know how to cut a watermelon, don't worry. Just take a thread or even better - a dental floss and cut the pulp from the down side first and later divide it into several equal slices as many as you need in a vertical movements.
Great way to debone cherries especially if you will feed them to an infant is following. Take a glass bottle with a narrow neck, put a cherry on top one by one and then press on it with a wooden stick. Chopsticks will work just as good.
Simply genius and incredibly easy way to peel off kiwis - cut a kiwi in half, take a mixer whisk, insert it right in the kiwi and turn around. You’ll get 4 neat slices without any traces of kiwi peel, which is notorious for the tongue irritation.
Here’s how to cut a pomegranate in the best way possible. Cut out an upper part of the pomegranate’s skin in a circle or a pentagon. Take it out and then you’ll see the lines where you need to cut in order to take off the seeds properly.
This video is all about the watermelon! My favorite summer treat. It's so beneficial for our kidneys and liver. In a nutshell, watermelon is the best detox berry possible! And we had so much fun shooting these hacks, I can't wait for you to see it! And of course try them out at your open air summer parties! ; )
If you're into exotic stuff, you're definitely gonna like this one. I call it ' Colamelon '. Take 2 bottles of Coca-Cola, take off the lid and cut out 2 holes in the watermelon in the form of these lids. Now take out these slices and put Coke bottles upside down, so that the liquid poured down into a pulp. Cut as usual. Your Colamelon is ready to be eaten!
The most fun hack of all is watermelon bomb. I bet you only saw such explosions in action movies! Now you can do it yourself! All you need is a big watermelon, 230 rubber bands and your BFF. Dress up the watermelon in the rubber bands together with your friend. Be careful after 210th round it may expload unexpectedly! ; )

0:16 Cola watermelon
0:58 Watermelon cake
1:52 Big bang
3:27 How to cut a pineapple
6:06 Flat champagne?
8:28 Genius way to peel off potatoes
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4 sie 2018

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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 4 miesięcy temu
If your children do not like fruit, then the idea at 5:35 will help them love it! After all, such figurines will definitely cause them interest and appetite ;) Do you like fruits? Which one did you eat today?
Ty_Gamjng 19 dni temu
peashooter 3 miesięcy temu
Looks delish
Michael Panique
Michael Panique 3 miesięcy temu
Kopie115 3 miesięcy temu
I like fruit, And This: 5:35 Is not good
Miss Warrior!!!
Miss Warrior!!! 3 miesięcy temu
Fruit cup and watermelon
Kaylan Crawford
Kaylan Crawford 4 godzin temu
I don’t see my BLUE WATERMELON 😰
Donovan De La Cerda
Donovan De La Cerda 10 godzin temu
3: 14: they are using products, calling it a hack, then not giving credit for whoever made it!🤦‍♀️
Donovan De La Cerda
Donovan De La Cerda 10 godzin temu
bayu aliyanto
bayu aliyanto 22 godzin temu
kenapa itu orang nya lagi marah kenapa sih aku gak tahu itu kenapa ya aku di gitun sama orang nya yang lagi marah tuh
bayu aliyanto
bayu aliyanto 22 godzin temu
aku suka alat yang di gunakan pada sama yang orang yang bisa beli yang begitu tapi selalu di tipu sama orang nya😀😀😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😈😈😈😆😆😆😤😤😠😠😬😡😢😢😢😢😢😢
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Lil Pump
Lil Pump Dzień temu
There's no blue watermelon for the peeps who came here for it
Karron B
Karron B 2 dni temu
they got they helmets on their heads but I got a watermelon instead
Muppet Baby 2018
Muppet Baby 2018 4 dni temu
Nakicia Kitchen
Nakicia Kitchen 4 dni temu
Go subscribe to my PLvid
Tuğhan Büyükişler
Yuh aranızdan 2 türk bilemi yok yuh ya
Daily Cringe!
Daily Cringe! 4 dni temu
Who likes this channel more than troom troom
love kumar
love kumar 4 dni temu
Jemalyn Calvez
Jemalyn Calvez 5 dni temu
Shayla Hense
Shayla Hense 5 dni temu
SERIOUSLY whats the point of 2:26 to 3:07 it like a russian doll watermelon NO SENSE
MH TV 5 dni temu
Oh i things it
Gaguk Tripastia
Gaguk Tripastia 5 dni temu
Good night
Janine Tansengco
Janine Tansengco 6 dni temu
Jalyn Smith
Jalyn Smith 6 dni temu
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Rhoda Roxas
Rhoda Roxas 7 dni temu
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Rhoda Roxas
Rhoda Roxas 7 dni temu
I love it
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wifi study
wifi study 10 dni temu
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The dankest Dankmotions
"Invaluable," means something that's not valuable.Thus, these "life hacks" are not valuable.
dIabl9 233 xcc
dIabl9 233 xcc 11 dni temu
geniiiia l
H L 11 dni temu
I know your a good channel and all but do you seriously expect no one to do them like the lemon squirter
DragonSlrTV 11 dni temu
6:20 they havent realized that you will catch aids from that
DragonSlrTV 11 dni temu
All the comments are just *BLUE WATERMELON*
Marinos Xaralampidis
she not drink at 6:12
Brodie Deremo
Brodie Deremo 12 dni temu
This lady has alot of water malone
ZergiePlayz 12 dni temu
How are these invaluable? I feel like I wouldn’t be saving money by doing any of these hacks, I would just lose money
esther wang
esther wang 12 dni temu
Also most of these aren’t even life hacks they’re just gadgets and tools from companies
Ashley Catalfamo
Ashley Catalfamo 12 dni temu
I HATE YOU 5-min craft
Al Monge
Al Monge 12 dni temu
This is so useless, why would somebody want to put a bunch of rubber bands around a watermelon to make it explode?? OMG , what a good hack!! NO.
Jistem Gt
Jistem Gt 12 dni temu
In 6:15 They both didnt drink
Kittima Pholap
Kittima Pholap 12 dni temu
I comfom thilan
Kittima Pholap
Kittima Pholap 12 dni temu
THETMR Gamer 12 dni temu
Tamás Gáspár
Tamás Gáspár 12 dni temu
Goosebumps Boi
Goosebumps Boi 13 dni temu
Click bait
Your mums A toaster
What was the coke for
Joan Mayodelaluz
Joan Mayodelaluz 13 dni temu
Allot of these "hacks" are from funny me now
William Sun
William Sun 13 dni temu
"*ItEm AdVErTisemEnT*"
JellyAnimations428 13 dni temu
Roses are red 5-Minute Crafts Isn’t True We All got Click baited By a watermelon that’s blue
Gæ Boi
Gæ Boi 13 dni temu
N o n e o f t h e s e m a k e s e n s e
Adelyn Bagley
Adelyn Bagley 13 dni temu
Your a jinus
Adelyn Bagley
Adelyn Bagley 13 dni temu
I love your blog☺
Fã Clube Da Eli
Fã Clube Da Eli 13 dni temu
Ninja Hyper
Ninja Hyper 13 dni temu
3:27 what is that song
king roblox time
king roblox time 13 dni temu
This vid shoud of beeen watermelon life hacks
ThaCHUBBmonster 13 dni temu
Most of these were just gadgets not hacks
LJTheJackson Felliani
1.Came here for BLUE watermelon and gave me yellow watermelon 🍉+🍋 2.We're do you get yellow watermelon
Romain Baroni
Romain Baroni 13 dni temu
Super chaîne likez si vous êtes français
tha Ownage
tha Ownage 13 dni temu
Smite Night
Smite Night 13 dni temu
The way to make blue watermelon is you get a watermelon poke a hole in it and squeeze a bunch of food dye in it and it will go into the watermelon and then you enjoy 😉
Lapo Riccardi
Lapo Riccardi 13 dni temu
Nice clickbait
iNerge _
iNerge _ 13 dni temu
Who else came for the blue watermelon?
Charlie Dunn
Charlie Dunn 13 dni temu
Were is the blue watermelon
cazura zaidi
cazura zaidi 13 dni temu
i got a life hack life hack: step 1 cut the watermelon step 2 eat it there you have it
1k subscribers and I’ll make vids
2:02 isn’t this supposed to be a life hacks videos Aren’t life hack supposed to be helpful not make a bigger mess
Nick oney
Nick oney 14 dni temu
Some of dose are tools and hacks
Angel Jr. Casio
Angel Jr. Casio 14 dni temu
Is that the ancient blue water melon of clickbait
jeux gamers
jeux gamers 14 dni temu
Fireball 4415
Fireball 4415 14 dni temu
Nice clickbait I came here for blue watermelon
Jad Jado
Jad Jado 7 dni temu
Me too
Lewis Presland
Lewis Presland 13 dni temu
Agreed they should make clickbaiting merch
Wild Side
Wild Side 14 dni temu
I want a blue watermelon so bad!! :(
Adam Hamori
Adam Hamori 14 dni temu
Edulathor 14 dni temu
A yellow watermelon?
Snow Mobile
Snow Mobile 15 dni temu
Jayce Townsley
Jayce Townsley 15 dni temu
What a coincidence 42M subscribers And 42M people watched it Never saw that in my life
Jayce Townsley
Jayce Townsley 6 dni temu
Jayce Townsley
Jayce Townsley 6 dni temu
Nicole 6 dni temu
43 million subs. ;)
JupiterKnight 13 dni temu
Lol. It still does.
ellite slav
ellite slav 15 dni temu
They did the elastic band and what does that have to do if the video says 25watermelon kitchen life hacks
Deppresso 16 dni temu
How are you gonna test results: from watching 5 min crafts and troom troom
Eimear patricia rose
omg those are definitely wish products
Eimear patricia rose
yeah where is the blue watermelon
امير الظلام
Pitterswag Gamer
Pitterswag Gamer 17 dni temu
Does anyone actually do this or do they just watch these videos for fun?
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 18 dni temu
Like it this for adults I no care
Maximum Mars
Maximum Mars 19 dni temu
Like if Robby needs to do this 👍
Harun Bjelic
Harun Bjelic 19 dni temu
Najveći si kralj💪💪💪💪💪💪
Jeffrey Bell
Jeffrey Bell 20 dni temu
Yellow watermelon?
Soup Studios
Soup Studios 20 dni temu
lol the 4 bladed scissors “life hack” isnt one. i have those scissors
KaiqueDoPubg 20 dni temu
6:22 o ovo tava quebrado claro que iria acontecer aquilo
Bünyamin Şanlı
Bünyamin Şanlı 20 dni temu
türkler +1
ஐOpalshine Starlightஐ
Paul Thurston
Paul Thurston 21 dzień temu
Copy cats no one will like your 5 minutes can’t
Retro Wilson
Retro Wilson 21 dzień temu
Click bait
AlanTheOg 21 dzień temu
there is no such thing as a blue watermelon
Aymen Atta
Aymen Atta 21 dzień temu
Aymen Atta
Aymen Atta 21 dzień temu
So. Cool
Aymen Atta
Aymen Atta 21 dzień temu
Aymen Atta
Aymen Atta 21 dzień temu
I love your craft
the c.o.d god
the c.o.d god 21 dzień temu
parellel løve
parellel løve 22 dni temu
2:12 such a good invaluable kitchen “hack”🤢😴😴
Paisajes de México
Dark Killers
Dark Killers 22 dni temu
Matt Senior
Matt Senior 22 dni temu
3:16 that not a water melon
divya Saini
divya Saini 23 dni temu
Tumhare yaha water melon ke khet hai Kya kitne water melon west kar diye
AnnaMaria Raucci
AnnaMaria Raucci 23 dni temu
Sana Khan
Sana Khan 23 dni temu
the flash
the flash 24 dni temu
Sick crafting
Никита З
Никита З 24 dni temu
40 000 000 Subscribes !!!!!!
Hi I'm Poppy Oh
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