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Check out the coolest pen and pencil hacks!I'll show you how to draw prospective without a ruler, make pencil compass, rubber, multiple pen, tape dispencer, tape marker, rubber band bookmark, pencil sharpener from Tic tac box, slime organizer and many more helpful stationery hacks! :)
You'll also find out how to make awesome pencil and pen case from plastic bottle and super handy desk organizer!
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13 maj 2018

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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 2 miesięcy temu
Hey guys! Don't forget to share with your favorite hack in the comments! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! :) XOXOXO Thank you for so much love on this video
Beverly Reyes
Beverly Reyes 2 miesięcy temu
Rodion Valeev up
BTS X Me 2 miesięcy temu
Hai! I love your channel and I just happened to be in a country where this video is trending!
Estelle YT
Estelle YT 2 miesięcy temu
5-Minute Crafts hello!
#Slytherin4Life 21 godzinę temu
just f off seen all of these twie
suhani yadav
suhani yadav 23 godzin temu
pagal kyu banao sab kuch kharab ho java ha ya sab karan ta
Laisha Verma
Laisha Verma 21 dzień temu
Are these student hacks?😂
vijay rawat
vijay rawat 22 dni temu
And i like else of all your videos sish you a lot of luck
vijay rawat
vijay rawat 22 dni temu
See gou gus are awesome but dont make videos related to cheating its about their future
David Kime
David Kime 29 dni temu
Cool hacks!
princess trisha dey
princess trisha dey Miesiąc temu
princess trisha dey
princess trisha dey Miesiąc temu
Super video ever
Keysha Offical
Keysha Offical Miesiąc temu
Ilike It
Taavi Lahti
Taavi Lahti 2 miesięcy temu
rajathi sivakumare
rajathi sivakumare 2 miesięcy temu
Azura Snow
Azura Snow 2 miesięcy temu
6:48 who has hot glue but not a rubber no let me rephrase that WHAT KINDA KID HAS HOT GLUE... BUT NOT A RUBBER????
Aadmikka Skandarajan
Aadmikka Skandarajan 2 miesięcy temu
Wow your just encouraging kids to cheat that’s sooo not ok but other than that I love your channel good content 🙂
Game Hacker
Game Hacker 2 miesięcy temu
cool video
Ashley M.
Ashley M. 2 miesięcy temu
Some of the hacks were just reoeated over and over again but still you have out done yourself your channel inspired me to start my own diy channel can you please tell me where you get your ideas from pls
Suresh Rana
Suresh Rana 2 miesięcy temu
nice but we are not cheaters...😊
I would have way more friends with these hacks
Heaven Angelin
Heaven Angelin 2 miesięcy temu
1:02 thanks for the cheating hack bruh HAHA
Kickboxer Sam
Kickboxer Sam 2 miesięcy temu
What is the name of the tune when the hacks for kitchen started ??
Akemi - Hime
Akemi - Hime 2 miesięcy temu
Even if it was the always the same video i always keep looking forward of your life hacks... Its really helpful though. Keep up the good work , 5 mins crafts.😊
Xx_hyejin_ xX
Xx_hyejin_ xX 2 miesięcy temu
This is much better than troom troom
Zelou & Yella Solloso
Zelou & Yella Solloso 2 miesięcy temu
She do it on purpose on the pencil part...
savya and kamya talents
savya and kamya talents 2 miesięcy temu
Mahra Al Marzouqi
Mahra Al Marzouqi 2 miesięcy temu
No j j u
Madhavi Anantha
Madhavi Anantha 2 miesięcy temu
Suraj Shinde
Suraj Shinde 2 miesięcy temu
7.00 ❤😍
J**** Ravish
J**** Ravish 2 miesięcy temu
2×2 = 4 😀😁😁
mario 33
mario 33 2 miesięcy temu
This is the amazing thing to cheat 👍🏻💖🌹😍💕👌🏻
Atif Patel
Atif Patel 2 miesięcy temu
Best video
Addiemations Boi
Addiemations Boi 2 miesięcy temu
This soundtrack is my favorite. Every second when I'm home from school, I obsess over it and repeat it. I think the hacks are drilled into my head, but I could care less. Thank you very much, Five Minute Crafts.
liliana fuentes
liliana fuentes 2 miesięcy temu
Amo este canal 😻😘
Faris MR
Faris MR 2 miesięcy temu
I have like that iPad I am watching you from it
Sam J
Sam J 2 miesięcy temu
You are educating kids to cheat, very bad. Such channels should be banned
Jurani Cempron
Jurani Cempron 2 miesięcy temu
Wow! CHEATING!? 😑😒
Cyrus John Arnaiz
Cyrus John Arnaiz 2 miesięcy temu
Learning cheating.
Aubry Toomer
Aubry Toomer 2 miesięcy temu
liked the room hack
EMMČA. CZ. 2 miesięcy temu
hello is to super
Xx_ Sofhia _xX
Xx_ Sofhia _xX 2 miesięcy temu
What will you pick blossom 5mins craft or both Me both
Alizeh Haji
Alizeh Haji 2 miesięcy temu
Instant Ry Play
Instant Ry Play 2 miesięcy temu
These are totally cool! ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜
Varshini Shakthivel
Varshini Shakthivel 2 miesięcy temu
hate it
Varshini Shakthivel
Varshini Shakthivel 2 miesięcy temu
so many repeated ones
Alice Tx
Alice Tx 2 miesięcy temu
My God! congratulations! great video! I really loved it.
Sienna Watts
Sienna Watts 2 miesięcy temu
I Know right
Sagarika Chakraborty
Sagarika Chakraborty 2 miesięcy temu
maria sanchez
maria sanchez 2 miesięcy temu
i love the vidios
Belen Morales
Belen Morales 2 miesięcy temu
If you're wiling to help, please like the picture. Thank you😁❤❤
Indo Arab
Indo Arab 3 miesięcy temu
Nice Hacks
Simon Cabaguio
Simon Cabaguio 3 miesięcy temu
You dont teaxh kids how to cheat
JIMINS WEIRDO 3 miesięcy temu
Pseudo.Lasciviousness 3 miesięcy temu
[0:50] that's not a hack, that's straight-up cheating. I'm disappointed. this is not helping students at all.
lau manansala
lau manansala 3 miesięcy temu
When will you stop repeating your hacks?!
MYX Charts
MYX Charts 3 miesięcy temu
#12 in Philippines!
rinkey verma
rinkey verma 3 miesięcy temu
1:40 is fake
suchitra shenoy
suchitra shenoy 3 miesięcy temu
very nise
Naved Arshad
Naved Arshad 3 miesięcy temu
that sharpner and tic tac life was repeated twice in this video.At 1;12 and at 13;06. 5 min crafts please leave this bad habit of repeating. If you have less videos its ok. You have tons of more subscribers. They will think ''Oh WoW, this chanell doesn't repeat stuff. Let me just subscribe''. Please Please Please.
technically awesome
technically awesome 3 miesięcy temu
i am concerned on how you got 2x2 wrong...xd
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 3 miesięcy temu
00:54 teaching students how to cheat 😂
Yanleni Rodriguez
Yanleni Rodriguez 3 miesięcy temu
Que lindo
GreyWolfEmber 3 miesięcy temu
7:46 ... isn't that called a ruler...
Little30Flames Turtleyoshi30
4:42 why would someone not know what 2 x 2 is? (excluding kids still learning multiplication) Edit: 6:41 why wold you not know what 2 + 2 is? (excluding little little kids)
Little30Flames Turtleyoshi30
Yay you can now pause ads. Also 2018ers? oh wait.......
mar dingpayan
mar dingpayan 3 miesięcy temu
Ratiø Ground
Ratiø Ground 3 miesięcy temu
3:33 who tf brings an iron To school
Ratiø Ground
Ratiø Ground 3 miesięcy temu
2:18 is that to keep away the Minecraft Pedophiles
Kubek 3 miesięcy temu
Mall and Call
Mall and Call 3 miesięcy temu
Uhhh its passed mothers day
Legends 88
Legends 88 3 miesięcy temu
Hey 5 mins You know Cheating is Bad FYI😂
Electro gaming
Electro gaming 3 miesięcy temu
Plagia troom troom fr
Marcin Sikorski
Marcin Sikorski 3 miesięcy temu
most of those things u have already showed in ur previous videos.
Dairy Najwa
Dairy Najwa 3 miesięcy temu
Plese subtitel indo
Wahab Jockey
Wahab Jockey 3 miesięcy temu
Tomorrow is my exam😢.... Lets do some cheating!!😉😉
Δημοσθένης Σπυρλιδακης
Ναι τελειιιιοοοοοο
CHR Channel
CHR Channel 3 miesięcy temu
Jobbb for student
Бумбосики детские игры
Good video let's be friends👍😉
Rupa Rathod
Rupa Rathod 3 miesięcy temu
can you think Colgate can bring in school
Liên thông LopDuoc01171303
Dibakar Maji
Dibakar Maji 3 miesięcy temu
thanks for letting us know what you t to I good lot lot s​ to do it is a good day and the kids kids only one who was the morning a to and I will and and go out
bigbolly movies
bigbolly movies 3 miesięcy temu
Roxie Ruby
Roxie Ruby 3 miesięcy temu
Yeah like no one would notice the big slip on ur arm
Harshitha Rani
Harshitha Rani 3 miesięcy temu
Harshitha Rani
Harshitha Rani 3 miesięcy temu
Average videos
Jeferllie Love
Jeferllie Love 3 miesięcy temu
Nag trending talaga to ah
Roman Ravi
Roman Ravi 3 miesięcy temu
Getting bored by seeing repeated vedios
Beverly Eck
Beverly Eck 3 miesięcy temu
now I know what to do when I go back to school
Asita Baravaliya
Asita Baravaliya 3 miesięcy temu
Thanks for students life hack video I easily cheating in my exam
*Stephenie* *Mazariegos*
*Stephenie* *Mazariegos* 3 miesięcy temu
Tu sasbes quien es la persana mas hermosa del mundo lee la primera palabra like si es verdad
Antonio David De Lima Lima
Charles Wideman Jr.
Charles Wideman Jr. 3 miesięcy temu
Best game
Jason Overturf
Jason Overturf 3 miesięcy temu
schools almost over,
Bubblegum Birdie
Bubblegum Birdie 3 miesięcy temu
Лариса Николаева
Shell quite milk riylx folk visit ruling.
Ally And Taylor tells tales
2:08 *the perfect stash* what if they steal your computer?
SciBlast Official
SciBlast Official 3 miesięcy temu
Why are the Bright Side team so thicc
SciBlast Official
SciBlast Official 3 miesięcy temu
Why hasn’t 5-Minute crafts made the object from their intro yet?
Mia McEvoy
Mia McEvoy 3 miesięcy temu
Hifufudufhhtrhdjehnc derejheffuyvfhh fun fhy hdyghutdyb fhysyv😂😂😂
حسوني كشخة
حسوني كشخة 3 miesięcy temu
Rosscarl Bernido
Rosscarl Bernido 3 miesięcy temu
Wait this isnt 5 mins? *NANI*
وما فقية
وما فقية 3 miesięcy temu
سراح ابتكارتكم مات وصف لي 3شهور اتابك
وما فقية
وما فقية 3 miesięcy temu
سراح ابتكارتكم مات وصف لي 3شهور اتابك