10 horrible things gamers got rewarded for

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10 horrible things gamers got rewarded for. There are many games that reward us with loot, new weapons and of course achievements and trophies. However there also some games that reward you for doing things that are just morally wrong. If you have five or more of these achievements, it’s time to question your own sanity... Here are ten achievements that you can earn by being a horrible person.
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14 kwi 2018

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Komentarze 1 973
ZoominGames 5 miesięcy temu
No wrong things in this game, but there are some cute anime chicks ;) Shin Megami Tensei is coming to mobile phones, check it out!
Genesect Gameing
Genesect Gameing 14 dni temu
What if you want to look up her skirt and actually do ?
The Fallout Phoenix
+Gucci Henry 1234 no fortnite is garbage its a plague it shouldve never been created its the worst thing thats been made in years
jdogzero silverblade
btw in lolipop chainsaw an achievement exists thats worse than that because it actually takes a lot of effort to do. i think its like you have to land a 30 kill chain with each kill having a panty shot when getting the kill. or something along those lines.
Gucci Henry 1234
Gucci Henry 1234 17 dni temu
SickTrick - PUBG boy you like pubs loblol lmao 😱😱😱😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Fortnite is better
The Fallout Phoenix
I have the fable 2 one
Lythis Red Fox
Lythis Red Fox Godzinę temu
Congratulations! You just spent many frickin' hours to earn virtual that don't even exist! What a waste of life.
Damian Lopez
Damian Lopez 15 godzin temu
My gf can let me look up her skirt
steph gaudette
steph gaudette 3 dni temu
He'll on
James Anderson
James Anderson 7 dni temu
Just why?
cuz ur ded
cuz ur ded 13 dni temu
5:49 - 5:52 the trophy hunter got KARMA
Genesect Gameing
Genesect Gameing 14 dni temu
Poor baby seals ;(
MLGiovanni vald
MLGiovanni vald 16 dni temu
Yes, I have the "Menace to Society" Achievement.
A Glimpse Into My Mind
I have both the south park ones!
A Glimpse Into My Mind
*downloads red dead redemption* immediately!!!
Claudio -
Claudio - 16 dni temu
Wait looking up skirts in video games is horrible? Fuck guess i'm an horrible man cause it's one of the 10 things i do first in games. lol
Ravi Kava
Ravi Kava 17 dni temu
8:35 these girl is demon
Chilling Villain
Chilling Villain 17 dni temu
Complaining about doing evil shit in Overlord, a game all about doing evil shit. Lol.
RandomPlayerGirl 123
Us gamers gotta do what we gotta do.
Mudrulo Mudrulo
Mudrulo Mudrulo 17 dni temu
You are lying. That "innocent" baby seal, that "don't harm anyone" ate poor fishy.
Edwin Arana
Edwin Arana 17 dni temu
I have the gay achievement
sith Lord 12 /brick master
Dude it's a game
Dabadibadooba 17 dni temu
That first clip tho XD
Crackerz GD
Crackerz GD 17 dni temu
Good 17 dni temu
what if undertale
EnjoyedGerm9474 17 dni temu
If you have the "I didn't mean to" one like this comment
In Slime Rancher, there's not one, but two evil achievements you can get. One for throwing an elder hen into a disintegrator, and another for throwing a baby chick chick into one as well.
Dr Chopstick
Dr Chopstick 17 dni temu
The seal one actually made me kinda sad...
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 17 dni temu
Saints row was the worst by far
Kraken Warrior
Kraken Warrior 17 dni temu
Call me kevin totally did the red dead redemption thing, put on the second one.
OMG!!!!!! 17 dni temu
If fallout environment comes to real ,u won't rly care to do that "prank" for survival
Noah Bittel
Noah Bittel 17 dni temu
That’s fallout four
deadat2 17 dni temu
pssh..needs to be changed to ten hilarious ways to get rewarded in games. Can't be and evil prick in real life so you're damn right i'm being one when given the chance in game besides being the bad guy is always the most fun in games.
Laul Otaku
Laul Otaku 17 dni temu
I remember those seals... miss killing them though
Sabb 17 dni temu
I just realized that he had to do all of these for the footage. LMAO
Chandler Wren
Chandler Wren 17 dni temu
6:54 thats sp American 👌😂👍
Edward C. Wren
Edward C. Wren 17 dni temu
I have the Overlord 2 one
Jeremy Riley
Jeremy Riley 17 dni temu
Yep, trophy collection is not a victimless crime indeed, especially trophies that require a certain number of a certain enemy to be killed or a trophy that requires you to kill or defeat a certain boss.
Ethan tinker
Ethan tinker 17 dni temu
All of them
One Man Animations
One Man Animations 17 dni temu
The 1st one was bad enough. Getting rewarded for killing seals? hell no..
nothing but darkness
Number one was straight mest up
SSSniperTiger 17 dni temu
Rob T
Rob T 17 dni temu
All Rockstar games should top this list. Play MANHUNT sometime.
Spectro 17 dni temu
I have all of these trophies, is that bad?
Pathetic, Little Tim
You said fallout 3 with a fallout 4 Clip
N DiT 17 dni temu
I'm offended all of these are x-box where r my ps4 supporters at
Stephon 17 dni temu
I don't have a PS4
Stephon 17 dni temu
gaining these achievements
TheSorcer 17 dni temu
im just gonna say i have all of them
8Bit Beefalo
8Bit Beefalo 17 dni temu
1:33 Did he just no clip to move? *NEW SPECIES FOUND*
EDSProGamer 17 dni temu
Why do you start with a ?75 then work back up to 10...
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 17 dni temu
Which game was the first in the intro?
titanium wolf20
titanium wolf20 17 dni temu
I got turd burglar
pl2005star 17 dni temu
these are all x box games
Saber 17 dni temu
Ah just started replaying Overlord Series. Such a fun game.
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown 17 dni temu
I have them all
killerpopedcorn poki
I got all of these
Colin Brown
Colin Brown 17 dni temu
3:16 holy! *explodes*
Sol Snow
Sol Snow 17 dni temu
I hope killing parthurnax is here
MemorableSun7 17 dni temu
I don’t have any of those games
Ripper the Indoraptor
Poor seals
BLUE bloop
BLUE bloop 17 dni temu
No regret killing those seals , all hail the overlord
Sans 17 dni temu
( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)
Gibson Smith
Gibson Smith 17 dni temu
Birchcen Gaming
Birchcen Gaming 17 dni temu
I got 3 by placing a grenade in a raider's pocket
Austin Hilsenbeck
Austin Hilsenbeck 17 dni temu
the red dead one, the dude has bad aim
Antoine SAURON
Antoine SAURON 17 dni temu
No borderlands game in this video? lol^^
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 17 dni temu
i have the fallout achievement xd
Milky Jean
Milky Jean 17 dni temu
I swear that's fallout 4
neef 17 dni temu
it is still a game my dude
Sam Koch Guitar Covers
Zither lolipop chainsaw one breaks the fourth wall
Austin Dingmon
Austin Dingmon 17 dni temu
It's fallout4 not 3
Minty boy
Minty boy 17 dni temu
The most satisfying thing of this video is the end...
MR' DRAGONITE 17 dni temu
15:00 is just a bit horrible
Uneeda_Slap 17 dni temu
all games should have achievements like that.
Andre Moya
Andre Moya 17 dni temu
So who copied? Grand theft auto or Saint Rows?
Nicke Picke
Nicke Picke 17 dni temu
2:35 *Fallout 3...* Who has a gun I need to end myself this guy has infested me with the worst disease ever (not having a single clue on what’s going on in the real work and just talking about thing you have no idea of)
Jow Fie
Jow Fie 17 dni temu
Thats not fallout 3 its fallout 4
David m01
David m01 17 dni temu
It just a game!!!?!
Meri Lazic
Meri Lazic 17 dni temu
ITS A JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
medafan53 17 dni temu
What about cities skylines? Several Unique Buildings are unlocked by causing things such as disease and crime waves. This is when you are in charge of a city, these people rely on you and you are tormenting them for a reward.
An Swadian King
An Swadian King 17 dni temu
Wait is that lord TouchMe
Th3Ch0s3n0ne ML
Th3Ch0s3n0ne ML 17 dni temu
2:34 thats not fallout 3 thats fallout 4 u made a mistake
TiberiousNeruda 17 dni temu
I love the difficulty select in the South Park segment. That's exactly the kind of irreverent humor I live for.
Coffeebadger 17 dni temu
It's amusing to see these achievements, some I didn't know about but you are really virtue signaling hard here. Are tallying up a soyboy score?
SAILANY Coloring Kids
I knew it from the first of the thumbnail
gekkokkid 17 dni temu
honestly, it's virtual and they can respawn and if not you can always press the reset botton, not like in real life, in real life you be a horrible monster....i am speaking about the baby seals....
Imperius Archangel of Valor
The name of the song that starts at 5:05 ?
Drbomday Dayboms
Drbomday Dayboms 17 dni temu
Gay list
Tronicmighty 17 dni temu
Lol I earn the seal slayer and am a overlord fan and not a shame to say it lol
Avvak 17 dni temu
there's nothing better than sending a horde of brown gremlin midgets to slaughter seals i mean, it's a really easy way to get an army
Its a cat in a picture
1. Canada IRL 2. South USA 3. Ur bff behind ur back. 4. Random people 5. GOD DAMMIT AGAIN RANDOM PEOPLE 6. Ur "friends" 7. ... 8. NORTH KOREA 9. gay people but gangstas too 10. AMERICAN PEOPLE
Molic 17 dni temu
troll video.. are you all mad ??
JONAS OG LUKAS 17 dni temu
Fock you 😭😭😭😭
Kutay Sirius
Kutay Sirius 17 dni temu
Wait .There is no skyrim ??? worst is there. You have to trick your trusted friends and murder them in the altar. or there is a ebond blade who feeds on trusted's tears and blood.
Max Almgren-Storm
Max Almgren-Storm 17 dni temu
it aint bad to kill seals
IGot Hands
IGot Hands 17 dni temu
Bruh their games
alex ciceu
alex ciceu 17 dni temu
well i got one my accident the i will hit everybody in the nuts one jk i wanted it but i did not know there was a trophy i wanted to see pain :) HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Hanbill 17 dni temu
Nier: Automata needs that "I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!" achievement and the challenge would be to not get that. Impossible
tony flamingo
tony flamingo 17 dni temu
I am shocked that theres 20 buffalos in the game thats gonna amazing i can be rich btw i tried to do the dastardly a day ago but got bired and let the victim away
Whodoesnt 17 dni temu
similar to lolipop chainsaw, in the game Nier: Automata if you look up the skirt of the main character for long enough she does this thing where she swooshes her skirt down and away and pans the camera elsewhere, make her do this 10 times and you get the achievement/trophy.
RedForge 17 dni temu
I just noticed that you mispronounced alot of names in this video
william Ridenour
william Ridenour 17 dni temu
Maybe he did miss announce many of the character names but nothing is wrong with that
Nils Albrecht
Nils Albrecht 17 dni temu
1:23 Tracer ?
Wesley Keller
Wesley Keller 17 dni temu
Making America Great Again, since Beavis and ButtHead.
LasTCursE69 17 dni temu
How is putting grenade in npc's pockets worse than blowing the whole town with a nuke? (Which I totally did btw lol)
Kingdome Cthulhu
Kingdome Cthulhu 17 dni temu
Oh come on what about fallout 3 the pitt where if you have the cannibal perk you can eat the baby instead of kidnapping or protecting it ...
Arthur Wren
Arthur Wren 17 dni temu
The first one was like saying killing pigs in Minecraft is bad.
Vaporz_Gaming 18 dni temu
It's only a game why do you have to be mad