10 horrible things gamers got rewarded for

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10 horrible things gamers got rewarded for. There are many games that reward us with loot, new weapons and of course achievements and trophies. However there also some games that reward you for doing things that are just morally wrong. If you have five or more of these achievements, it’s time to question your own sanity... Here are ten achievements that you can earn by being a horrible person.
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14 kwi 2018

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Komentarze 2 085
ZoominGames 7 miesięcy temu
No wrong things in this game, but there are some cute anime chicks ;) Shin Megami Tensei is coming to mobile phones, check it out!
Sir Reynolds
Sir Reynolds Miesiąc temu
Have all of them And more
Genesect Gameing
Genesect Gameing 2 miesięcy temu
What if you want to look up her skirt and actually do ?
The Fallout Phoenix
The Fallout Phoenix 2 miesięcy temu
+Gucci Henry 1234 no fortnite is garbage its a plague it shouldve never been created its the worst thing thats been made in years
jdogzero silverblade
jdogzero silverblade 2 miesięcy temu
btw in lolipop chainsaw an achievement exists thats worse than that because it actually takes a lot of effort to do. i think its like you have to land a 30 kill chain with each kill having a panty shot when getting the kill. or something along those lines.
LetsNotTalk 12 godzin temu
its not a seal its a 3d model of a seal somewhat a animated picture and sounds added to make it more realistic i think you should question your sanity if you think its a seal. its just pixels. even funnier is that we should ask about the sanity of those who look up animated pictures skirts. what do you expect to see? colored line and some beige on each side of it? if you enjoy that how about paint? its the same thing
BUG TRAFFIC VW aircool 16 godzin temu
Play sainte row 4 and gat out hel
Jeffrey Whittinghill
Munchie 25
Munchie 25 3 dni temu
I only have the one where you stick a grenade in someone’s pocket via FO4
Youtube User
Youtube User 3 dni temu
3:20 here I won’t shame anyone ok
DEVIOUS SIEGE 4 dni temu
If you do the first one you're an asshole thats a baby seal right there
Mariade Lourdes Padilla
The first one actually almost made me cry
King Yeti
King Yeti 4 dni temu
So I killed a guys kid then in diamond city I put a Molotov cocktail in his pocket and watched the magic happen
Rares Iliescu
Rares Iliescu 6 dni temu
why some of these games with very realistic graphis have got potato graphis in this video
Adrian Zoladek
Adrian Zoladek 6 dni temu
When you kill every single buffalo left on dart and you get an ad which says „this is the end of the world” i think its a sign guys :p
Benjamin Lambert
Benjamin Lambert 8 dni temu
Stop calling it evil. Alot of people do that in games to let off steam and have fun and experiment
Jaden Morel
Jaden Morel 8 dni temu
Yes I have overlord 2 kill 1000 names and seal slayer
Dylan Herrity
Dylan Herrity 10 dni temu
StrillaXII 17 dni temu
I have all but the lolipop chainsaw one
flap trap3ty
flap trap3ty 17 dni temu
I have ALL of these
Muffin5 123
Muffin5 123 17 dni temu
Yes I have all of them
Junior From SML
Junior From SML 17 dni temu
I have all of them
Diamond Kyle
Diamond Kyle 18 dni temu
In the land of make believe this is such a buzzkill. Whoever wrote this has no balls
Matt Fettig
Matt Fettig 18 dni temu
I got both in red dead redemption
ShadeyBladey 18 dni temu
Killing Paarthurnax in Skyrim. I never did it once. >:8o
Joel Gersbach
Joel Gersbach 20 dni temu
In a game
Leandro Felix
Leandro Felix 21 dzień temu
Nier Automata gives you a trophy for looking 10 times under 2B's skirt.... Very pervert
Punzi 23 dni temu
condescending prick.
Scorps 24 dni temu
This has been in my suggestions for so many years and idk why
Black Ice
Black Ice 25 dni temu
Could we all just stop talking about Duke Nukem Forever?!
Hairy Spider
Hairy Spider 28 dni temu
Not an award, but if you ditch monster kid in undertale when he slips off a bridge, undyne is weaker in her boss fight
S I T H I S 28 dni temu
I think i have the Saints row 3 achievement
king foxight
king foxight 29 dni temu
I'm fine with the animal murder in rdr (unless your killing foxes that is if there are foxes in rdr idk cuz I don't play rdr)
Mitie plumbing and gas
Fallout 4
Mr.Mittens3000 Miesiąc temu
Well i guess im a not normal person bc i played the shit out if lollipop chainsaw lol XD
Mr. Variant
Mr. Variant Miesiąc temu
lol Ra's al Ghul was right.
S.T. U.
S.T. U. Miesiąc temu
One more example how social justice ruins video games.
Jordan Joslin
Jordan Joslin Miesiąc temu
Done dirty look not peepig but its a crime i haven't an award yet Protest 1 vote for perfect perv
Elena O
Elena O Miesiąc temu
says "if you have five or more of these achievements you should be questioning you sanity" *LITERLY DOSE ALL OF THEM*
Sinn0100 Miesiąc temu
The grenade in the pocket is hilarious. If you think that is bad, you should see me play Watchdogs 2. I purposely start riots and massive street fights because it's so damn funny. Tje NPC's are the most angry NPC's in history. If you doubt me use the remote control car to harass people. They go from 0 to an 11 in .3 seconds. You can also sit on top of an npc's car while they are stopped at a red light...and they freak out. I love messing with NPC's in open world games.
King Miltonius
King Miltonius Miesiąc temu
It was anccident damn it!!!
Caleb Trosper
Caleb Trosper Miesiąc temu
i have the i swear i did it by mistake `
stan Marsh
stan Marsh Miesiąc temu
1:16 achievement: you stupid retard
Tahj Pudney
Tahj Pudney Miesiąc temu
I have all of them
Slender Man
Slender Man Miesiąc temu
Hell no i dont
Pyromanser 1995
Pyromanser 1995 Miesiąc temu
I have the manifest destiny
John Miesiąc temu
that is pretty clearly fallout 4
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Miesiąc temu
I kinda have all of them except the last 2! I need dem trophies!!!
Captain Cronk Jr.
Captain Cronk Jr. Miesiąc temu
Number 5. Sure.
kkkutas Miesiąc temu
in oddworld u turn them into food not slaves
Redline zerg
Redline zerg Miesiąc temu
I dont even have xbox or xbox account
syar star
syar star Miesiąc temu
I have or the olavthem lol xD samuan kill mi pls
Chad Tristan
Chad Tristan Miesiąc temu
You know, i could kill a hundred fauns and not be bothered at all.
Melissa Payne
Melissa Payne Miesiąc temu
Melissa Payne
Melissa Payne Miesiąc temu
What about my butt
riking_099 Miesiąc temu
this video was brought to you by peta
Devon McPhillips
Devon McPhillips Miesiąc temu
If I play Lollipop Chainsaw, EVER! I will never get that achievement no matter how horny I get.
YOUNG_BOY JACOB Miesiąc temu
If i play a game I expect to get ALL the trophies Like if you agree
Leo Price
Leo Price Miesiąc temu
Yeah the southparck one
Joseph Small
Joseph Small Miesiąc temu
i have all ten of them
Wheatly’s Mod
Wheatly’s Mod Miesiąc temu
know one i want get it fill entire achments buts superhot vr it says but why?
speedfreakpsycho Miesiąc temu
Fuck the seals..ill kill as many as it takes.
Doo doo Ass
Doo doo Ass Miesiąc temu
I’m gonna get the fallout 3 reward
Ghilled Kid
Ghilled Kid 2 miesięcy temu
I came for the thumbnail
Chikin God
Chikin God 2 miesięcy temu
I swear when I tied someone to a train track and the train hit them it only left these graphic cuts on them not human bits
Johan Sørensen
Johan Sørensen 2 miesięcy temu
R.i.P seals
Caden Caiden
Caden Caiden 2 miesięcy temu
I have all them.
Kawaiifu 2 miesięcy temu
The game Slime Rancher has an achievement for throwing a baby chicken into an incinerator
Lythis Red Fox
Lythis Red Fox 2 miesięcy temu
Congratulations! You just spent many frickin' hours to earn virtual that don't even exist! What a waste of life.
Damian Lopez
Damian Lopez 2 miesięcy temu
My gf can let me look up her skirt
steph gaudette
steph gaudette 2 miesięcy temu
He'll on
James Anderson
James Anderson 2 miesięcy temu
Just why?
cuz ur ded
cuz ur ded 2 miesięcy temu
5:49 - 5:52 the trophy hunter got KARMA
Genesect Gameing
Genesect Gameing 2 miesięcy temu
Poor baby seals ;(
MLGiovanni vald
MLGiovanni vald 2 miesięcy temu
Yes, I have the "Menace to Society" Achievement.
A Glimpse Into My Mind
A Glimpse Into My Mind 2 miesięcy temu
I have both the south park ones!
A Glimpse Into My Mind
A Glimpse Into My Mind 2 miesięcy temu
*downloads red dead redemption* immediately!!!
Claudio -
Claudio - 2 miesięcy temu
Wait looking up skirts in video games is horrible? Fuck guess i'm an horrible man cause it's one of the 10 things i do first in games. lol
Ravi Kava
Ravi Kava 2 miesięcy temu
8:35 these girl is demon
Chilling Villain
Chilling Villain 2 miesięcy temu
Complaining about doing evil shit in Overlord, a game all about doing evil shit. Lol.
DarkLight 123
DarkLight 123 2 miesięcy temu
Us gamers gotta do what we gotta do.
Mudrulo Mudrulo
Mudrulo Mudrulo 2 miesięcy temu
You are lying. That "innocent" baby seal, that "don't harm anyone" ate poor fishy.
Edwin Arana
Edwin Arana 2 miesięcy temu
I have the gay achievement
kp3030 gaming
kp3030 gaming 2 miesięcy temu
Dude it's a game
Dabadibadooba 2 miesięcy temu
That first clip tho XD
Crackerz GD
Crackerz GD 2 miesięcy temu
Good 2 miesięcy temu
what if undertale
EnjoyedGerm9474 2 miesięcy temu
If you have the "I didn't mean to" one like this comment
In Slime Rancher, there's not one, but two evil achievements you can get. One for throwing an elder hen into a disintegrator, and another for throwing a baby chick chick into one as well.
Chopstick _
Chopstick _ 2 miesięcy temu
The seal one actually made me kinda sad...
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 2 miesięcy temu
Saints row was the worst by far
Kraken Warrior
Kraken Warrior 2 miesięcy temu
Call me kevin totally did the red dead redemption thing, put on the second one.
xKappa 2 miesięcy temu
If fallout environment comes to real ,u won't rly care to do that "prank" for survival
Noah Bittel
Noah Bittel 2 miesięcy temu
That’s fallout four
deadat2 2 miesięcy temu
pssh..needs to be changed to ten hilarious ways to get rewarded in games. Can't be and evil prick in real life so you're damn right i'm being one when given the chance in game besides being the bad guy is always the most fun in games.
Laul Otaku
Laul Otaku 2 miesięcy temu
I remember those seals... miss killing them though
Sabb 2 miesięcy temu
I just realized that he had to do all of these for the footage. LMAO
Chandler Wren
Chandler Wren 2 miesięcy temu
6:54 thats sp American 👌😂👍
Edward C. Wren
Edward C. Wren 2 miesięcy temu
I have the Overlord 2 one
Jeremy Riley
Jeremy Riley 2 miesięcy temu
Yep, trophy collection is not a victimless crime indeed, especially trophies that require a certain number of a certain enemy to be killed or a trophy that requires you to kill or defeat a certain boss.
Galaxy Pandas
Galaxy Pandas 2 miesięcy temu
All of them
OMEGA Films 2 miesięcy temu
The 1st one was bad enough. Getting rewarded for killing seals? hell no..
nothing but darkness
nothing but darkness 2 miesięcy temu
Number one was straight mest up
SSSniperTiger 2 miesięcy temu
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