10 Celebs Who Have Been BANNED By Hollywood

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Famous actors who can't find work in Hollywood anymore.
They say that Hollywood is a small time, and that means making enemies can spell the end of your career. Being nominated for an Oscar should be a career highlight, but for Mo’nique it lead to her being totally blacklisted. Josh Hartnett was once a Hollywood heartthrob, but he said no to the wrong director and quietly disappeared from acting. On the other hand, Charlie Sheen definitely didn’t go quietly when he was fired from Two and a Half Men! Both directors and cast members couldn’t stand working with Katherine Heigl, and her name even became a slang term for someone difficult to get along with. Are you a fan of any of these celebrities? Are you crossing your fingers and hoping for a major acting comeback? Let us know in the comment section! Then, hit the subscribe button to stay up to date with the latest videos from TheTalko.
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29 lip 2018

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Komentarze 2 485
Bill 4 godzin temu
Happens in every society, act like a jerk and you are ostracized . Duh.
DigtBrain2 5 godzin temu
could be named "conservative celebs that are not PC enough for Hollywood"
F C 5 godzin temu
Hollyweird is a huge crime scene...There needs to be police tape circled around Hollyweird for the crimes they have committed
JAY JAY 10 godzin temu
Concerning Vince Vaughn.....are you fucking retarded?...>Couples Retreat was a FANTASTIC movie that i could watch over and over....Get your shit straight before slamming someone...Its not Vaughn's fault that the films did not do well....He can not control the writers and what they tell him to say...He is without question a Great Actor....So get your shit straight sister stupid!
David Gregersen
David Gregersen 13 godzin temu
I would like to see all these actors come back.I think we all need to remember that America has free speach
Anthony P
Anthony P 15 godzin temu
You lied about Charlie sheen. He had a big hit sitcom since leaving and has done a bunch of stuff.
Anthony P
Anthony P 15 godzin temu
Nothing Roseanne said was racist. That woman looks white and like a monkey. You also left out how much money the network lost and how most people feel they overreacted. Definitely intentional. You also lied. The whole cast is willing to work with her and many others.
Anthony P
Anthony P 15 godzin temu
Sexism is the belief one sex is superior. Because Ann feels she works better with men, it does not mean she believes male superiority. Sorry, lefties. You don't get to change the language to fit political beliefs.
Ayhan Çapan
Ayhan Çapan Dzień temu
Vince Vughn is still in Hollywood...
spacecadet35 Dzień temu
How has Anne Hathaway been banned? She was in Ocean's Eight this year. She is in THREE movies next year and has two more lined up after that. How is that banned?
Mikal Bell
Mikal Bell Dzień temu
Anne Hathaway
Robert Flye
Robert Flye Dzień temu
I like Ann Hathaway
Kenny Knapp
Kenny Knapp Dzień temu
Anne Hathaway is not sexist, there have been people who said they prefer working with female directors and they didn't get crap for it.
Richard Hoban
Richard Hoban Dzień temu
Kirk believes the bible is true. Does that make him fanatical or genuine? Why say your Christian and take bits and pieces that you agree with and reject the rest? That would make you God and the bible your own words....
Richard Hoban
Richard Hoban Dzień temu
He might say homosexuality is a sin but its one of many sins that we all accept as normal, sin can be found in everything we do homosexual or not Every selfish thought, action.
NJGuy1973 Dzień temu
Whoever made this needs to learn about the blacklisting of the '50s. That was real shit.
Mary Lee
Mary Lee Dzień temu
Wow! Anyone who is on the side of God is not welcome in Hollywood. Shocking. Homosexuality is wrong it goes against God and nature. It's perversion. I won't argue with anyone about it. Before we know it pedophellia will be considered normal. This world dances to Satan's tune.
donald barnett
donald barnett Dzień temu
Hollywood has become entirely too damn liberal.
drpapers1 Dzień temu
But, Hathaway was on the Ocean's 8 movie which is produced by Hollywood's Warner Bros...
Jason Fairbrother
Typical intolerant Hollywood, a difference of opinion or point of view is illegal there.
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson 2 dni temu
Josh Hartnell would have fucking sucked as batman, superman or Spiderman
Tuxedo Cat
Tuxedo Cat 2 dni temu
God bless Kirk Cameron for standing on the Word and not backing down.
Bryson Bell
Bryson Bell 2 dni temu
How many other producers are demanding sex or your blackballed? There are more bad eggs out there certainly. This video is saying it's all personality, action or inaction... Weinstein was no lone wolf in my opinion. They just had enough of him.
Mrs J
Mrs J 2 dni temu
Holy moly that's crazy I have no idea
Black Orchid
Black Orchid 2 dni temu
Such a biased bullshit review! Pathetic
dan her
dan her 2 dni temu
She could be a good pornography start
aventador gallardo
Why can't people separate their acting capability from their point of view
Joe Home
Joe Home 3 dni temu
I knocked back the role to play Butthead, Shithead, Butthole, etc. I think this has ruined my career in Hollywood.
Dave Ankeny
Dave Ankeny 3 dni temu
Sad how easily people get offended nowadays, everybody needs to grow a set and just get on with life.
Laura King
Laura King 3 dni temu
So what's wrong with people finally waking up to the truth and realizing that they don't have to be one of these Hollywood sheep doing everything the way they think it should be. Kirk Cameron has his religion I think it's great that he doesn't kiss other women on the set only his wife what is wrong with that you people are sick if you think there is something wrong with that, and some have changed their mind them politics that comes with age when you finally grow up and your mind is open to other things other than the way Hollywood tells you you're supposed to be. Some of these Stars may not realize it but they're the lucky ones, the ones that Hollywood is shunning they are out of that mess.
John Smith
John Smith 3 dni temu
Rose McGowan didn’t get blacklisted because of something she did. Feel bad for her.
charles hopkins
charles hopkins 3 dni temu
what a damn shame about my man vince vaughn
Christopher Knox
Christopher Knox 3 dni temu
So a liberal SJW Hollywood blacklist. OK lmao.
Keitumetse Kgaabi
Is Hollywood a person?
Ann Tomaszewski
Ann Tomaszewski 3 dni temu
I guess "Freedom of Speech" doesn't mean anything.
SevenDeMagnus 3 dni temu
Batman- that's a good typecast.
Scott UfoMan
Scott UfoMan 3 dni temu
Does anyone remember the line to scream 3 when the director was asked about Marie e Prescott and he said her name does not ring a bell and the. She threatens to put his story on the news and he confesses he knows her? In that story he reveals their are secret parties females are invited to entertain directors producers their and high elite people in sexual favors to get parts a wed party is the best way to put it. The director reply’s and says you either stay and get busy do what the people want or go home. That’s the horrible truth about Hollywood and sex party’s do exist . Many celebs have claimed even Justin Bieber said they exist.
Scott UfoMan
Scott UfoMan 3 dni temu
Hollywood does t have a problem with opinions they have a problem when your in the limelight and everyone is watching you and knows your name. Your a easy target for your career to end in show business because their thousands of actors who love to have your part.
Scott UfoMan
Scott UfoMan 3 dni temu
The ones who make it do ok but the ones who thought they. Makes it either go back home or do porn or become call girls. The men can simply go home their not offered sexual favors by women for parts most of the time. I’m sure their are story’s of actors told if they do this or wear a dress their career will raise if they do it for a tv show because it would be funny.
Scott UfoMan
Scott UfoMan 3 dni temu
He has proably done more then. This and has been accused of other things. The book is his best option.
Scott UfoMan
Scott UfoMan 3 dni temu
About my comment about Charlie he has been accused of by his ex wife Denise Richards of abusing her mentally and I believe st times physically and has admitted he has had sexual relations with many prositutes He was then diagnosed with a sexual transmitted disease
Scott UfoMan
Scott UfoMan 3 dni temu
Any of these actors except Charlie I would say should focus on things you need to focus and write your own scripts your all very talented . Charlie you need to repent of any things you have done to cause misery to others and yourself and stay in a rehab program. But I believe your also talented and should write a book since you have now., a Condition . However I think you should not hold back in your book who you truly are and. Who you use to hang out with and do t show fear.
Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards 4 dni temu
These lists are so dumb... Go to IMDB, search every actor/actress and you will find their current work. Josh Hartnett - like 5 projects in 2018 Anne Hathaway - 2 projects in 2018... a couple more in post production for 2019 Kirk - Okay sort of but not really... Roseanne - Hosting Last Comic Standing with Anthony Jezenick or however you spell it and so on......
Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards 4 dni temu
These lists are so dumb... Go to IMDB, search every actor/actress and you will find their current work. Josh Hartnett - like 5 projects in 2018 Anne Hathaway - 2 projects in 2018... a couple more in post production for 2019 Kirk - Okay sort of but not really... Roseanne - Hosting Last Comic Standing with Anthony Jezenick or however you spell it and so on......
Lacy Painter
Lacy Painter 4 dni temu
Name one humble movie star...there is non
Nina Lutgen
Nina Lutgen 4 dni temu
So because Kirk Cameron is a Christian u are puting him down ? I can asure u he doesnt want fame.He wants everyone to know about God.Thats nothing to put someone down about.And he is appearing in films.Like Fireproof.And because someone doesnt go to parties and wants to be with family they are blacklisted.Come on.
Virginia Cook
Virginia Cook 5 dni temu
I hate Hollywood!
Jaye Jay Curry
Jaye Jay Curry 6 dni temu
So, being anti-American and communist is fine with Hollywood, but pissing off Hollywood the wrong people gets one blacklisted.
Diana Harden
Diana Harden 6 dni temu
Kirk Cameron is a good Christian Man and Hollywood doesn't like it because he is telling the truth.
Potrvlb 7 dni temu
And let’s be freaking honest here, Jarret looks IDENTICAL to the wife on the OG planet of the apes! That’s not racist it’s simply a fact and no, pointing it out is NOT supposed to be a compliment. The woman is a treasonous loser who will be held responsible for her actions. That’s another not so well known fact.
Magatism 8 dni temu
Hollywood is a cult, no decent person can put up with that way of life. It's everything abhorrent that people despise in other situations.
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool 10 dni temu
Anne Hathaway has four upcoming films, that's not called blacklisted. Monique has been in five films since Precious, that's also not called being blacklisted. Charlie Sheen was in two movies in 2017, that doesn't seem blacklisted. Rose McGowan has been in projects since the 90s to 2017. That's not called being blacklisted. Katherine Heigl has been in three projects in 2017 and one in 2018, that doesn't sound blacklisted. Vince Vaughn has two films in 2019 and one in 2020. Does that sound like his career is over? Regarding his comedy, you've clearly not seen true detective. Obviously you don't do your research and you're desperate for views. Your channel is garbage.
clavi 10 dni temu
6:40 badass song anyone know the name?
Blue Fox
Blue Fox 10 dni temu
The real reason why celebrities get banned is because of political beliefs,what a shame.
Greg Rohs
Greg Rohs 10 dni temu
Lots of these are tv stars that did one show.
Cheli Lombi
Cheli Lombi 13 dni temu
You are super biased in your commentry... Tsk tsk 👎👎👎
Borke 13 dni temu
4:19 Has nothing to do with racial superiority, but whatever.
D-LO 305
D-LO 305 14 dni temu
The Talko sucks!!!
edisonsun21c 14 dni temu
vince vaugh is awesome in true detective S2
Becky Keeler
Becky Keeler 14 dni temu
I care about the people, don't care about Hollywood!
Becky Keeler
Becky Keeler 14 dni temu
They treat people badly .We need something better then Hollywood there slezy anyways time for a change, something better.People are moving away from Hollywood. Don't care!!!!
War Torn Heart
War Torn Heart 11 dni temu
@Becky KeelerHollywood is a unique business that is greased by constant rejection and eating its young.
Becky Keeler
Becky Keeler 14 dni temu
Holly wood stinks!!!!!!!
VincentLauria6 14 dni temu
Seems as though you have personal agendas here... Instead of providing information, you place political spin on them...
Red Reloadedx
Red Reloadedx 15 dni temu
Hartnett would've sucked as batman, thank God he turned it down
jess jesse
jess jesse 15 dni temu
2: the un- holly - who oath ? Who are rapist producers ?
jess jesse
jess jesse 15 dni temu
1: wrong video title ! It banned by harvey zweinstein the rapistproducer & his isnt the only rapist in hollywooth ? Easy sum dude ! True is outcoming!
Conservative Copwatch
Roseanne's tweet was not racist. A White Jewish woman, called a White Jewish woman an ape. Roseanne believed her to be White, and her DNA test proves she was in fact.
Süß Mensch
Süß Mensch 16 dni temu
Banned? Really? Dafuq?
Punchy Scrotums
Punchy Scrotums 16 dni temu
Hmm, funny that a lot of these celebrities came out as conservative shortly before they were "banned". Strange how that works.
Melissa Prather
Melissa Prather 16 dni temu
just a couple of things to say. As far as Kirk Cameron he told the truth you get punished in hollyweird if you're honest. I am the mother of a gay daughter but she dang well nose mama don't agree with it mama won't participate with it mama will give you a lecture every time she sees or talks to you. I beg her all the time please please for the love of God please turn back your ways. Sodom and Gomorrah a or no longer here maybe you guys should read why. We did not come from a monkey. as far as Roseanne Barr though I'm not a real big fan of Rosanna Rosanna did nothing wrong. The only thing she did was tell the truth about the Democrats. Hollywood has a nasty habit of thinking their gods and people such as yourself give them that idea and keep it going. However I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but one day you will meet God and I don't think you're going to like that very much. a person should not be punished because they believe in God a person should not be punished because they don't live the lifestyle you choose for them. But I have noticed is totally fine with you people to call for physical violence verbal abuse to anyone who doesn't believe what y'all believe. Sometimes you have to go with what is right in life instead of what is wrong these two did exactly that
bruce pate
bruce pate 17 dni temu
Anne Hathaway isn't very pretty. She must have spent alot of time on her knees to get where she is.
Kathie Krebs
Kathie Krebs 17 dni temu
I love Vince Vaughn and the silly comedies he is famous for, and I agree that he has largely been a one note wonder. However, did anyone see him in HBOs TRUE DETECTIVES, where he had the opportunity to play a serious role? I thought he was amazing. Directors should take a look at that work and consider him for a range of other possibilities. He has certainly been typecast.
Jake Knight
Jake Knight 17 dni temu
I really wouldn't say Vaughn is banned from hollywood or stuck in the funny guy role. Look at his roles in Hacksaw Ridge and Brawl in Cell Block 99. Both brutal and gory films, and his new film with the BICB99 director sounds very promising
Matt 2.0
Matt 2.0 18 dni temu
Mo'nique was exiled for refusing to take part in meaningless, superficial bullshit. Honestly, if I was her, I would be proud.
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 18 dni temu
Vince Vaughn isn't bad, many actors are a " one not type of actor ". So stupid.
Expat47 18 dni temu
So, about half of the people mentioned fell victim to the PC police which just goes to reinforce Hollywood's pettiness.
Annilia Radcliff
Annilia Radcliff 18 dni temu
So your just a hater of Anne Hathaway....
David DiRusso
David DiRusso 18 dni temu
I hate Hollywood
BeTaLiAnZ of Hillsidienz
Saw colossal Started to hate anne Hathaway
Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez 18 dni temu
I think Vince Vaughn did great in his serious role in "Brawl in cell block 99" I love that movie
Harshana Dissanayake
Vince Vaughn was brilliant in true detective, he was blacklisted because he is a conservative
George Butler
George Butler 18 dni temu
Omg! Anne Hatgaway is da bomb! Man she is very beautiful and makes a great cat woman! Let's c he again and again and again and...
Sayak Das
Sayak Das 18 dni temu
I never thought that any actor would reject to work with Christopher Nolan. Hartnett really did shot himself in the foot.
Yoshihide Ishihara
Yoshihide Ishihara 18 dni temu
Rose should come back
Chris Gramuglia
Chris Gramuglia 18 dni temu
I believe Monique refused to become a Luciferian. Even Oprah and Tyler Perry tried to convince her. If this is true good for her.!!!
Aaron Sullivan
Aaron Sullivan 18 dni temu
Anne Hathaway might have her side of the story too, just throwing it out there. Enough of this "the world is sexist *throws tantrum*" crap
Gizmo Montzter
Gizmo Montzter 19 dni temu
Kirk Cameron is the poster boy for Atheism...
Mike S
Mike S 20 dni temu
most of them were politically incorrect, and they offended the Hollywood weirdos and freaks
Boss Chic
Boss Chic 21 dzień temu
Brian Everett
Brian Everett 21 dzień temu
I don't think a girl can be sexist to other girls...
Sarah Wales
Sarah Wales 21 dzień temu
Obama is a Pedo! God forbid anyone call him out for it. $30,000 spent on little boys I mean 'Hotdogs' for a White house party? WTF?
John Matullo
John Matullo 22 dni temu
I like Vince Vaughn! I could be great in any action, or Western!
Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier
How is it that America, the most Christian country in the world, blacklisted an actor who said he doesn't believe in the theory of evolution? Isn't that view is in line with the teachings of Christianity? (you know, Adam and stuff)
carmenl163 12 dni temu
Hollywood is not America.
Breanna Williams
Breanna Williams 22 dni temu
Vince Vaughn played in Psycho! He is VERY capable of playing deep and serious roles. Same as Owen Wilson. I think they may prefer certain roles, and want to branch into things. I don't think he made bad choices. All he can do is act, he didn't write it, direct it or market anything. I think Hollywood still loves him!
Valorie Million
Valorie Million 22 dni temu
I use to carry a poster of Josh Hartnett in my back pack in middle school... I would take it out and just stare at it
shade231 22 dni temu
lol it isn't sexism when your director either sucks or worse trying to play out some idiotic empowerment thing for women, or race, or god knows what else those rejects get into their minds.
Justin Hawkins
Justin Hawkins 22 dni temu
I disagree with Vaughn being one noted. He was great in brawl in cell block 99 and pretty good In psycho
Lily Jane
Lily Jane 22 dni temu
Rose Mc Gowan...punished for being a victim of the industry. I applaud her for her strength of character. she needs to come back.
Ace McCool
Ace McCool 23 dni temu
Stacy dash is just ssssoooo smoking hot tho.
BloodMilk&Sky 23 dni temu
Translation about Kirk Cameron's homophobic rant. I'm afraid I may be gay,so I shall bash the gays
Sem Lunghars
Sem Lunghars 23 dni temu
Anna Hathaway ? Fools
Disney - SNL
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