10 Celebs Who Have Been BANNED By Hollywood

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Famous actors who can't find work in Hollywood anymore.
They say that Hollywood is a small time, and that means making enemies can spell the end of your career. Being nominated for an Oscar should be a career highlight, but for Mo’nique it lead to her being totally blacklisted. Josh Hartnett was once a Hollywood heartthrob, but he said no to the wrong director and quietly disappeared from acting. On the other hand, Charlie Sheen definitely didn’t go quietly when he was fired from Two and a Half Men! Both directors and cast members couldn’t stand working with Katherine Heigl, and her name even became a slang term for someone difficult to get along with. Are you a fan of any of these celebrities? Are you crossing your fingers and hoping for a major acting comeback? Let us know in the comment section! Then, hit the subscribe button to stay up to date with the latest videos from TheTalko.
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29 lip 2018

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Komentarze 1 874
Chris Dexheimer
Chris Dexheimer Godzinę temu
Kirk who?
wakan tanka
wakan tanka 2 godzin temu
This actually shows that you have to be obedient sheep, do whatever they tell you to do and forget about your personality. Basically, be the role, not an actor.
Bogdan H
Bogdan H 3 godzin temu
Vince Vaughn roles in True Detective and Unfinished Business were both complex and very hard - in both the man was able to show what sensitivity realy looks like behind the mask of power. The man is a great actor with much more talent than the "funny dork" role.
Norma T. Leon
Norma T. Leon 4 godzin temu
I actually really enjoyed the Delivery Man🤣
Russell Tangey
Russell Tangey 6 godzin temu
I'll still watch Hathaway and Heigl any day.
GoodSeens GS
GoodSeens GS 10 godzin temu
I ... can't say for certain if the announcer is a voice simulator or not. It seems there are inflections around the question mark. But computer technology today is VERY advanced. I'd be curious to know the answer to this.
teddyjackeddy 12 godzin temu
Valerie Jarrett well respected??? LMFAO
john boone
john boone 12 godzin temu
Hollywood , got fake woke now they think they can force their opinion on us and bad mouth anyone they want to include the potus now they slowly go broke as we bleed them , oh the movies with all the girls by a female director , that is so inciteful of you (white male hate I see) , people banned , red box maybe , just so I am caught up for infinity war
inthepocket 14 godzin temu
I prefer to work with men does that make me sexist .. I think not.
Jojo 15 godzin temu
Vince V. for sure
liligh 16 godzin temu
what is this voice acting.... could you not do better?
Logical Lion
Logical Lion 21 godzinę temu
This channel sucks.
UcHuK RaVeRX 23 godzin temu
what is wrong with these people?
Thatairplanegeuy 23 godzin temu
Vince is still good to me imho
Thatairplanegeuy 23 godzin temu
I still like Kirk and he’s doing just fine without Hollywood
Mr S S Luthuli
Mr S S Luthuli Dzień temu
TRIGGER ALERT!!! Always wanted to do that ( L O L). Otherwise as if it matters if Kirk Cameron is accepted by billions, his religion is and has always been one of selflessness, letting go of the superficial external things and accepting a gift beyond any other. Look at him carry this cross of his with joy and hopefulness, he loves others in sharing the way which he has found as to be right and true to him. He has not only preached what he believed, he has again lived it, right before our very eyes. SOMETHING GLORIOUS MUST HAVE HAPPENED, THAT HE CHANGED THIS WAY!
Hl A
Hl A Dzień temu
Roseanne was far from racist, you vile fuckwits!
Keith Everett
Keith Everett Dzień temu
Hmm, so many ads... spoilt the video for me...
Matthew Burris
Matthew Burris Dzień temu
Vaughn will be 'back'. He's good. Maybe a Burt Reynolds Boogie Nights thing. Hell continue to get roles from directors who grew up loving Hathaway? Lost cause.
Archer Dzień temu
a Christian who thinks gay sex is wrong... SHOCKER!
Rap Tap Tap
Rap Tap Tap Dzień temu
I'd love to put some cum on Anne Hathaways back.
BarefootShaman Dzień temu
Is Hathaway a MTF transgender?
SirSmurfalot 2 dni temu
Stacy Dash = Too racist to be on Faux.... wow.
Elizabeth Thorne
Elizabeth Thorne 2 dni temu
So you acknowledge that Rose McGowan was a victim of Harvey Weinstein, and then when transitioning to Katherine Heigl, you start with 'Speaking of celebs who shot themselves in the foot...' Well done for implying that McGowan was responsible for her own demise. Nice victim-blaming.
Daggz90 2 dni temu
Heigl was right though. Grey's Anatomy was a terrible show tbh. Probably a nice person whom just spoke her mind and has to pay for not following the agenda.
Eoin Tolster
Eoin Tolster 2 dni temu
Hathaway is Hillary Clinton/Pelosi to me
Qas Perr
Qas Perr 2 dni temu
Hater channel.
Beau Sisson
Beau Sisson 2 dni temu
I find it very interesting that at least 3 of these people are outspoken conservatives. Only goes to show you that constitutional conservative Christians are no longer tolerated in Hollywood.
swindonbadger 2 dni temu
the code word is bananas
L Rajic
L Rajic 2 dni temu
Disagree. Anne Hathaway gets lots of work. Kirk Cameron, well ... he is working ... if you want to see those movies.
Booster Gold
Booster Gold 2 dni temu
I think Josh Hartnett, Vince Vaughn, Rose McGowan, and Monique should be given opportunities to work in future... everyone else on the list were real A-Holes. As far as Monique is concerned... I am on her side. Why should I present myself at Hollywood parties as a effing "show pony" after winning an award. This process [award campaigning] seems completely ridiculous and pompous in itself.
kinerry 2 dni temu
Stacy Dash did nothing wrong
Hyro Proto
Hyro Proto 2 dni temu
so expressing a negative opinion on the then president made you loose your job in Hollywood. Damn..Guess most of the Actors & actresses in Hollywood are out of jobs these days
pkj77 3 dni temu
I´d love to get Charlie Sheen back
William Elliott
William Elliott 3 dni temu
Too many big ego's in Hollywood.
Pauli 3 dni temu
Roseanne did nothing wrong. Hollywood is just Commie
Pauli 3 dni temu
"Sexism?" Lol, working with women.............. SUCKS
Locomamonk 3 dni temu
the reasons of these bans are either explained badly or not so convincing as to give an explanation of why are they not so prominent now... plus the voice sounds too robotic
Oscar Duran
Oscar Duran 3 dni temu
Hollywood is disgusting
My Fake Name
My Fake Name 3 dni temu
EVERYONE is a cog in a massive machine... and that is a GOOD thing. That machine is society, progress, ever increasing levels of plenty and abundance, ever increasing availability of information and education, ever increasing wide spread distribution of the comfort and pleasures that create a quality of life unheard of 100, 50 or even 20 years ago. If you dont want to take part in modern society that is fine, if you dont want to contribute to your fellow man's prosperity and security, I take no issue. I take issue when you assail these increases in health, longevity, peace, comfort, security as though you alone are unique and can create so kind of utopia for yourself while ignoring the fact YOURE NOT THE ONLY FUCKING HUMAN ON THE PLANET. The fact is everything, in every metric, across every measurement for every populace is improving. If you dont like it because youre not special enough, or because globalism has pointed out that whatever it is you do there are a million people around the world that can do it better for cheaper, then disengage and see how long you survive without the society you try to make a career out of hating. Life is improving for everyone, across the board. Demonize those pushing the progress forward as you wish, but dont fucking act like you have any hand in that progress other than that of a cog in a machine, that works for every ones benefit.
Natalie Holeman
Natalie Holeman 3 dni temu
Several of the actors on this banned list, I personally still consider A list and consider their being included on a movie or television show a plus to my desire to watch it. I can separate their acting from their real life. For example I enjoy both Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen as actors. Based on off screen activities, I would not want any member of my family to ever encounter either. I enjoy Anne Hathaway. I have not seen a movie of hers that I have not watched at least 2 times, most 5 - 10 times. I also enjoy Stacy Dash. These are examples of actors/actresses that I have found we only in movies/shows I enjoyed. I admit I really do not care to hear a celebrities politics. For me, if you want to be a political analyst, be somewhat tactful, have your facts, organize them, and present your arguments much as one would with a formal debate (not a political debate, those are almost always debates in only the most loose definition). I am willing to listen to well organized arguments. Many have swayed my opinions and more have caused me to research both sides arguments in depth to try and determine which side is the most correct. Most celebrities only state an opinion and not the reasoning behind the opinion. I learned long ago not to just trust someone's opinions because they were either in a position of authority or leadership.
I’m Gabe
I’m Gabe 3 dni temu
Olivia Munn might get put on this list now..which will be complete BS if it comes true.
Tomer Israeli
Tomer Israeli 3 dni temu
I love how not being on the left means that you're on the FAR right and are clueless.
Tomer Israeli
Tomer Israeli 3 dni temu
Some men feel comfortable around women more than around men. Some women feel comfortable around men more than around women. So what? Is that sexism? Come on. Think.
TOUCH 2 CHANGE 3 dni temu
Anna Hathaway is banned? What a bullshit.
Evona A Grochowski
I am a huge fan, of the original TV series, "Charmed", and I didn't even know, that Rose McGowen, was banned, from, Hollywood,..! I didn't even notice, I did have a chance to meet, two of the original cast members, from this show and get their autographs, during the 2017 Phoenix Comic-con. I thought, if any one got banned from, Hollywood these days, it was because they were for, President Trump,..!
Derek D
Derek D 4 dni temu
The liberal bias in this video is terrible. You painted the Conservatives all as racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-science, etc. The producers of this video are no different than the Hollywood lefties who view the world from an ideological bubble.
Stephen Stack
Stephen Stack 4 dni temu
Anne Hathaway and Josh Hartnett have multiple projects coming up. I agree Josh is an idiot for turning down those super hero roles. But both actors are working and not "Been Banned"
oscarwildeghost 4 dni temu
Piss off the leftist gay Hollywood mafia, and you'll wind up on this list too.
Quinton Hall
Quinton Hall 4 dni temu
This whole video is about bashing stars who aren't conforming to PC culture lmfao
Quinton Hall
Quinton Hall 4 dni temu
Jesus christ ..... You're seriously gonna slam Hathaway because shes an honest person and doesn't give into the "women do it better" hype? She sees the shitty road hollywood has gone down and im glad she isnt brainwashed like the rest of hollywood.
So Cal Astarte
So Cal Astarte 4 dni temu
So if anyone doesn't subscribe to a leftist viewpoint, they get blacklisted in Hollywood, got it.
Jana Willems
Jana Willems 4 dni temu
I disagree the part of anne hathaway, I think she is one of the best actresses ever!!!!!!!!!!!
Nancy Bowers
Nancy Bowers 4 dni temu
Aah, Hollywood! What to wear tomorrow & what to say today!
nur arief
nur arief 5 dni temu
Vince Vaughn is a good actor, you should see cell block 99 and true detective season 2.
smittywerben jaggermanjensen
No antisemitic comments? really?
Axe Pagode
Axe Pagode 5 dni temu
Anne Hathaway has not been banned by Hollywood. She is one of the busiest actresses. In addition to Oceans 8 that came out in 2018, she has the following movies completed in 2018 or in pre-production for later. The Lifeboat (announced) O2 (pre-production) The Last Thing He Wanted (post-production) 2019 The Hustle (completed) 2018/I Serenity (completed) 2018
Baylor58 Duncan
Baylor58 Duncan 5 dni temu
Every major civilization has gone queer and violent before they crumble from within. FACT.
Humanoidfreak 5 dni temu
Anne Hathaway? Wasn't she recently in Ocean's 8? It's not like she vanished off the face of the earth before then.
Lori Walsh
Lori Walsh 5 dni temu
Anne Hathaway is too good for Hollywood.
JudgementRyu999 5 dni temu
I mean this shows more how stupid hollywood is than some of the actors are the problem.
Ken Harris
Ken Harris 5 dni temu
C M 5 dni temu
Your voice is annoying.
RicardosLaFleur 5 dni temu
Anne Hathaway is sexist because she prefers working with male directors to her gender? OK then.
slhunt92 5 dni temu
James Woods?
Terry Gunn
Terry Gunn 5 dni temu
Hollywood will not hire Christian actors
weshnolefan 5 dni temu
So...Stacey Dash being a conservative was reason enough to end her career by the tone of this video. Yeesh
bob C
bob C 5 dni temu
Roseanne hands down
Kevin Burns
Kevin Burns 5 dni temu
Lesson to learn here, make sure you are not seen as a conservative to the liberal Hollywood elite.
myk anderson
myk anderson 5 dni temu
So if you speak up in Hollywood, your blacklisted but if you kneel during the national anthem, your a saint? Only in America.
DGPrepper 5 dni temu
The only actor I wondered about was Josh Hartnett. He seemed talented enough and had enough of a presence that he should have been getting roles. The fact that he turned down superhero roles seems like a shitty reason to blacklist him entirely. Most of the rest just seem like miserable humans, drug addicts or divas who are difficult to work with. The only exception might be Rose McGowan, who probably wasn't as annoying before Weinstein got to her. I understand she's been through hell - but at some point, you have to pick youself up and move on.
Minerva Minus
Minerva Minus 5 dni temu
anne hathaway and josh hartnett! i mean come on we are being deprived of 2 amazing actors! give them a hard time maybe to teach them a lesson but why do we the public have to pay for their lesson!
Tim Sparks
Tim Sparks 5 dni temu
wow you speak very sharply against the so-called far right when you're actually speaking up for the far left you a bunch of hypocrite idiots
Vince Peterson
Vince Peterson 6 dni temu
Anne Hathaway is talented and lovely. And McGowan is an ameba.
gizzykat kat
gizzykat kat 6 dni temu
Katherine Heigl is worse than Hitler.
Banana Child
Banana Child 6 dni temu
Hollywood is this real bad dude huh. They ousted Monique just because she chosed her family instead of poor old Holly's political problem. She definitely chosed the right decision there.
Pat Beaudry
Pat Beaudry 6 dni temu
Hollywood is as hypocritical as cops are. To bad .they have some good people there.
Dean F.
Dean F. 6 dni temu
Sounds like Christopher Nolan was a complete douche bag to Josh Hartnett, not the other way around. Mo'nique and Rose McGowan were screwed over, too.
Marcus Payne
Marcus Payne 6 dni temu
Because they said “No” to being fucked by the Rape Cartel.
Nic O'Neill
Nic O'Neill 6 dni temu
Vaughn just killed it in hacksaw ridge
Bob Hunt
Bob Hunt 6 dni temu
i certainly did not watch for the ads
Jason Rees
Jason Rees 6 dni temu
WEinstein.How many actors sat on his casting couch and said "what do I have to do to get the part ? You think this never happened ? Ha !!!
Billy Baldwin
Billy Baldwin 6 dni temu
what a bullshit video
Jason Rees
Jason Rees 6 dni temu
Mo'nique .She is very talented .Hollywood will miss her.
Jason Rees
Jason Rees 6 dni temu
You know what happens to women who are "cute" when they are young ?,they always think someone is kidding when they critizise them .They don't know how to behave when being cute doesn't work anymore.
fanatic4hockey 6 dni temu
Stacey Dash, my hero.
AK Daddio
AK Daddio 6 dni temu
Regarding Stacy Dash, so her career died because she left the liberal plantation? And Kurt Cameron because he has the bad taste of being a Christian? Wow, how dare they be free thinkers and not conform to the Hollyweird mind think! And they wonder why people quit going to the movies!
al joseph
al joseph 6 dni temu
stacey dash is a blow hard windbag all of bullshit and lies
al joseph
al joseph 6 dni temu
Cameron is a delusional douchebag.
Malk Avian
Malk Avian 6 dni temu
Dudes, does anyone know what the music starting at 6:40 is? Thanks in advance.
Globalist Hunter
Globalist Hunter 6 dni temu
SJW thought police on parade. They've all but destroyed art and beauty.
Ken Lynn
Ken Lynn 6 dni temu
The narrator seems like they have an opinion and you should agree.
Armchair Warrior
Armchair Warrior 6 dni temu
She does look like that ape lady LOL. Truth hurts.
deadbeatdynamo 6 dni temu
What is most striking about this video is the vapid, two-dimensional narrator, acting as a mouthpiece for an Establishment defined by narcissistic obsession and a hatred of the system that created it. Listen to her words as she speaks -- there's barely any coherence or independent thought perceptible, just a blind acceptance of the character assassinations she's expected to parrot. She is one of the truly banned -- the System's biggest victims never even get within sniffing distance...
Andrew 6 dni temu
rose mcgowan is trash, look up some of the shit shes pulled. total nutbar out of touch from reality.
Adam Ppool
Adam Ppool 6 dni temu
Hathaway doesn’t look like she’s BANNED. She has 9 films coming up and her recent films have been received well. Not sure why she’s on this list.
Greg Parks
Greg Parks 6 dni temu
Kirk Cameron is awesome, I am proud of him for his stand on Christianity. #onewayjesus
mixboy79 6 dni temu
Most of them were "blackballed" because they're free thinkers and don't give into the bullshit
Mirta Vega
Mirta Vega 6 dni temu