10 Celebs Who Have Been BANNED By Hollywood

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Famous actors who can't find work in Hollywood anymore.
They say that Hollywood is a small time, and that means making enemies can spell the end of your career. Being nominated for an Oscar should be a career highlight, but for Mo’nique it lead to her being totally blacklisted. Josh Hartnett was once a Hollywood heartthrob, but he said no to the wrong director and quietly disappeared from acting. On the other hand, Charlie Sheen definitely didn’t go quietly when he was fired from Two and a Half Men! Both directors and cast members couldn’t stand working with Katherine Heigl, and her name even became a slang term for someone difficult to get along with. Are you a fan of any of these celebrities? Are you crossing your fingers and hoping for a major acting comeback? Let us know in the comment section! Then, hit the subscribe button to stay up to date with the latest videos from TheTalko.
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29 lip 2018

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Komentarze 4 434
Natalie Helferty
Natalie Helferty 14 godzin temu
I gave the Name to an Ugly Italian Mafia Heavy.
Natalie Helferty
Natalie Helferty 14 godzin temu
Harvey Weinstein is a Name I made up stolen from Albert Einstein the Atomic and Nuclear Bomber of Toronto and Manhattan.
Natalie Helferty
Natalie Helferty 14 godzin temu
Hollywood is My Humber Chief Family Name of Toronto Tribe.
Natalie Helferty
Natalie Helferty 14 godzin temu
Barrack Obama was put in jail by God yesterday for being Disloyal to Canada and the USA.
Natalie Helferty
Natalie Helferty 14 godzin temu
I have one Twitter account. It is Natalie Helferty.
Natalie Helferty
Natalie Helferty 14 godzin temu
Josh Hartnett once lived 3 doors over from Me. He was shape-shifted to be a 9 year old kid. He is Inspector General of the Canadian Armed Forces.
KOS Listed
KOS Listed 21 godzinę temu
No way Hartnett was considered before Bale as Batman that made Me LAUGH. Bale won an Oscar as a KID. in Empire of the Sun. Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama
Michael Stidham
Michael Stidham 23 godzin temu
Josh Hartnett wasn't banned from Hollywood, he chose to take a break from Hollywood. He did absolutely nothing wrong by turning down roles he was not interested in. That does not make Josh hard to work with, it only makes those that blackballed him hard to work with if that actually happened.
Michael Stidham
Michael Stidham 23 godzin temu
Far left Hollywood is out of touch with reality.
Mark Camp
Mark Camp Dzień temu
Kirk Cameron Rosanna and Stacey Dash my three new favorite celebrities
William Perkins
William Perkins Dzień temu
Actors are overpayed over hyped and glamorized, they should keep thier personal life and viewpoints etc. out of the media I guess it happens because people become emotionally invested in the roles that they played. I watch a movie for the content and story more than the big name of the actor., I actually prefer when new talented actors are chosen for suitable roles because Id prefer to be immersed in the movie more than the actors playing them.
Jeffreys W
Jeffreys W Dzień temu
Liberalism= communism They need complete control of you. If you think for yourself you serve no purpose to them.
Rita Williams
Rita Williams Dzień temu
The Talko is so biased! 👎🏼
Craig Patterson
Craig Patterson Dzień temu
Anne Hathaway Celebs Who Have not Been BANNED By Hollywood - just did like 5 top billing movies "Fake news"
Tess Tess
Tess Tess 2 dni temu
When that puke Pelosi speaks of her American values, her perspective is not like ours. NO NO!!! Her values do not respect the U.S. Constitution U.S. LAW, , bible or freedom. Shes a Bolshevik Communist Jewess and should be kicked out of the government along with that freak Little Bolshevik Chucky Schumer . In their religion its ok to break oaths such as promising to defend the U. S. CONSTITUTION.. LEARN ABOUT JEWISH KOL NIDRE, and how they break vows in order to circumvent and gain power over non-Jews. Should these dual citizens more loyal to Isra-hell even be in any position of power? Isnt it obvious what the Jews ((ADL, SPLC, 2 corrupt anti American Jewish organizations, ))are up to by trying to pass hate speech laws today so no one can EXPOSE THEIR CONSPIRACY AGENDAS against Americans today making it impossible to expose the many crimes they are suspected of. SPYING ON US, , stealing gov secrets. . Missing 2 TRILLION DOLLARS misplaced by Rabbi Dov Zackheim, Who REALLY did WTC attacks, humdreds if Isra-Helli spies secretly flown out of the country after 9/11. ., Jewish Mossad with bombs in their trucks with the WTC TOWERS PAINTED ON THE SIDE WITH PLANES flying into them, NIT LET GO FREE!!!!! ...The U.S.S. LIBERTY ATTACK done by Isra-Hell upon orders given by our CRYPTO JEW PRESIDENT, Lyndon Baine/Ben Johnson...Perpetual wars for Jews. And so much more. With ally’s like that who needs enemies? ITS TIME DOR REAL CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. Ita time to take our country back and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN like we used to be before the MASS IMMIGRATION OF COMMUMIST JEWS FROM USSR TO AMERICA. The Red Mafia Benjamin Freedman warned us about.
Tess Tess
Tess Tess 2 dni temu
Television is so disgusting today I dont bother watching it rarely. The shows totally suck and are so violent or immoral, filled with homosexuality and fornication and CONSTANTLY PUSHING THE LIBERAL NARRATIVE which is destructive and sickening.. I just wanna puke.
Dorsha Guerrero
Dorsha Guerrero 3 dni temu
I loved couples retreat !!
Robert King
Robert King 3 dni temu
Kirk cameron speaks the truth and does not care what demonic Hollywood thinks
TheBrianGee 3 dni temu
"After being nominated, it's expected that a star will show up to the right parties, and campaign for their success" Wth is going on in Hollywood? Here I thought they won awards on merit, not politics. Explains a lot.
Gretchen Javaid
Gretchen Javaid 3 dni temu
Stacey Dash and Meghan Markle are practically doppelgangers.
Ernest Marshall
Ernest Marshall 3 dni temu
Lady talking is Bias towards people who Fighting against . Hollywood Biases.
Springfeeeel3 3 dni temu
I see all the far right nutcases are out in the comments with their conspiracy theories
tribunation 3 dni temu
Vince Vaughn. 👍👍👍
tribunation 3 dni temu
Stacy Dash. 👍👍👍
tribunation 3 dni temu
Kirk Cameron. 👍👍👍
Jex Smx
Jex Smx 4 dni temu
hollywood & celebrities - an all around sick community we'd all be better without.
grod805 4 dni temu
Where is Penelope Cruz on this list? She spoke up against Israel and was blacklisted for sure
Charly Rios
Charly Rios 4 dni temu
2-words: Anne Hathaway & Katherine Heigl'!!! 💕
Chan Roobi
Chan Roobi 4 dni temu
Stacy Dash had the world ahead of her and not to mention she is a beautiful woman. Too bad she went to the extreme right and ruined her career!
babajamiaco 4 dni temu
Basically, the issue is - will you sell your freedom of speech for Hollywood career. Is USA turning into the USSR?...
Simon Evans
Simon Evans 4 dni temu
I don’t miss any of them and could name a few more for future blackballing
Curtis Shoemaker
Curtis Shoemaker 4 dni temu
I like Kirk Cameron
Curtis Shoemaker
Curtis Shoemaker 4 dni temu
Hollywood is crap
Evilfish82 5 dni temu
So it's mostly just social justice bullshit. Fucking douchebags.
I wilfix
I wilfix 5 dni temu
Which is more disgraceful? Singing the national anthem, or booing during it. Rosanne does not sing, why would you ask her to sing the national anthem? But... She knew all the words, many performers have lost the words or changed them during the anthem.
borrak 5 dni temu
Hahahaha. Translation. Listen to your Kings and Queens....
Jasmina Pretner
Jasmina Pretner 5 dni temu
Vince Vaughn not talented? Have you seen him in True detective? i guess not.
Bowser Dragon
Bowser Dragon 6 dni temu
I call bullshit. Rose McGowan does not act like a victim. She is too much of a seductress in her roles, only thing she is guilty of is most likely taking part of the infamous Casting Couch to boost her career. Now that she got successful she decided to take back what consensual sex she had way back when and join the #metoo movement. What even she fails to realize there is a statue of limitations even for rape and sexual abuse, so even if there was any truth to her allegations [which is unlikely cause she does not act like a victim whatsoever] she had plenty of time to deal with it way back when. And if that meant she was going to lose her chance of a big star cause she can't act worth a damn then it's on her. The woman clearly does not have self respect for her body. She is also inciting riot with her latest actions which is against the law. Now I do not agree with producers getting away with the Casting Couch business but if you said yes to it in hopes of becoming a star, you're at fault for cheating and taking shortcuts and should deal with the consequences.
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 6 dni temu
zeron adolf
zeron adolf 6 dni temu
i admire stacey dash for her courage to stand up againsy negrobama and pedo-llywood
zeron adolf
zeron adolf 6 dni temu
this idiot who made this video about celebs is so foolishly liberal fool,he mocks those who were boycotted by pedophile-hollyweird for practicing their christianity and rejecting homosexual freaks,who would want to work in an industry where homosexuality pedophilia are celebrated?
JoeMilano9 6 dni temu
Hollywood is radically intolerant
Jason Burt
Jason Burt 6 dni temu
‘The majority of his fans despise him’ = oxymoron. Crazy how media has a cow about a tweet, but is silent when Valerie Jarret helps to overthrow the sovereign government of Ukraine.
Maura N
Maura N 7 dni temu
Or you could leave Anne Hathaway alone...
Tony M
Tony M 7 dni temu
I came for Stacey Dash. and Reese Witherspoon
Sage Advice
Sage Advice 7 dni temu
Must say Monique actually stood on stage and told Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry all that if she had a d*ck she wanted them to suck it. lol I'd say she was ballsy but stupid for that.
David Morris
David Morris 7 dni temu
Sorry for Rose McGowan; she was right to stand up. Btw I had said at the outset that Vince Vaughn, will ferrel, Adam sandler's, rob Schneider, etc. were all NO TALENTS! Oh guess I was wrong(NOT!!!!!)
LaraCroftEyes1 6 dni temu
Rose McGowan took hush money and stay quiet until Metomovement started and Rose defend a convicted pedophile director
SlurpEee25 7 dni temu
George Bush the disgrace calls other people disgraceful.
Juan Zuniga
Juan Zuniga 7 dni temu
Woah woah hold up this video is basically people who lost roles for not being social justice warrior wtf
Juan Zuniga
Juan Zuniga 7 dni temu
Uhh Cameron is kind of right look at California if that’s not enough proof I don’t know what is
Juan Zuniga
Juan Zuniga 7 dni temu
Wow Anne Hathaway is smart knowing females are bad at directing sometimes
Sage Advice
Sage Advice 8 dni temu
Kathryn Heigl and Monique are both disgusting. Kathryn was always a pita and then Monique decides she's above fulfilling contractual obligations. Let them both stand in line at a soup kitchen. I can't be bothered. Kirk Cameron is also a piece of work. From a star to a nobody on his own power. Way to go you loser!
Dann Setzer
Dann Setzer 8 dni temu
Love Kurt Cameron. Shame on Hollywood for the BIGOTRY seriously. We don’t have to agree... but we need opposition as a culture and open ideas with Socratic discussion. You people are so so full of bigotry
M.r. Moon
M.r. Moon 8 dni temu
hollywood is populated and run by socialist imbeciles who talk like the empty-headed fame worshipping PC cretin girl we hear narrating this muck.
BS Catcher
BS Catcher 8 dni temu
Kirk Cameron is right about evolution tho.
Todd Overby
Todd Overby 8 dni temu
I don't think I have ever seen a Vince Vaughn film I didn't enjoy.
marie 8 dni temu
So Stacey Dash is clueless because she’s not an Obama fan girl? Good lord.
Nill Gddy
Nill Gddy 8 dni temu
McGowan is a whore
Nill Gddy
Nill Gddy 8 dni temu
Stacy dash is my hero
Frankie Gretsh
Frankie Gretsh 8 dni temu
Just wasted ten minutes and thirty-two seconds of my day. These people are all irrelevant and have been for a long time. Dishonorable mentions go to Sheen and Hathaway. They are two of the most overblown "celebrities" in this pile of narcissistic nobodies. Good riddance to all of these bums.
Stoogs 8 dni temu
Anne likes a MANNN
Michelle Bowman
Michelle Bowman 8 dni temu
Sheen told on himself..wake up people ..he admitted he is a allot are
Jim Garcia
Jim Garcia 8 dni temu
Hollywood, eat the corn outta my sh$t and choke... worthless sacks of turds
Ken Stanton
Ken Stanton 8 dni temu
poor,poor herps mcgowan
Tracy Bennett
Tracy Bennett 9 dni temu
Hollywood is extremely intolerant.
Sara Gallas
Sara Gallas 9 dni temu
How about this, you make a video about all the power hungry rapists and pedos behind the scenes next, might bring back some faith from the people...
Sara Gallas
Sara Gallas 9 dni temu
In otherwords... all those that are being casted are mindless robots looking for attention in the worst ways. Hollywood... where the whores live? Is that your message... because that is all I heard. You can not have an opinion, you can not say no, you can not even expose the truth without horrific repercussions. Well, I was going to take my luv to a movie, but dont want to ruin a perfectly good evening by supporting trash with cash. Thanks for the insight I will stick to independent films and music for that matter. Bye!
Bud Davis
Bud Davis 9 dni temu
I you will notice most of these people were shund for telling the truth or standing up for what it righteous ! If celebrities are as corrupt as they are what do you think about there leaders or...masters ( owners ) think about that for just a second it should not take that long to see what is so verry clear ! God bless America !
* nanormous *
* nanormous * 9 dni temu
Stacy Dash saw through the democrook bs. Outsourcing our economy for Chinese slave labor & laundering payoffs through a phoney charity front. Bailing out Clinton's mortgage fraud scheme without oversight, while race baiting & tax funding the democrooks vote farming scheme. #DeathToTraitors #DieDemocrooks
Amanda Pace
Amanda Pace 9 dni temu
I about died seeing that Donald Trump ad 🤣🤣
Josh Berman
Josh Berman 9 dni temu
Even Man Child Comedians are terrified of Heigl in real life.
slibertas1996 9 dni temu
Kirt Cameron is right
slibertas1996 9 dni temu
I like Ann Hathaway
Boss Hogg
Boss Hogg 10 dni temu
Vince Vaughn deserves a career.
Anonymous226 10 dni temu
Jessie Williams is a piece of shit.
Anonymous226 10 dni temu
I wonder which Zionist piece of shit runs this channel I wonder?🤔
Anonymous226 10 dni temu
If you were blacklisted from Hollywood, you are doing something right. Being blacklisted from an industry of pedophiles, rapists and psychopaths (mostly Jewish zionists) is a step in the right direction.
Linda Irvine
Linda Irvine 10 dni temu
Who can tolerate this gobby a chatty cathy doll...practically the whole lot is one sentence ....dreadful person to choose, take a breath ffs
Free thinking person
Hollywood is so evil any more ! Anti God and anti Bible.
LUCIFER GAUTAM 10 dni temu
I subscribed.....😉😋
Joseph DiBiase
Joseph DiBiase 10 dni temu
America has become pussy soft...
skingftl 10 dni temu
I came for Josh Hartman
Bob Woods
Bob Woods 10 dni temu
So if success has its cost. Sell out to stay inside the inner circle. Or pentagram Speak the obvious and your out. This agenda spewing crap factory has gone on to long. Gays are a social parasite. Remember the unicorns were beautiful creatures but detrimental to our survival. So Noah left them to fend for themselves. He knew that that would reincarnate to again plague mankind.
arch angel
arch angel 10 dni temu
Way to go Kirk yeshua rules and lucifer drools. Homosexuality is an abomination don’t believe me ask the descendants of sodom and Gomorrah oh wait you can’t because there aren’t any the almighty Father Yahweh destroyed them for their sinful acts.
wilwad 10 dni temu
Anne Hathaway is not beautiful please stop
Nico Pelletier
Nico Pelletier 10 dni temu
Rose mcgowan
Dil Mark
Dil Mark 10 dni temu
TheTalko Your bias politics are showing
bluedance lilly
bluedance lilly 10 dni temu
Anne Hathaway isn't blackballed.... she just made a big movie with Matthew McConoughey.
Dominique DoesNotExist
You can’t really blame Anne Hathaway for her sexist views because those are perspectives that many people are shown and taught and ingrained into their beliefs. It’s pretty hard to change your opinions when it’s about something you’ve seen all your life
Jenn Bridgens
Jenn Bridgens 10 dni temu
You're not wrong about Vince Vaughn's movies, but he did an excellent job in the second season of True Detective.
AZURE SKYE 11 dni temu
You need to correct your comment about Valerie Jarrett. She is NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN. She’s IRANIAN. And Hussein didn’t give a crap about terrorism. Be honest!
Deep Ghoul
Deep Ghoul 11 dni temu
Hollywood has always had this mentality about treating actors like circus animals. All of these actors and actresses, acting their socks off for this business for years, end up with just about nothing when it's over,. And then the bigwigs in Hollywood take you out the back, put a .44 slug in the back of your head, and then dump you in the river. That's the life of an actor.
Dana Regan
Dana Regan 11 dni temu
Charlie is still working. He is a draw, period. His craziness is his appeal
Taco Toku
Taco Toku 11 dni temu
What a completely biased piece of crap this is.
Brother Rick
Brother Rick 11 dni temu
Cameron tells the truth about evil Satan worshipping Hollywood. Hollywood could do some real good but they sold their souls to the devil and that messages are affecting Millions especially young people do not know the truth between Good and Evil right and wrong truth in the era. Cameron is doing God's work and the devil's people hate God and His works.
Pat Marion
Pat Marion 11 dni temu
What about all the Weinstein rape victims?
Verne Fits
Verne Fits 11 dni temu
Hathaway is so gorgeous and talented. Love her no matter what 😘😘😘
Pretty Mommy
Pretty Mommy 11 dni temu
Can't stand Roseanne Barr 😜
Nicholas Maude
Nicholas Maude 12 dni temu
Now that that rapist swine Harvey Weinstein is being prosecuted Rose McGowan can hopefully resume her acting career also she should take her former agent to court for her complicity.
LaraCroftEyes1 6 dni temu
Rose took hush money and stay quiet for years until 2017 and she defended a convicted pedophile director and Rose career gone and the pig Harvey not going to prison and highly doubt there be a trial
Nicholas Maude
Nicholas Maude 12 dni temu
That arsehole Kirk Cameron should be called Jerk Cameron, I have no time for intolerant religious bigots like him.
Mike Jacoby
Mike Jacoby 12 dni temu
Opinions are subjective. Anne Hathaway is not beautiful. And this video was posted in 2018 when she hadn't done much for a couple years, but she's been busy in 2019. Roseanne has a big mouth, but an opinion shouldn't be reason for someone to get shunned. Vaughn is still getting work, and I liked him in Brawl in Cell Block 99. That was a serious role. Last thing is I want to jump on my soapbox for a minute: It's honestly too bad that hollywood can shun people for exerting what's in their given rights: Freedom of Speech. I forgot the guys' name who spoke out against homosexuality, but the fact is that 2 guys cannot procreate by pounding fudge. They were not put on earth to do that and there's this thing called AIDS that can occur from such an act. If there is a God, you have to believe he created man and woman to procreate, to make babies, and maybe he made AIDS as well, to scare men from doing what they shouldn't be doing. If men and women shared prisons, there wouldn't be so much male rape. ANYWAY, to shun people for doing what's in their constitutional right is wrong. The local news has a far worse effect on society for dominating prime time with death and doing whatever they can to scare society and spread their hatred everywhere. But it seems we're a society driven by hate. I don't know if you guys are doing anything other than spreading gossip. If you're trying to help the situation, that's one thing, but I don't think you are. So I feel like this was a pointless waste of time. That said, I guess you shed light on an important message and that's that the powerful love to control everything. Things do need to change.
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