$1 Street Food Around The World

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From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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13 wrz 2018

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Komentarze 22 397
R.i.p Craig
R.i.p Craig 27 minut temu
The hot dog guy was ready
Nekito 45 minut temu
I WOULD NOT EAT THAT LAST ONE not saying the taste is bad or the hygiene was bad but because of the oil
Nadia .Galván
Nadia .Galván Godzinę temu
That wasn't 12 pesos, but 15 pesos
NinjasHyper927 %
NinjasHyper927 % Godzinę temu
Melody Chen
Melody Chen 2 godzin temu
South Korea
Set_fire_to_the_dane 2 godzin temu
We don’t have anything like that in Denmark ;-;
Parappatherapperfan 2 godzin temu
In brazil the street foods i know is Fair Pastel
TOXIC N1gHtMaRe 3 godzin temu
Turkey 🇹🇷 🇹🇷
Aina Sofia
Aina Sofia 3 godzin temu
First one is Halal
Cuong Le
Cuong Le 4 godzin temu
How about vietnamese food
Afra Rayhana
Afra Rayhana 4 godzin temu
that indie one i relly like to try it's look delicius😚😲😮
Reynard Chandra
Reynard Chandra 4 godzin temu
In indonesia for 1dollar you can get 1fried rice...
Jack 5 godzin temu
Olek Raczkowski
Olek Raczkowski 5 godzin temu
david Prenaj
david Prenaj 5 godzin temu
0:09 did he say gay?
everything master
everything master 6 godzin temu
Pav bhaji would be 60 rupees mince 1 dollar
Joe M
Joe M 6 godzin temu
In Egypt u can buy one cigarette of weed for 1.50 dollar
Can Çiçekdal
Can Çiçekdal 7 godzin temu
where is TURKEY
Луказаврик •ω•
Palki Roy
Palki Roy 7 godzin temu
my India so I choose pav bhaji
Red Blitz
Red Blitz 7 godzin temu
Elisabeth Spataro
Elisabeth Spataro 8 godzin temu
Well in Romania everything is expensive as hell :(
Pasquale Caponio
Pasquale Caponio 8 godzin temu
pañordo xd
pañordo xd 9 godzin temu
Vení a argentina papá te resivi mis con Panchitos
sena çiftçi
sena çiftçi 9 godzin temu
Simit, from Istanbul/Turkey!!!
Gmalii 3
Gmalii 3 10 godzin temu
india looks so good
AA6 10 godzin temu
street food at philipines plssss
JudeVlogs124 10 godzin temu
Bro this is insiders video wtf
Binci 10 godzin temu
1$ in Norway = half a package of chewing gum
Axnake 10 godzin temu
А где рашка, вы чо расисты?
Itsuki Kusakabe
Itsuki Kusakabe 10 godzin temu
There’s really no $1 food where I am, everything is so expensive.
Jenzterrifico Loco
Jenzterrifico Loco 10 godzin temu
I like the fish one in Japan
Ragersz _456
Ragersz _456 10 godzin temu
1$ in can eat porridge
Daniel Pilman
Daniel Pilman 11 godzin temu
do aus. good luck
Emili Strzys
Emili Strzys 11 godzin temu
2:46 this is from Germany (1 euro)
Phi Huynh
Phi Huynh 11 godzin temu
l like hotdoh
Muhamad Rifat
Muhamad Rifat 11 godzin temu
in indonesia you can get one package lunch
vilasha thalagala
vilasha thalagala 12 godzin temu
Buns geez
vilasha thalagala
vilasha thalagala 12 godzin temu
I dont think those two bins are enough for the curry given
Ed Pietjouw
Ed Pietjouw 12 godzin temu
I absolutly Love Churros and Porras and so on😋😍
Black Pulcinella
Black Pulcinella 13 godzin temu
In italy,naples,you can buy a pizza. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mirza Andhika Putra
Mirza Andhika Putra 13 godzin temu
3:25 It’s just fried dough, nothing special about it.
knive baseball nickel bunch
Italy plz
Dinkout 13 godzin temu
In Vietnam u can buy a breakfast with 1 dollar
bts army
bts army 13 godzin temu
Gâm Nguyên
Gâm Nguyên 14 godzin temu
Is the indonesian guys hand clean?
Channel AdobeS'a
Channel AdobeS'a 14 godzin temu
handsome mustache guy
handsome mustache guy 15 godzin temu
where’s Russia with its classic babushaks cooking?
Carlos Eduardo Felix
Carlos Eduardo Felix 15 godzin temu
brazil coxinha
Daniel martin
Daniel martin 17 godzin temu
*Philippines Next please*
Somebody RANDOM
Somebody RANDOM 17 godzin temu
In Vietnam you can get many type of food with 1 dollar thank to street food.
The one from India looks good
mc fiska
mc fiska 17 godzin temu
what about russia ?
Reflection Cycle
Reflection Cycle 17 godzin temu
I’m Canada u can try a maple stick it’s frozen syrup in a popsicle stick
Doge Tube
Doge Tube 20 godzin temu
Can I have a fortnite burger?
Alexis Phillippi
Alexis Phillippi 20 godzin temu
I have a project about Mexico City and here's a fact that is so amazing! Fact:Did you know that Mexican people were the first ones to make chocolate?😱
Xx-vITryHardv-xX 25 minut temu
And they got churros
ChapYouCall Stick
ChapYouCall Stick 3 godzin temu
Yes. Wasn't it the Aztecs? Chocolate was used as currency as it was valuable.
AlittleBully 3 godzin temu
Yes not the gringos XD
Andres Galindo
Andres Galindo 20 godzin temu
In Ecuador you can buy Cevichochos 😂🤣
Klaudia Jurcsek
Klaudia Jurcsek 21 godzinę temu
In serbia for a dollar you can get tons of street food i mean a lot! BUREK,GYROS AND MORE FOR A DOLLA
CayaaxMarii 21 godzinę temu
ew indias food they made it with bare hands
ROBLOX and Cubing
ROBLOX and Cubing 21 godzinę temu
In Vietnam, you can get a bowl of pho for a dollar
Jstne Lmgo
Jstne Lmgo 21 godzinę temu
Here in the philippines u can buy a 1 lollipop For only 1 peso($0.019)
MLGKayd3n 22 godzin temu
In Singapore you can get 1 spicy or not chicken wing c:
Kambuteka LPS
Kambuteka LPS 22 godzin temu
Poland Warsaw
Yousaf Shahzad
Yousaf Shahzad 22 godzin temu
I wanna go to India now...
Vera Strobel
Vera Strobel 22 godzin temu
I'm hungry now ;-;
Camila Macias
Camila Macias 23 godzin temu
I am from Mexico and seeing that food makes me miss my place even more it’s so good 😊 😋😫😢
krissi fortnite
krissi fortnite 23 godzin temu
Jaida Hernandez
Jaida Hernandez Dzień temu
Korean food pweaseeeeeee
Pink Dzień temu
The video should be titled 'cheap eats all over the world' because it's all over the place for $1👎👎👎👎
Pink Dzień temu
Typical (New York hot dog) food vendor handling money and touching the food without any sanitation🤢
Lubos Stehno
Lubos Stehno Dzień temu
Nove. Valeccnd film
Tasneem Shammi
Tasneem Shammi Dzień temu
Please come to Bangladesh. You'll get so many street foods within just 1 dollar..
Mark Gaming
Mark Gaming Dzień temu
Where i live you can get a bun for 1.50 euro :)
CottonCandy LegitKylie
keny Dzień temu
come to brazil!
JF_Plays Dzień temu
We Can Hope
We Can Hope Dzień temu
i wish i can buy hot dogs in our town everyday
We Can Hope
We Can Hope Dzień temu
pls make more
david Prenaj
david Prenaj Dzień temu
So buttery
zynely Dzień temu
Poland ;D
aquatic meemz
aquatic meemz Dzień temu
*sees madrid and tries not to cry because my parents left me at home to go there*
RussianBlyat Dzień temu
Wow. Great video
Laura Odorisio
Laura Odorisio Dzień temu
BuzzFeed if you want a representer in Italy here I am ready to shoot
Kalina Milicevic
Kalina Milicevic Dzień temu
I'm from Serbia and in Belgrade služe na ulici pečeni kukuruz i kesten
Laura Odorisio
Laura Odorisio Dzień temu
Okay but this is what I want to do in my life BUZZFEED HIRE ME @laura.odorisio is my Insta
KeroBall3d Dzień temu
Do in Italy
not arlina
not arlina Dzień temu
the chinese one looks really good...
skyler XD
skyler XD Dzień temu
Go to Philippines and get food there
Angela Liu
Angela Liu Dzień temu
I’m Chinese
Leo Sava
Leo Sava Dzień temu
In Romania u can buy with 1$ a small pizza and "mămăligă" (traditional roumanian plate )
Elementplayz 15
Elementplayz 15 Dzień temu
Where’s the Philippines in this video
Toufik Omar
Toufik Omar Dzień temu
Hotdog and pav bhaji
kindara baay
kindara baay Dzień temu
i'd like to see streetfood from morocco, belgium, netherlands, norway, germany, italy, greece, russia, turkey, south korea, hong kong, vietnam, thailand, indonesia, australia, canada & brazil
BL4Z3 Dzień temu
Make next in poland
Ariff Daniel
Ariff Daniel Dzień temu
Sorry but how the indian cook is gross can why he use hand?
Joaquin Maceda
Joaquin Maceda Dzień temu
Otro Mambo
Otro Mambo Dzień temu
india very unhealthy, ewww
Ashlie’s Unicorn Chanel
Indonesia please!!!
flori Fernández
flori Fernández Dzień temu
LilyDeer Games
LilyDeer Games Dzień temu
Hong Kong street food please!
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